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Tut Tuesday: Ombre Glittered Valentine Boxes

January 31, 2012

I can’t wait until the day I get to help my children with their Valentines. It’s such a fun way to show how much you love and appreciate your friends, not to mention hinting about your crush on that boy in your 4th grade class.

Sometimes it’s nice to shy away from the typical Batman Valentines we all use. Oh, you didn’t use them? Was it just me? 

Don’t tell me this doesn’t scream romance. 

For these Valentines, I used chinese takeout boxes found at the dollar store. They were super cheap and they’re the perfect size.

You’ll need: Chinese takeout boxes, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, glitter, and red pipe cleaner.

You can wrap pipe cleaner around the wire or just leave it plain. It’s cute either way. If you use the pipe cleaner, wrap it before you start painting. Trust me. It’s cleaner for all parties involved.

Cover the front, top, and sides of the box with Mod Podge.

Sprinkle glitter at the bottom starting with your lightest color. And ombre your way on up.

Let dry and fill with candy and tinsel shred. Maybe throw some money in there. I don’t know. 

Embellish if you must. I found some glittered sticky foam paper and cut hearts out. I just love glitter. I love it.

I miss being in 4th grade and making Valentines for all my crushes. And I also miss having my mother slave away all night assist in making the BEST box possible. She’s so crafty, that woman. 

Do you have a favorite Valentine you made?  Were you a store-bought girl, or a home-made girl? Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear back!

**Happy Tuesday**

Fresh Find Friday

January 27, 2012

Oh boy. I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend because my husband and I get to go on a date tonight! It’s been a busy month with a lot of travel. But now we’re in the same place and that is cause for celebration. Huzzah!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and great food. (It’s all about the food for me…)

photos by Sincerely, Kinsey

What the?!? These two DIY’s are phenom. Geometric Shapes. So hot right now. And don’t even get me started on that sweater

photo via Say Yes To Hoboken

My family makes fun of me for wearing a high bun. Maybe after they see this roundup, they’ll understand that it’s an art. :)

photo by Hullabazoo

My birthday is coming up soon. I think I’ll ask for this fox silhouette. I’m sucker for a good fox. Ask my husb.

**Happy Weekend**


January 26, 2012

 According to Pantone, the color of the year is Tangerine Tango. And it’s gorgeous. I love this color because it’s super bright and super fun. It also makes ya look tan. If you’re into that sort of thing…  Which I am. This girl hasn’t seen the sun in over a year and it’s starting to show. I could be a vampire.

ANYWHO, I was browsing the webs and pinned a few things that needed to be shared. Don’t you just love this color? And how about that squirrel at the end? Or the deer? Yes?                












All images via Tangerine Tango

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies

January 25, 2012

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I made these on Sunday. And let me just say this: hands down – no competition – these are the best cookies I’ve ever had. I’ve made many a cookie. And I’ve made many a fail. Making the right chocolate chip cookie is an art. You have to figure out the right chocolate to crumb ratio and it can be tough.

Growing up, I always thought that recipes were sacred and that you shouldn’t share them. Both of my grandmothers are amazing cooks and I am so glad that they have shared recipes with me. Can you imagine if nobody shared a recipe? The whole world would be filled with terrible cookies. And I don’t even want to think about living in a world with only a few delicious ones. Gives me chills.

This recipe is just too good NOT to share. I am so grateful to the friend that shared it with me. This is how the cookie recipe came to me:

Cookie Gods —> Random Nice Woman —> Jayne Swapp —> Ashley Swapp —> Me

And now I’m sharing it with you. You have to kind of play with your oven as these bake. I bake them for about 7-9 minutes and then take them out. I like mine gooey. I’m getting hungry for one right now but there are none to eat because I ate all of them. Rough day.

I’ve really built these up. But it’s good because these are the best. Get in your kitchen right now.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 c butter

1 c sugar

1 c brown sugar

2 eggs

1 ½ c Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chip

3 tsp. vanilla

½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

3 ½ c flour (I use just under 3 cups)

In a mixing bowl, cream butter, sugar, and eggs together. In a separate bowl, combine all dry ingredients except for chocolate chips. When wet ingredients are mixed well, slowly stir in dry ingredients a little at a time. Lick your spoon. Stir in your chocolate chips.

Roll into little balls and place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees F for 7-9 minutes.

Let cool on a rack. Or maybe eat them all when they’re warm. You’re choice. 

Project 365:

January 25th – My main food group.

Tut Tuesday: Spotted Gold Placemat

January 24, 2012

Don’t you hate when your weekend goes by and you feel like you didn’t sit AT ALL? You do? Me too. And don’t you hate when you ask for Diet Coke and they say, “Is Diet Pepsi okay?” You do? Me too. Diet Pepsi is not the same. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes on this matter. Sorry.

A lot has been going on ‘round these parts. We’ve moved. We went to Disneyland. We’re working double-time. We’ve been sick. It’s just hectic around here and if you’ve talked to us, we probably made you nervous from how wired we’ve been. Well, no more. I hope to be staying in one spot for the next few months. We don’t have any trips coming up and I’m actually stoked ‘bout that. 

This last weekend was filled with family, friends, and, of course, work. But I managed to squeeze in a quick lil’ project that I’ve been wanting to make for some time. I’ve been obsessed with gold my entire life and it’s finally making a comeback. Yeah boy.

Are you ready?

I found this great sheer craft paper at Michael’s. It’s like a plastic sheet that can be wiped clean with water. It’s perfect. Get some if you can.

Cut paper into quarters and punch holes in various sizes.

Get some gold paint and coat your paint brush in it.

Lay your paper over the placemat and start to paint like so…

Peel away and start in another place on your mat.


Go crazy!!! 

Project 365 update:

January 21st – a Saturday night at IKEA. #pureblissandpuremadness

January 22nd – the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. I promise.

January 23rd – a teaser for Tut Tuesday. A Tut Tuesday Teaser.

January 24th – Painting at work makes the time go by SO much faster. I’d like to take a moment and thank J.Crew for footing the bill for my creativity. 

**Happy Tuesday**

Fresh Find Friday

January 20, 2012

photo by flax & twine

Okay. I’m always on the lookout for new stationary. This is such a simple and spectacular DIY. I’m in love. PLUS, it was featured on Design Sponge. So you know it’s good.

photo by Nikki Cross Applesauce

This is a lovely bouquet. And it’s made of paper!!!!!

photo by Crown Hill 

Oh snap. This scarf is just too cute. I think I must have one. It takes pom poms to a whole new level.

       photo by Michelle of Pocketful of Dreams

This is the coolest idea. I am already married so I can’t do this for myself. Somebody just get married and we can paint these together.

And here are 2 AWESOME & FREE printables that you’re crazy if you don’t download.



Project 365 update:

January 18th – a friend translated my name into Chinese. I’m just all of these things. :)

January 19th – Um, yes. I’ll have a turkey sandwich with a side of 36 KitKat bars. Please.

January 20th – Shots.

**Happy Weekend**

I wish I knew about this when I turned 9.

January 19, 2012

A person’s Golden Birthday occurs when they turn the age of their birthdate. My birthday is February 9th so my chance for gold passed without my knowing. Sad day. :(

My friend, Kristine, has an amazing party blog. She lives in CA and throws some pretty swag parties. I wanted to share a few pics from her most recent: A golden birthday for her niece. For all the details, go here.


These look so tasty. And that gold candle? Are you kidding me?



Kristine’s sister and the mother of the birthday girl. All glammed out. She so stylish.

The girls got to decorate crowns and then pin them on Brooklyn!

The birthday girl in action.


And a golden pinata to boot. I die 100 times.


Up top: Brooklyn and Mama

Down below: Friends Shauna & Kristine

Do you think I can just throw a golden party on my 29th? Is that ok?

Where have I been?

January 18, 2012

Holy long break. I apologize for the extended absence. I was planning to finish moving and then pick back up where we left off. And then I got super sick. And then we had a trip to D-I-S-N-E-Y-L-A-N-D. I was planning to blog through the trip, but catching a cold really set me back. So I am sorry! I hope we can move on. I took some fun pics along the way as part of Project 365

Here are a few of those lil’ gems:

January 7th – Urban Display

January 8th – JENGA time

January 9th – look what I found

January 10th – Denver Blizz (I’m super sick during said storm)

January 11th – We had to leave our pup behind. He looks like a 4lb sasquatch.

January 12th – Gearin’ up for my trip with some new Polaroid film. They still make this stuff. For the cost of both hands, you can have 8 photos.

January 13th – Don’t worry, I’m too cheap to buy the actual photos from the ride. I take pics of the screen. I’m classy like that. Logan’s having the BEST time.

January 14th – Made friends with a polar bear’s paw.

January 15th – California Adventures. I rode the crap outta this place.

January 16th – Me and sister. We are so futuristic at Star Tours.

January 17th – depression sets in

And here are just a few teasers from the trip:

This girl stole my heart. My niece, S, is just TOO adorable.

S had her face painted so, naturally, we had to paint mommy’s.

“Do you look ok, mommy?” “You’re going to be a cat.”

Nobody was looking at us while we took these.

TOTAL score.

On Hiatus…

January 5, 2012

photo via Life at the Bar

Friends, I’m sorry to say that I will be on a short break. We are in the middle of moving and I need to finish packing and actually paying attention to what goes where. I’ll be back in a week. MAYBE sooner if I can get crackin’. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you soon!

**Happy Weekend**

P.S. – Here are my 365 photos for yesterday and today! :)

January 5th – new film for an upcoming shoot

January 6th – a lil’ Chicken Saltimbocca for dinner tonight

Project 365: A photo a day for a year

January 4, 2012

Something I definitely want to improve this year? My photography skills. I’m not super talented. I’m not even semi-talented. I’d like to change that. 

Stacie, has extended a challenge to take one photo every day of the year. And I accepted. I think this could be a fun way to document the exciting and not-so-exciting moments of 2012. It doesn’t have to be with a fancy camera. I’ll probably be using my phone 50% of the time. The point is to just do it. Let’s hope I can stick with it. I’m kind of a loser when it comes to these kinds of resolutions. :)

Join me and many others and take some photos!

January 1st, 2012

January 2nd, 2012

January 3rd, 2012

January 4th, 2012

It’s going to be interesting.

**Happy Wednesday**