DIY Pink Loofah Party Garland

May 22, 2012


Hey y’all, hey! I’m very excited to tell you that I’m a new DIY contributor for Dotcoms For Moms! DFM is a style site for the stylish mom. It’s filled with fun inspiration and tips on making life more beautiful for the modern woman and I’m stoked to be a part of it! I’ll be posting projects over there regularly so make sure you stop by and check ‘em out. You should actually just head on over there now and plan to be addicted to all the eye candy. There’s something for everyone. I don’t even have kids yet and I’ve been glued to DFM for weeks!

My first project is an EASY PEASY party garland. And it’s made out of loofahs?!? WHAT?! Click here to see the full tutorial on Dotcoms For Moms.

**Happy Tuesday**

6 thoughts on “DIY Pink Loofah Party Garland

    1. Lexy Post author

      Thanks, girl. I’m really excited, but I feel like the creativity is lost now that I’m under pressure! Eek!

    1. Lexy Post author

      Thank you, Karolina! I’m pretty excited about it! Let’s hope I make ‘em proud! PS – your pea party is amazing! That table setup is to die for. :)


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