DIY \\ PIEBOX Paper Liner

November 20, 2014

DIY PieBox Liner DIY PieBox Liner

Here ye, here ye. I have an announcement. My new favorite gift (for myself!) is a wooden box from PIEBOX! Every attendee of the pie workshop was given one, and they were SUCH a hit! Not to mention how well-crafted they are. The lid just slides off like butter creating a safe place for your precious precious pie. Perfect to transport all those pies you’ll be making this year for Thanksgiving, right? ;) Well, I love my PIEBOX, and I also love having one of a kind wooden boxes that carry pie. So here we are today with a simple tutorial for a DIY PIEBOX Paper Liner!

DIY PieBox Liner


  • one wooden PIEBOX
  • cute patterned paper
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • a pen or pencil DIY PieBox Liner

Remove the lid from the PIEBOX and lay it on the back of your patterned paper. Trace around it with your pen or pencil. Take caution not to get anything on the wooden lid!

DIY PieBox Liner

Once you’ve traced, cut out the paper square. Cut just a little inside the lines so that it’s a tad smaller than what you traced. DIY PieBox Liner

Place a few pieces of double stick tape to the inside bottom of the PIEBOX. Tape that sucker right into the pie box and gently smooth your hands over the paper to ensure it all lays flat and sticks well.
DIY PieBox Liner

DIY PieBox Liner

Bonus: the paper protects the wood AND looks pretty. Everybody wins!

Double Bonus: They’ve just come out with a MEATBOX. Logan’s brain just exploded. DIY PieBox Liner DSC_0507

Now go.

Go and make pie.

Go and box pie.

Go and eat pie.

To read more about the pie workshop, click here! You can also visit the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate on Instagram!

This post is in partnership with PIEBOX, an amazing company that believes in protecting your baked goods. They provided wooden boxes for the workshop and for this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that help The Proper Pinwheel keep creating!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

DIY \\ Floral Pie Topper & Wreath

November 19, 2014

DIY Floral Pie Topper

Today’s the magical day that we finally talk about pie! Remember last month when I taught the EAT DRINK CREATE pie workshop? And it was amazing, and wonderful, and I want to do it again?! I thought you’d remember. I always get nervous when putting these events on. (Sign up for the holiday workshop here!)  It’s like in high school when you’re throwing a party, and you’re afraid nobody will show. Ya feel me? But tickets sold out in a matter of days! So then I got all cocky. Just kidding. You can read all about it today over here on Style Me Pretty Living!

Aside from making and decorating pies, we also used some amazing blooms provided by Flower Muse to decorate the pies with. So let’s talk about how to make a floral pie topper & wreath, shall we? It’s easier than you think and really packs a pie punch.  DIY Floral Pie Topper amirigggghhhhtttt? Honestly, this pie stayed in our fridge for weeks because I thought it was too pretty to eat. I just kept snapping an inappropriate amount of photos of it!
DIY Floral Pie Topper DIY Floral Pie Topper

Flower Muse knocked it out of the park with the flowers they sent. It was so fun for me to create arrangements, big and small, for the tables! And they look especially pretty in my animal head vases from Anthropologie!
DIY Floral Pie Topper DIY Floral Pie Topper

Check out the full recap and get the recipe for the pie here on Style Me Pretty Living! And, of course, don’t forget to watch the short video! You can view it at the end of this post and on the Style Me Pretty recap! :)

Now, let’s get to the wreath business.

DIY Floral Pie Topper

Keep reading to see more floral pie toppers!

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Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats

November 18, 2014

Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats

I love when the holidays roll around because it’s the perfect excuse to have sweets in the house all the time. I think I usually have a pot of toffee brewing on the stove. Get it? A pot of TOFFEE???? I’m here all night. Aside from the toffee, I’m usually popping some popcorn. We’ve addressed my popcorn addiction here during popcorn week. I love finding different seasonings to change up the flavor. And I’ve found the perfect sugar to sweeten your holiday treats!   DSC_0451

Ever heard of cool shop named Uncommon Goods? Their cyber store is filled to the brim with unique gifts for everyone on your list. Click here to see a few of their Christmas gifts. That felt holly wreath? Need it. But back to the point about the treats! Treats are the quickest way to a normal person’s heart. And I’m all about making people be my friend, so treats for everyone! Here’s a quick and tasty way to kick your regular popcorn treats up a notch. Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats


In a large pot over high heat, melt 3-4 tablespoons of the coconut oil. Stir in 1/2 cup of unpopped popcorn kernels. Stir constantly allowing the kernels to pop as they get hotter. As you stir them in the coconut oil, sprinkle with some sugar! I used the Lime Slice because lime & coconut popcorn is too amazing not to have after dinner every night. EVERY NIGHT I TELL YOU!

Once all the kernels have popped, pour them into a large bowl and sprinkle with a little more sugar. A little more (a cup full?) sugar never gave anybody diabetes.

Wait… ;)

Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats

If popcorn isn’t really your thing, simply add these sugars to some chocolate! These winter chocolates were made using some silicone molds found in the dollar spot at Target. (Can I get an “amen” for that place?!). Before pouring the melted chocolate in the mold, sprinkle each mold with a little coconut breeze or jamaican ginger sugar. Pour the chocolate in shortly after and allow the chocolate to set. Placing the mold in the fridge or freezer will speed it up so you don’t starve while waiting and accidentally eat your fingers! Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats

To get a few more gift ideas for your pals, click here to view gifts Uncommon Goods under $50! On a budget? Click here to view gifts under $25! And Uncommon Goods is all about giving back. For every purchase made, they donate $1 to a charity of your choice. They also have a slew of design challenges for all you artsy folks. Visit their blog to see a few of the fun Instagram challenges they do regularly!

Taste It \\ Sugar To Sweeten Your Holiday Treats

We’ve had these sugars for a while now and they go with everything! We’ve even sugared our meat for dinner. That’s totally normal right? My favorite part might possibly be the packaging. I’m a sucker for a good label.

This post is in partner with Uncommon Goods. Thank you for being supportive of the brands that help The Proper Pinwheel keep making!

photography: The Proper Pinwheel

Printed \\ Giftwrap Printables & Download (+ A Giveaway!)

November 17, 2014


In my spare time (which is rare!), I’ve been trying to teach myself different skills. I’ve been focusing on calligraphy, photography, and as of late, illustrator! I’ve really been trying to spend a focused amount of time bettering myself. That usually means spending a focused amount of time trying to NOT down 4 Diet Cokes in a day, but whatever. I’m actually really excited about this one! I’ve been dabbling with drawings and turning them into lil’ prints and just thought I’d share this with y’all! I’d like to introduce you to the first of hopefully many free giftwrap printables and desktop downloads!


I know it’s a little bit beginner and I know that all you pros are gonna be like, “c’mon! That is so amateur.” But just let me live!!!!! If you decide that you want to download it (and you should!), just click the links below! It’s really really REALLY fun printed. It’s also pretty large so it could act as some giftwrap if you want to make all your friends love you.  DSC_0457

gifties desktopdownload

Click here to download the  \\ Gifties Desktop Download \\

Click here to download the \\ Gifties Printable \\

I’m going to be working on these here and there and trying to improve my skillz, and hope you’ll find something you like! Also. Tips. I need tips. So if you’ve got ‘em, I’d love ‘em.

And in true holiday fashion, get started on your presents early! Head on over to enter the Giftry giveaway to win $1000 of your Giftry items! For free! Ho Ho Ho, indeed! Want to see what you should give the baker, paper lover, and the other loved ones in your life? Visit here! 

I’m still in good ol’ California celebrating #meetthemindells, but I’ll be back tomorrow! Have you seen all the goods that Palm Springs had to offer?! Check it all out on Insta, my friends. Check it all out on insta.

The Weekenders!

November 14, 2014

by Mary Costa

FRIDAY! THE 14TH! You guys. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for today to arrive because today is the day that I head off to sunny Palm Springs for Kelly & Jeff’s nuptials! Buh-bye, snowy Denver. Hello, warm California where the people are cooler than I. I think I’m especially excited to be reunited with Kelly, Brittni, & Ashley. We’re cyber bffs who see each other but once a year, MAYBE. I’m also especially excited because there will be time spent in LA on Monday exploring all the colorful shops my dreams are made of.  This wedding is sure to be one of the most colorful, so keep up with me on IG to see what I’m up to this weekend!

Now, I’ve only ever been to LAX. Never been outside the airport so I’m looking for suggestions of places to check out! So please comment here or you can email me directly with some tips –! Make sure you check back here on Monday because we have one-too-many-but-never-too-many holiday projects to share! There’s a giveaway on Monday and a few other goods including free printables and all the details of last month’s pie workshop! Remember the pie wreath?! Before I head off to party hard like I do, here are a few must-click links for you, my pals!

As if I needed another reason to stare at food. They photograph it so perfectly!

An amazingly huge holly & berry garland made from paper!

Colorblocked mugs. Because. What will I drink out of?!

A Christmas tree that takes up hardly any space? We need it.

I’m loving the ombre Christmas tree trend! Like this one and this one.

This white Christmas tree will be owned by me someday. It’s so good!

I’m obsessed with this washi tape cactus wall art!

**happy weekend**

photography: Mary Costa

Shopped \\ Pink & Natural Toddler Girl

November 12, 2014

Now that Vita fits into Toddler clothes (she’s a 1 year old in a 2 year old’s body and I love it), I am obsessed with all the cute stuff that the internet has to offer. I don’t really bother shopping in stores anymore. Except for Target. I can’t quit you. While I never thought of myself as a “pink” mom, I’m sort of drawn to a soft pink & natural color palette this holiday season. I mean, Vita still rocks the faux-hawk and she’s super edgy, but I’m pretty sure she would melt hearts in a few of (read: all) the getups below.

Shopping Guide \\ Toddler Girl

Beret || Pink Leather Coat || Leopard Print Dress || Pink Jeans || Mary Janes || Gold Tights || Naked Lunge Doll || Deco Print Dress || BEAUtiful Tee || Coral Moccs || Bubble Coat

Links take you to the product and/or shop. Any fave shops out there that I missed? I’m always looking for ways to spend more money… ;)

EAT DRINK CREATE Holiday Bash at West Elm

November 7, 2014


I can’t really believe what I’m typing. We’re nearing the end of 2014. What the what the?!?! I feel like I was JUST recapping last year’s Eat Drink Create Holiday bash and here I am announcing the new one! (And get ready, because I’m soon sharing all the deets from last month’s pie workshop! It was amazing. I’m not just saying that.)  I don’t know where the time went?! But you know? I’m so excited about this one. I’m always excited about the holidays in general. I love getting presents! I mean giving them. I love to GIVE. And wrap. And okay, I like to accept… So sue me. ;)

I was on the fence about doing another EDC Holiday party. I’ve just been so burnt out with the baby thing and the diabetes thing that I really didn’t know if I was up for it. And I have received SOOOOOO many emails and messages requesting one because last year was, seriously, the most fun anyone’s ever had at a West Elm on a snowy night while SOBER! And thinking about it, I just decided to make it an annual thing.

EDC Holiday


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The Weekenders!

October 31, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Happy Halloween! Let’s all go watch Hocus Pocus, okay?! (I’ve actually already watched it thrice this month. Logan LOVES me…) I can’t believe it, but the end of October is here. Where did that month go?!? We’re now entering into my most favorite and beloved time of year. I love the holidays! And this year, I had a head start on my Thanksgiving and Christmas projects, so get ready for those beauties!

Will you be dressing up tonight? Dressing the kids? The dog? The turtle? I hope that you’ll go out and find some way to celebrate in a spooky fashion! This is our first year taking Vita trick-or-treating and I am more excited than I was when I peed on a stick and found out I was with child. Okay, maybe equally excited. Before I was a mother, I always pictured taking my kids around the neighborhood dressed up for Halloween. I would get their candy, of course. Gotta protect! Tonight, my dreams finally come true with Little Red Riding Hood up there. If you want to see the rest of our costume ensemble tonight, follow along on Instagram!

Some light weekend reading:

Every wall needs wooden triangle shelves.

Downloadable gift wrap that’s perfect for Thanksgiving!

A guide to decorating with gourds and pumpkins!

Reason enough to have more babies – The Lollipop Guild!

A Kate Spade & Gap collab?!? I’ll take this & this & this & these for Vita!

Last minute Halloween gift: DIY Origami Vampire Fangs!

***Happy Halloween!***

photography: The Proper Pinwheel

Brick & Mortar \\ Swoozie’s in Denver

October 29, 2014

Lately, Vita and I have been making an effort to get out of the house more. We have been exploring new neighborhoods and shops, and have found quite a few gems here in Denver that I want to start sharing with you on a regular basis. There’s a cute little shop on 6th avenue called Swoozie’s that I drove by regularly and was always intrigued by the cute window displays. I could tell it was a paper shop filled with lots of cuteness. Now, I am picky about the paper goods and party supplies that I use regularly. I like clean and bright and colorful. I like modern with a touch of whimsy and vintage. And Swoozie’s happens to carry  some items that are right up my color-lovin’ alley.

Swoozies paper & party

I’m kicking off a new series called Brick & Mortar where I share actual shops that are filled to brim with awesomeness and inspiration. And you better believe some of those will be sweet shops! Swoozie’s had a little party last night and they asked me to come along and share a few ideas for easy entertaining during the holidays. I know. Who in the world would give me the floor?!?!

swoozies paper & party

When a shop carries anything from, you know that they’re quality. I wanted all the tumblers. And the phone cases. And the luggage tags. And the notebooks. Is that too much to ask!??

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Taste It \\ Spooky Pie Pops

October 28, 2014

Spooky Pie Pops

Spooky Pie Pops

PIE! It’s abundant during the fall. And it’s abundant in my home. We love to serve it up on a regular basis and I LOVE to share new and tasty ways to indulge. This is evidenced by the pie workshop I taught a few weeks ago. (sharing all the details for that very soon!) Sometimes one doesn’t have the time to sit and eat an entire pie, so you gotta shrink it down. And that’s where these spooky pie pops come in. They’re handheld and tiny so that makes them the perfect snack. And it’s not inappropriate to eat 4 or 5 in one sitting. Really. It happens all the time.

Spooky Pie Pops Keep reading to get the recipe!  continue reading