I’ve been Liebe’d.

March 28, 2012


I normally don’t do “tagged” posts because:

1. I don’t wear cute outfits, so cute and stylish people who tag me are sorely disappointed.

2. I don’t wear new and exciting makeup, so beautiful and makeup-savvy people who tag me are sorely disappointed.

But this is a different kind of tag. Have you heard of The Liebster Award? I call it “The Lieb” for short. It’s an award for new bloggers given by other bloggers. If you’ve found a new blog that inspires you, you share it with your readers by “Lieb-ing” that particular blogger. You give them the award, they (graciously) accept, and then they share five of their favorites. It’s like a cyber “Pay It Forward”.

Blair from Design That Inspires is the sweetest thang. She’s the girl kind enough to nominate me. And let’s just say that I am a loving fan of hers. She posts great roundups of art, fashion, food, etc. You name it, she does it. Thank you, Blair!  Now, the Liebster Blog Award is usually given to bloggers who are on the up & up and have 200 or less followers. While The Proper Pinwheel has a few over the limit, it’s still VERY new and I’m super flattered to have been chosen by such a fabulous girl!  Yay for being a blogging novice!


The Fab Five

1: Lisa Rupp of That’s Happy has to be one of my most favorite bloggers. I’ve been stalking following her for what seems like forever and I just can’t get enough. She runs a little design shop called Lisa Rupp Design. Go check her out. And try not to buy everything!

2: I met Lidy of Bonjour and Hello through some online classes put on by Alt.  She is full of adorable tutorials and super thrifty (and stylish!) finds. We love her.

3: I also met Dene through Alt. Her blog, Gloss White, is such a calming space filled with gorgeous images of homes. The girl has got an eye for a great interior. Just look at this post.

4 & 5: The last two happen to be twins! Two very tall, gorgeous, and creative twins. They’re from Seattle so they’ve got that going for them, too. Kristine throws amazing parties. She shares all of the details over on Attend. She also posts cute pics of her adorable nieces and nephews who could all be beachy kid models. I’m not joking. And Jane makes up the other half of this dynamic duo. She is practically a granola god. She can be spotted over at Nova Granola where she shares her secrets to success, recipes that are simply amazeballs, and some pretty awesome tips for living a healthy lifestyle. I wish I was related to these super cool women. Then maybe some of the creative genius would pass to me. :)

I always love finding new blogs and can’t wait to dig up some more cyber treasures. Viva la Lieb!





9 thoughts on “I’ve been Liebe’d.

  1. kristine

    lexy! i’m blushing. thank you! so super super nice of you. i wish we lived closer together so we could combine party throwing forces. and craft and bake treats. proper pinwheel always leaves me inspired. you’re doing such a good job.


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