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Spotlight: In love with Alison

February 29, 2012

photo taken of Alison Faulkner at Alt Summit

I’ve been hooked on someone’s blog for some time now. Alison Faulkner has been blogging for years over at The Alison Show. She is spunky, crafty, pretty (most important… just kidding), and HONEST. She calls it like she sees it and it’s so refreshing.

She posts lots of creative tutorials and also runs a shop where she sells some pretty great and tangible goods. We’re talkin’ super cute stuff.

If I’m ever having a bad day, I just go read her blog. She just cheers you up. PLUS, she watches The Bachelor. I’m watching it right now as I type this post. Kacie B. is lying on the floor of the hotel right now. It’s such a weird episode.

ANYWAY – go check out her site. You’ll be hooked like I am.

**It’s Wednesday! Huzzah!**

Tut Tuesday: Ombre Canvas Tote

February 28, 2012

I have a serious need to be in the sun. We had a few sunny days here last week and my mind was blown. It was a sick joke that the man who controls the weather – you know, the weather man??? – played on me. Now, I hate the winter and have a desire to wear sandals every day. Sandals. There’s snow outside. Sick, right?

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at ombré dip-dyeing. It looks fun. And a great way to give anything a makeover. I have a bigger project in mind to use this technique for, but I need practice, ya know? 

To ombre dip-dye anything, you’ll need:

Liquid dye, table salt, 3-gallon bucket, measurin’ cup, large spoon, dish soap, and some type of fabric (I used an apron for my first try, and a bag for my second).

In the bucket, add 1/2 cup of liquid dye, 1 cup of salt, and 4 cups of SUPER hot water. Like, piping hot. Stir it up and then add 2 more gallons of hot water and just a little squirt of soap. “Squirt”? Bleh. I hate the word. 

Wet down your fabric and then dip the bottom into the dye. Dip as high as you would like the darkest part to be. Dark to light, remember? Work your way on up. 

Hold the bottom (darkest layer) in the dye for 10 minutes. And then dip more of the fabric in (middle layer) and hold it in the dye for 5 minutes. 

Finally, dip the whole piece of fabric in the dye really quickly. Make sure you’re wearing gloves. Immediately rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. Lay out to dry and then admire.

I loved mine plain, but I decided to add some cute little seagull silhouettes for a “beachy” tote. And then I had to add a towel, some lotion, and some sunnies. I’m desperate for the freakin’ sun, you guys. Let’s go to the beach. Or the pool. Or to Vegas. Someone save me.

**Happy Tuesday**

Fresh Find Friday

February 24, 2012

Sweet mother, it’s Friday. I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend to be here. It’s been such a long weekend filled with lots of work and lots of snow. I don’t mind the snow so much. Unless it’s on top of and all around my Chevy Malibu. Then I mind.

The photo above is a very special one because it’s Logan and me on the day of our wedding. I absolutely love this photo for so many reasons. What a special day! What a special man I married. (I’m feeling mushy gushy today.)

A few faves this week:

I spent an entire afternoon on here.

Some very sweet AND FREE printables

We should all have an elbow patch sweater.

A series of photos that melt my heart.

Some very cool tats found via Small for Big

And a fantastically different wedding theme.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

**Happy Weekend**

Recipe: Mayo & Parmesan Rolls

February 22, 2012

I used to work at a restaurant called Magleby’s and they had the most delicious rolls. It was a secret recipe that the owners refused to share. But when I worked, I made sure to have three rolls every hour of every day. I found this recipe a few months ago, and while it was tasty, it just didn’t hit the spot. I tweaked a few things and now I can’t handle myself anymore. Every time I make these rolls, I eat too many of them. So I’m stopping. I’m giving the recipe to you. They’ll bring you joy. And a food-coma. But that’s a given, right? I made them for this shower. And for the super bowl. And for myself a few days ago. 

Mayo & Parmesan Rolls

frozen Rhodes rolls (you decide the quanity, no judgment here)

melted butter


grated parmesan cheese

garlic salt

dried parsley flakes

In separate bowls, make an assembly line with the butter, mayo, and cheese. Take a frozen roll and dip it in the melted butter, then GENEROUSLY dip it in the mayo, and roll the top half in the cheese. Place on greased cookie sheet and sprinkle with garlic salt and parsley flakes. Cover, and let rise for 4-5 hours. Bake at 350 degrees F for 12-14 minutes. After removing rolls from oven, brush with melted butter and a pinch of garlic salt. These can be enjoyed super warm or at room temperature. You’re in trouble either way. :)


Tut Tuesday: Polaroid Bridesmaid Request

February 21, 2012

I have to get something off my chest. I’ve been a long-time Grey’s Anatomy fan. And I’m also a long-time Private Practice fan. But if these two shows are supposed to be part of the same “ABC Universe”, then how in the heck do they have the same actors playing two different people?!? It seriously makes my blood boil. Does ABC think I don’t notice? Because I do. I notice so bad it hurts. Do you feel the same way? Is there only a small pool of actors to pull from? I can’t talk about it anymore because I’m starting to grit my teeth. :)

Today’s DIY is a super simple one. Are you getting married soon? Have you already asked your friends to be in your wedding party? When I was getting married, there were so many fancy ways to ask. I just wanted a sweet and simple way to show my friends that I loved them and wanted them to be a part of my big day. Why not send them a polaroid with the question written on the bottom? It’s something cute that they can hang in their house to remind them of what’s coming up. 

Use some white flowering kale or any other white flowers and make a small bouquet. Have someone take a few faded polaroids of you holding le bouquet. Write a lil’ message (“be my bridesmaid?” & “maid of honor?”) at the bottom and send these babies in the mail!

How fun would it be to get this in the mail?!?

The bouquet is really the star. Flowering Kale is amazing. AND it’s a vegetable. You can make the bouquet and then eat it! Two birds, one bouquet…

was that too much?

Fresh Find Friday

February 17, 2012

photo via The Pretty Blog

Look how cute these streamers are! I wish I was getting married again. Are you? Can I throw these at you on your big day?

photo by Aaron Shintaku via Alethea and Ruth

Holy EASY FAVORS! These oranges are the perfect touch to this wedding. They add an amazing pop of color, don’t ya think?

photo by Love vs Design

Love vs Design consistently punches out wonderful paper goods. I just want a job over there, ya know? If you are heading to a wedding, go ahead and download these FREE printable mad libs for the bride and groom!


hotos byJessica Claire for JL Designs via Hey Look

Using cable knit throughout your wedding decor. Who knew? I’m about ready to throw an outdoor dinner party just so I can do this.

5. To send for an anniversary

6. A beautiful color palette. Always loved the mint, I have.

7. Is there anything more romantic?

**Happy Weekend**

Inspiration: Wedding Cakes

February 16, 2012

I’ve been browsing through old and new photos and if there is one thing I never tire of, it’s a wedding cake. Tall. Short. Fancy. Homemade. Yellow. Chocolate. Bundt. The possibilities are endless. 






1. Cake Ball Cake by Brew Ha Ha. Photography by Ashleigh Jayne via The Wedding Shoebox.

2. Ombre Line Cake via Stand In Event Planning

3. Ombre Petal Cake by who else?

4. Blue & Pink by Sweet Apolita

5. M&M cake by (again, of course) Martha

6. Bundt Cakes by Brittany via 100 Layer Cake

7. Scollwork by Martha Stewart Weddings

8. My cake. Inspired by numba 7. :)

**Happy Thursday**

Tut Tuesday: DIY Paint Chip Valentines

February 14, 2012

Happy V-day everybody! Let’s make this short and sweet. If you lead a busy life and haven’t had the time to make some sweet cards for your sweets, there’s still time.

You will need: red paint chips, blank cards, heart-shaped craft punch, glue, alphabet stamps, and some ink.

Using your alphabet, stamp any romantic sayings or inside jokes you can think of. Punch out some hearts with your craft punch. Glue them on and you’re done! You can even use a regular hole punch to make some confetti. Fill your envelopes and ship them off to your love. 

How many pictures can one take of these cards, you ask? A bajillion.

And this is just the most perfect song for today.

**Happy Valentine’s Day**

Fresh Find Friday

February 10, 2012

Wowza! Another week gone and I’m another year older. This week was very inspirational. I took a few Alt Summit classes and am just super pumped for the year ahead. Sometimes I get bogged down with the all the craziness and I’m now reminded to stay focused!

Get ready to see some changes around here as time goes on. The first is a different layout for Fresh Find Fridays. Do you like lists? Or more pics? As always, your feedback is much appreciated! Leave a comment below!

photo by Alison Conklin for Styled Creative via Hey Look!

1. I would send one of these to everyone I know!

2. Banners are all the rage. This tops ‘em all.

3. Let’s have a knitting party and decorate.

4. If I were getting married again and it was on a beach.

5. This feels like summer.

6. If you live in Cali, you should go to this. Maybe fly me out to go with you.

7. I would love to walk into this.

8. Motivation!

**Happy Weekend!**

I like yellow birthday cake.

February 9, 2012

photo taken with Instagram

Today is my birthday. And I have so many glamorous things planned for myself. Like cleaning. And doing dishes. And running errands. And meeting Robert Downey Jr. Ok, that last one isn’t true. But can you imagine if it were?!?

Before I head off to live the life of a star, I will leave you with instructions to make this adorbs heart cake bunting. It’s so easy. It even says so in the title.

Using a heart-shaped craft punch, punch enough hearts out of red glitter craft paper to measure across your cake. I wanted my hearts to be double-sided so I doubled this amount. Grab a piece of tape, and roll it and stick it to the back of one of the hearts. Lay some baker’s twine over that roll of tape and top it with another heart cut-out. Make sure you are taping the hearts back to back. Now you’ve got a heart sandwich. Repeat steps until you get the length you want. Tie to some wooden BBQ skewers and stick in your cake and BOOM!

It’s no coincidence that this could work for V-day as well. Just lookin’ out for ya. 

**Have a great day**