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Fresh Find Friday

April 27, 2012


Photo by Studio DIY

Was this week long or WHAT?!?! I flew into town on Monday and have been sick ever since. Guess what, you guys? I caught Pneumonia. Can you believe it? Thank goodness for drugs and Netflix or I’d be dead right now. Or maybe I’d have a few more brain cells, I’m not sure.

The photo above is a super awesome Cinco de Mayo Piñata by the lovely Kelly of Studio DIY. This girl has some cray cray stuff. Check out her blog and be inspired by all of the amazingness. It will overcome you. Click here for directions on how to make your own Piñata!

Los Finds:

Please, someone, leave this on my doorstep.

I’ll take fourteen of these.

Direction for lighting. Mental note.

Wish I was in London for this.

Way cool stool.  

I’ve got cabin fever now, too.

It’s back. There are no words.


**Happy Weekend**

Spotlight: In Love With Brown Pigeon

April 26, 2012

Ok, you guys. I’m super excited about today’s spotlight. My new friend, Meagan, rocks. She has the sweetest little shop on Etsy, Brown Pigeon,  and is a stamp connoisseur. You know how addicted I am to stamps. Remember?

Now that the site got a makeover, I was in dire need of a new stamp. I did some research around the interwebs and stumbled upon Meagan’s shop. After emailing back and forth, I tricked her into carving a stamp for me! And here it is!

That packaging is ridiculous. I stared at the box for a good 20 minutes before getting enough courage to open it. I’m a sucker for packaging. Learn more about this awesome stamp and what Meagan’s offering to you after the jump. continue reading

The gift of all gifts…

April 25, 2012

If you know me, then you know that I am probably THE BIGGEST Harry Potter fan there is. I mean it. Ask me anything. I dare you. My friend, Ashley (remember Ashley?), gave me this super awesome bracelet for my birthday and I just had to share it with you. Click through to see more pics and sources. continue reading

Tut Tuesday: Neon Yellow Striped T-Shirt

April 24, 2012

Hey guys! I’m back from Utah and ready to party! Even though that’s what I did all weekend. If you call getting a cold complete with fever chills and going to bed SUPER early partying. That’s right. I got really sick and wasn’t too much fun on the ole’ vacation. There’s always next year. ;)

Today’s DIY is a neon (but, of course) yellow striped shirt made for Yellow Bird Yellow Beard. Janee has some serious talent and a super cute blog and shop! Click here to read the how-to!

In other news: here are my Instagrams from the weekend. Want to follow along? My username is lexyjo. You’ll mostly get updates of glitter, paint, FOOD, and random photos of puppy Tagg.


**Happy Tuesday**

Fresh Find Friday

April 20, 2012

photo by Please Note

Another day, another dollar. Friday is here and it’s a glorious one! I’m so happy to be in Utah right now and will have some fun DIY’s for you next week so stay. tuned.

The photo above is from the lovely Please Note. It’s amazing what one can do with a mason jar. They’re so versatile and I love seeing all of the different ways to spruce ‘em up. Click here for the tutorial.

Le finds:  

oh my goodness. oh my goodness.

my next shoe project.

dirty hair? i’m on board with this.

a very sweet and homemade wedding.

100 yards, please.

next make in the kitchen.

because i always need a garland.




DIY Ribbon Cake Bunting

April 19, 2012


Happy Thursday! I’m off to the airport to catch a plane to Utah for a wedding. I’m excited to see friends and family, and I even get to throw a birthday party for my {now three-year-old} niece! While I’m in the sky, I’ll leave with you with a sweet little DIY. Joy, who is one of my most fave designers (she was the designer behind our little makeover!) asked if I would share a little project over on her blog, Sage & Berries, today. So head on over and check out how to make this easy cake bunting made with scraps of fabric!

Y’all have a nice Thursday now, ya hear?

Spotlight: In Love With Talking Tables

April 18, 2012

Today I want to share with you one of my new loves, Talking Tables. They’re an international party supply company with a knack for creating tantalizing tablescapes. You can choose an entire decor theme, or pick and choose the elements that are begging to be added to your cart. I recently purchased this adorable little bunting and I’m in love with it. I’ll be able to use it time and again!

Holy smokes, look at that cake tier. It’s gorgeous. And those cupcake liners? What the?!?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Bunting matters.”. For me, it makes the party a party.  Do me a favor and go check out Talking Tables. They even have paper straws, so you know they’re good. :)

all photos by Talking Tables



Tut Tuesday: Wooden Fruit Cups

April 17, 2012


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I always try to do a fancy dinner or a big brunch. Fruit is always fun to serve and these wooden cups are a fun way to dish up to your main Mama. Inspired by this post, these wooden cups were found at Michael’s for $2.99 for a pack of 4! They also come with an adorable wooden tray. Read the full how-to after the jump. continue reading

Fresh Find Friday

April 13, 2012

photo by Kersey Campbell of Ardor

Yes!!! It’s here! My favorite day of the week. Actually, I prefer most Saturdays, but still. I’m so happy this week is coming to a close. The weather is nicer. The grass is getting greener. I’m getting bigger… wait, what? That was NOT a pregnancy announcement. I just discovered that, after 15 years, Walmart is carrying Dunkaroos again. So, naturally, I bought them out.

The leather notebook above was made by cute Kersey Campbell. She runs the blog, Ardor. It’s filled with cute DIYs, and some amazing design. The how-to for these stylish books can be found here. Go now. Go and get lost in the beauty that is her site.

The goods:

*Did you miss this week’s DIY?

**Happy to say that The Proper Pinwheel is sponsoring Hank & Hunt. Sweet Jenny posted about it over here!



Inspiration: Wedding Programs

April 12, 2012

These days, weddings are intense. There’s such an emphasis on DIY, vintage details, and unique color combos. When my parents were married, you picked the church, had a little cake, and got in the car and headed off into wedded bliss. Sounds perf.

There is so much inspiration out there for today’s bride. When I was married, there wasn’t anything like Pinterest, Craftgawker, or any wedding blogs. Blogs weren’t popular and Martha Stewart mags were all we had. I still spend hours looking through different details from different weddings. One thing I absolutely love is seeing how differently styled the programs are.

These gorge programs are made from brown lunch bags. Amazing, right? I used bags similar to this for Christmas treats last year, but this idea is genius. Bags via Under Consideration. Read on to see a few of my faves. continue reading