Tut Tuesday: Neon Yellow Striped T-Shirt

April 24, 2012

Hey guys! I’m back from Utah and ready to party! Even though that’s what I did all weekend. If you call getting a cold complete with fever chills and going to bed SUPER early partying. That’s right. I got really sick and wasn’t too much fun on the ole’ vacation. There’s always next year. ;)

Today’s DIY is a neon (but, of course) yellow striped shirt made for Yellow Bird Yellow Beard. Janee has some serious talent and a super cute blog and shop! Click here to read the how-to!

In other news: here are my Instagrams from the weekend. Want to follow along? My username is lexyjo. You’ll mostly get updates of glitter, paint, FOOD, and random photos of puppy Tagg.


**Happy Tuesday**

4 thoughts on “Tut Tuesday: Neon Yellow Striped T-Shirt

    1. Lexy Post author

      Thanks, girl! It was super easy and I’ve received lots of compliments when wearing it! PS – LOVING your blog, btw. You have great taste!




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