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Pinterest. Have you heard of it?

July 29, 2011

Hey folks, there is this maniacal event happening across the globe/web this weekend. It’s called the Pinterest Challenge. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. And if you haven’t? Well……

Take some time this weekend and work on a project that you’ve pinned/fallen in love with on Pinterest. Then, next Tuesday, post it on your blog, your facebook, whatevs. Link up and share what you’ve created! I’ll be sharing my surprise as well! I’m pretty stoked as this is something I’ve been wanting to make forever and finally have a reason to get crackin’! 

If you click directly on my posts, there is a link to comment. Share your link there or in my “Ask” section at the top of the site. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


Fresh Find Friday

This is a week of firsts for me! Today I am rolling out a series called “Fresh Find Friday”. Every Friday I plan to share some links to places and things that I j’adore on the web. I love to find new and old ideas for entertaining. Enjoy!

These guys are doing it right

Morning Calm has the sweetest gifts

Handmade stamps for any occasion!

The BEST frosting via Joy the Baker

My Favorite Red Velvet Cupcakes

Have a great weekend!

So we threw this shower…

July 25, 2011


The bride’s colors were yellow, black, and white. I know. I know. Bumble bee, yes? No. Everything tied together so beautifully and nobody even noticed that these colors were also on the backs of our little honey-loving friends. Of course I made cake balls and my new fave, paper flowers!

It truly is wedding season, and, thank goodness, shower season!