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Fresh Find Friday

June 29, 2012

photo via The Sweetest Occasion

Do you ever have bad days? You know, bad days where you just feel sad for no reason and you can’t seem to kick it? Well, I did yesterday. And how did I cheer myself up? By pulling out my waders and other fly fishing gear and prancing around the house in all of it last night. We’re heading up to Estes Park, CO tonight to do a little camping and a little fly fishing. The perk of having your husband travel so much is that when he’s here, you get to do fun FUN stuff.

I’m a little nervous to go up to Estes Park with all of the fires going on right now. There was one up in Estes last weekend, but it was out on Sunday. Our whole state is on fire, you guys. Have you been watching the news? We’re just 45 minutes away from the giant monster fire in Waldo Canyon. A lot of people have lost their homes, their pets, and a lot of other valuables that can’t be replaced. We’re not the only state in the west having some fire trouble, but we definitely have some of the largest and fastest-growing. I sure do hope we get some rain!

On a happier note: the photo above was shared by Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion. With the 4th just around the corner, I’m starting to scour the interwebs for Independence Inspiration. <– That’s what I’m calling it. Anyway, she’s sharing some awesome printables that can go on shirts and cards! Hop on over and download, click, and print.

Some more goodies:

This garland is like this garland but better!

Let’s talk about who should be on Craft Wars. I vote Jordan Ferney.

Your own geometric tee!

I’m ready to make these pops!

This photography is beyond neat!

About the good and bad DIYs.

Sweet & colorful for the kiddos.


The Patriotic Countdown Pt. 2

June 28, 2012

Setting the table has to be one of my all-time favorite aspects of partying. With just a little effort, and multiple matching supplies, you’re table can be a show-stopper. Here are a few of my faves for the fourth:


photo via Potterybarn

Using galvanized tubs has become pretty popular over the last few years. Fill some with ice and serve chilled bottles of red soda!

photo by Room To Inspire

Red foods are perfect for a patriotic punch of color. These red vines are wrapped in starry blue paper!

photo by Linens Limited

There is a time for red gingham and that time is now. Pick some up at your local fabric store and throw it over your picnic table.

photo by Big Bears Wife

This is called Independence Punch. And every party better have some next Wednesday.

photo via Hostess With The Mostess

 When in doubt, incorporate wood & twine. Different textures help to balance everything out. And serving your food on little wooden blocks and planks gives it a little lift!

The Patriotic Countdown pt. 1

June 27, 2012

I absolutely love Independence Day.  Give me BBQ, watermelon, and fireworks and I’m a happy camper. I’ve decided to share a few fave party ideas every day leading up to that glorious 4th. Today we’ll be discussing treats. Obvi.

photo by Studio DIY

The cutest of cute cake toppers. Tutorial by Kelly of Studio DIY.

photo by The Decorated Cookie

These pop rocks-covered marshmallows rock my socks.

photo by Martha Stewart

Martha and her firework cookie ways…

photos via Real Simple

A slideshow of delectable desserts can be found over at Real Simple.

Tut Tuesday: E.A.T Placemat

June 26, 2012

Hey y’all, hey! How was the weekend? We went rafting for a day and the water was so low. Good thing I only had one large pancake before the trip, or we would have been dragging!

I’ve been wanting to share this little DIY with you for some time. I love having people over for dinner, and I LOVE having special placemats for the big event! Inspired by these gorgeous linens by Emerson Fry, stenciling is easy-peasy and you can customize however you want! So hop to it and make your own.

To make you’re own you’ll need:

  • bamboo placemats (50 cents each at Target)
  • stippling brush
  • black paint
  • tape
  • stencil letters

Secure the stencil letters to your mat with tape. Lightly blot with paint, let dry, and remove the stencils. Boom!

New pretty stencils for you. These also make great gifts for a hostess. Have fun with it!

A little Insta action for your viewing pleasure. Now, let’s get to the real stuff and talk about The Bachelorette.


Fresh Find Friday

June 22, 2012


Bada bing. Another week has flown by and I’m amazed at how I just can’t catch up. I thought it was last week and when I found out that we were in THIS week, I freaked. Where is June going, people?

The photo above is by yours truly. I’m over at This Heart of Mine today explaining how to clog your arteries. No biggie. Head on over there to learn all about eating healthy and stuff. Amy just launched her new summer series so make sure to read a bunch of the other contributor posts to give you tips for a jam-packed summer!

In other news: did you see that we’re on’s new magazine? Their online mag just got a facelift and I’m happy to say a few of my projects are going to frequent those beautiful cyber pages in the “At Home” section. What’s on right now? The pretty porcelain dishes that you should check out if you haven’t already!

the goods:

Did you know that it was Cake Week?

I never loved cherries until now.

These lace flower pots are way too pretty.

Me and glitter. It’s a sickness.

Sriracha lollipops! I can’t handle Big Red gum, but these sure are cute.

My bosses need to throw a party like this.

Still can’t find them on the site, but these dishes are real!

**Happy Weekend** 

Spotlight: In Love With Pretty Polaroid Notes

June 21, 2012

Hey y’all. I want to share with you my favorite gift to send to friends in the mail. I spotted these awesome polaroid cards in Urban Outfitters last year and have been smitten ever since. They’re adorable little notecards with polaroid-shaped envelopes to mail off! The photography is to die for and these cards just scream summer to me. I love sending birthday wishes or just letting a friend know that I have been thinking of them and these cards capture my moods perfectly.

Jenifer Altman, Amanda Gilligan, and Susannah Conway are the brains behind it all and they teamed up with Chronicle last year to produce TWO(!) sets of polaroid notes as well as a book. Instant Love is available in bookstores and online. I just picked it up and have been buried in the pages. I’m such a sucker for polaroids. I guess that’s why I gravitate towards crazy photo-editing apps like Instagram. I’m an addict, I guess.

ANYWAY – you have to track these little notecards down and add them to your “too-pretty-to-ever-actually-use” collection.

all photos by Amanda Gilligan of Mocking Bird


Inspiration: 9 Necessities For A Lime Green Bash

June 20, 2012

Now that summer is here, I’m itching to have a little gathering. Green happens to be my favorite color. When I say “green”, I mean all the shades of green the world has to offer. It doesn’t take much to throw a party once you have a theme. In this case, the theme is LIME! Lime. Lime. Lime. I just love it all.

1. For the lighting, turn fruits from the fridge into votives.

2. Green stripey straws to sip your limeade.

3. Austria?!? Well, let’s put another shrimp on the barbay!

4. Some key lime cupcakes for your sweet tooth.

5. Margarita push-up pops! Use pina coladas if you ain’t drinkin’.

6.  A fun garland that ties it all together.

7. Lime green washi tape. Cuz you’re gonna be tapin’ stuff.

8. Every party needs a cake and this key lime one is SO pretty.

9. And, of course, you need dishes for everything. So we turn to Anthro.

DIY Washi Tape Stir Sticks

June 19, 2012

Hola! How was the weekend? Did you work in the yard? Did you see a movie? Did you eat lots of goodies? Husb and I just started watching Breaking Bad. Our viewing is still in its adolescence, so I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. What I can say is that IT IS INTENSE. I have new wrinkles on my forehead from raising my eyebrows for 5+ hours!

I’ve got another DIY for you and it’s over at Dotcoms For Moms today. I’m all about washi tape. It’s all over my house. And today it’s all over these stir sticks! Learn how to easily customize your cocktails here. You can also view my other projects here.

PS – don’t forget to enter the DIY Dare!

**Happy Tuesday**

Fresh Find Friday

June 15, 2012

Photo by Hank & Hunt

Oh, hey. How’s it goin’? Are you happy to see another week go by? Are you as amazed as I am that it’s already mid-June? It’s almost Christmas, for Pete’s sake!

We’re laying low this weekend. There will be crepes. Oh, there will be crepes. I’m going to spend some time workin’ on a few summer projects that I think you’ll be interested in. :)

The globe above is by the so-creative-it-hurts Jenny from Hank & Hunt. There’s still time to make a gift for your dad! We’ve already sent our gifts on over to our papas. I’m not going to tell you what they are lest our fathers read this blog!

The finds:

Ez made some gorgeous pillows.

Just in case you need to make a few stands for a party.

Now I can look like Joan!

She got married! And she’s sharing all the deets.

What would you be remembered for?

Fun gift for dads this year! And the kids can make it!

Kersey always has the best projects. Look at those checkers!

Our next neighborhood gathering.

**Happy Weekend**

A fantastically French wedding

June 13, 2012

There’s something to be said about small and intimate weddings. The beautiful thing about planning your big day is that it is YOUR big day. No one else’s. You can make it as big or as small as you want and every little detail is customized to your liking.  Today’s featured wedding took place in the south of France and starred two adorable Frenchies. I freakin’ love the French because they have such exquisite taste. I just used the words “freakin'” and “exquisite” in the same sentence. You’re welcome for that.

Look how beautiful these wooden benches are! They’re dressed up with some greenery and rustic blooms and they set the stage for the ceremony.

Oh, hello, cute couple.

Can I have a sign pointing to Paris at my next wedding? Same husband, different details.

What a gorgeous venue!

Birds on a wire? Or are they place cards? Genius.

This cute pup was floating around as the bride was getting ready. So sweet!

I love these vintage spoons. And I also love how happy the bride & groom look.

The French really are fantastic. These photos are absolutely stunning and you can view more here. Do you love the watermark as much as I do?

All photos by Ela & The Poppies Photography