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Burgers Make Everything Better

July 31, 2012

So a few weeks ago, I won a contest. I know! I never win anything! I decided to enter a giveaway from good ole’ Sweet Paul. It was for some fancy shmancy gourmet burger kits from D’Artagnan. I saw the winnings and knew that if there was ever a giveaway I was meant to win, it was this one. Logan and I are straight up carnivores. (He beats me by a mile!)

So I entered. And you can imagine my surprise when I received an email asking for my address because I had won! I WON. I called Logan immediately and we jumped for joy through the phone and he was just as excited as I was. I told the folks at D’Artagnan that I would post some pics of our glorious burgers. We decided to grill them up last night and our house smelled so delicious! Funny story – when I told Logan that I would be taking a few pics of the burgers, he said, “They want me to model for them?”

Here’s a small snapshot of the winnings. I chose the Mushroom Lover’s kit. Mostly because there was truffle butter. I LOVE truffle anything so this was a no-brainer. Lots o’ mushrooms (this isn’t even 1/4th of it all!). Lots o’ black truffle butter. Lots o’ Porcini powder. And 4 hefty buffalo burgers. That means we have two more to use this weekend. We would share, but we’re just not like that.

These were crazy juicy. Logan decided to add a little Havarti to his. And bacon. Did I mention we’re straight up carnivores?

Yeah, that’s right. I sautéed the mushrooms in a little truffle butter. These were seriously amazing. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same. We’re now buffalo snobs.

What do you think? Buffalo? Cow? Chicken? Vegetarian?


Fresh Find Friday

July 27, 2012

photo via oncewed

Another week. Gone. I’m just going to tell you, I’m glad this one is coming to an end! It’s been dragging. And at the same time, I needed more hours in the day to complete what I’ve been working on. I’ve got a pretty fun DIY coming to you next week so you better be prepared for some awesomeness.

In other news, have you seen that Alt is on Instagram? You know how addicted I am to my beloved Insta, so you can guess how excited I was to get to help out with that! Make sure you follow along as Alt prepares to take NYC by storm. Who’s going to that?!? There’s going to be a #hashtag #party #every #friday #so #you #won’t #want #to #miss #out!! Check out today’s photo (favorite beach outfit) and if you want to respond via your own Instagram account, just use the hashtags #altsummerfave!

Curious about the photo above? Do you like wine? Do you have a lot of corks lying around the house? Grab some fishing line and a branch and make this cool little backdrop. DIY over on Once Wed.

What you came for:

You better believe I’m a subscriber.

I’ll take it.

Just some pretty summer treats.

Pretty without any effort. How can I?

How to get married in Germantown, NY.

Instagram summer.

I’ve seen the milk chocolate, but I prefer color!

We just bought an ice cream maker. This is important.

Floored by the styling.

In town for the olympics? I hope you brought this.

**have a lovely weekend**

I’m competitive. I am.

July 25, 2012

If there is any summer event I’m on board with, it’s the olympics. I CANNOT get enough and I’m starting to break out in hives just waiting for the opening ceremony! I’m not sure if it’s my competitive side, or the need I have to pretend I’m athletic, but I just love the olympics. Melanie from You Are My Fave does it right by creating the funnest little gift: Summer Olympics In A Box. How awesome right? Click here for more photos and where to get the goods. Melanie is also in love with the olympics and will be sharing fun ideas all week, so make sure you check back with her!

In other news, the giveaway for your very own copy of Mom, Inc. has closed and we have a winner! Congratulations to Kristin!

Kristin says:

If I knew I could not fail I would do EVERYTHING! Seriously. Learn to play instruments, learn to speak foreign languages, open my own bed and breakfast on the coast, bake pies every day, become a teacher, sell my photography, travel the world. The list could go on and on and on.

Way to go Kristin! Hopefully this book will inspire you to make your move. I’ll be sending you an email and we’ll get that book shipped off to you right away!

I loved hearing all of your comments. It’s funny how we all have a creative side, but other responsibilities got in the way of truly enhancing our strengths! Everyone wants to travel! Everyone wants to go back to school! There are so many dreams out there and I encourage you to follow yours. I wanted to start this blog three years ago and didn’t bite the bullet for a long time. I didn’t know how I would maintain something like this, but I’ve managed to pull it off this far and couldn’t be happier! Go with your gut! Do what you enjoy! You deserve it.

I’m off to go train for the 2020 summer olympics. I have a feeling that’s my year. ;)

photo by You Are My Fave

Tut Tuesday: Potato Stamp Neon Napkins

July 24, 2012

I’m certainly not the first person to potato stamp. And I’m sure I won’t be the last. What I love most about this versatile veggie is that it’s so easy to manipulate. A few swipes with a knife and you’ve got yourself a pretty little CUSTOM stamp. I’m going to ride the neon wave as long as humanly possible. While I love plain white flour sack towels, I decided to jazz a few up with some neon paint and a geometric shape or two.

To make your own you’ll need:

  • neon paints in various colors (I chose pink and orange)
  • flour sack towels
  • russet potatoes
  • paint brush
  • plastic plate
  • knife

Cut the potato in half and use your knife to carve out a small design. I just wanted regular old rectangles. Carve out the edges around your shape so that it is raised above the rest of the surface. Paint a thin layer of paint onto your potato stamp and get crackin’.

It’s kind of fun to overlap the colors. I believe in diversity.

Be a great neighbor or friend and deliver some fresh homemade bread wrapped in one of these lovelies.

These also accompany your meal quite nicely. Fold it up and weight it down with the heaviest fork you can find. It’s almost too pretty to wipe your mouth on it, don’t ya think?

The Mom, Inc. giveaway closes tonight so hurry on up and enter!

The Instagram Jam

July 23, 2012

Well, we’re back from our weekend in Buena Vista, CO. As always, I instagram the heck out of Colorado’s mountain towns. Follow along: @lexyjo. There was a ot of hiking. Lots of breath-shortness-due-to-the-altitude. Lots of antiquing. And LOTS of chipmunks! We headed up to a little ghost town called St. Elmo and you can sit on a bunch of logs with chipmunk food and the little creatures will just flock to you! So much fun. We also went to the best little general store filled with some crazy awesome antiques. I have non-buyer’s remorse. There were tons of items that I wish I would have bought. Kicking myself now. Oh well, I’ll always have the instagram shots to remind me.

We were up late playing all sorts of games and playing pranks on each other. Friends are the best. I really didn’t get much sleep. So I should probably go. So I’ll just leave you with these Instagram shots. Lots of antique spam-grams. Just the best.

Remember to enter the giveaway for MOM, Inc.! It ends soon so you should get up on that! I’ll see you guys tomorrow after I get a little shut-eye. :)


Fresh Find Friday

July 20, 2012

photo by DesignLoveFest

I think it’s safe to say that I’m glad this week is over. It’s flown by and I haven’t really had a chance to sit down! I kind of love it when that happens. A lot has happened this week and I’m extremely grateful. The Proper Pinwheel had a few features around the web –  how I party at Daily Candy (eek!) and how I travel at Marry Me & Fly Free. I also won a fancy shmancy burger kit from Sweet Paul! I don’t know how it happened, but life is good right now. :) We’re heading up to the mountains this weekend. We need to spend as much time as we can channeling Tom & Huck before the summer runs out.

The project above is by the lovely Natalie Shriver for DesignLoveFest. It’s amazing what you can do with painter’s tape. These painted shelves are at the top of my “to-do” list. I’m hoping to be able to tackle that list sometime in 2014… To see how to make your own shelves, and watch a sweet video of the styling how-to, click here. Do we just think that the DesignLoveFest ladies are the cutest? Yes, we do.

the goods:

Salivating just from LOOKING at these photos.

This bridal shower is so pretty!

A beautiful wedding day and fabric-wreath-wearing goat!

I just want the ice bucket.

A little French toast for your weekend.

DIY fringed drink umbrellas?!

Handmade flowers are the best flowers.

Been wanting to work with wood veneer and this lamp shade is PERFECT.

And don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway! Win a copy of MOM,Inc.!

**see you next time**

I’m Feeling Generous: Mom, Inc. Giveaway

July 19, 2012

Whoa! After yesterday’s events with Daily Candy, I’m just in a giving mood. I feel very blessed and I’m lucky to have what I have. Because I’m essentially working 6+ jobs, I find that it’s crazy-difficult to balance everything at times. How do I keep my head up? How do I persevere? How do I know which projects to take on and which ones to let go of? I’ve spent the last year figuring that out, but the biggest help has been this book:

MOM, INC. was written by two amazingly talented women – Meg Mateo Ilasco and Cat Seto. These ladies put us all to shame, but in a good way. MOM, INC. is one of those books that lights a fire inside you and gives you the drive to create. It shares tips from other women in the creative world and how they balance motherhood and work. While I’m not a mother yet (hopeful!), I took so much away from this book. I’ve been given a headstart and will be able to plan for the future I want. I’m honing my organizational skills and learning how to prioritize more efficiently. There are interviews from awesome women like Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom and Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty for moral support.. It’s a great read that you’ll keep coming back to.

This book encourages women everywhere to reach for the sky. Women can have it all. You can have a career and raise a family. It proves that anything you dream for yourself is attainable if you want it to be. It’s like the creative bible for working women everywhere and YOU HAVE TO READ IT.

I’m giving this book away to one of you lovely people. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question:


Giveaway closes Tuesday, July 24th at Midnight (MST)

The winner will be announced Wednesday, July 25th

Good night and good luck!

Watch this book trailer to get pumped!

Dreams Do Come True: Featured On Daily Candy

July 18, 2012


Holy moly. That’s really all I can say at the moment. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the super sweet editors of Daily Candy. And guess what? They wanted to feature that little circus party I put on a while back. Can you believe it?!?! It’s a darn shame you’re not next to me right now. I need you to pinch me.

I have loved Daily Candy for ages. I would not have found some of my favorite shops and people had it not been for this lovely juggernaut of design inspiration. If you’ve ever visited the site, you know what I’m talking about. And if you’ve never visited the site, well then you should stop reading these words and head on over there right now. I hope your head doesn’t explode from all the goodness that will be coming your way.

We’re halfway through the year and I can’t believe the amazing things that have happened for and because of this blog. I’ve made so many great friends and feel that I’m starting to get the hang of things. At the beginning of the year, I decided to put as much effort as possible into bettering myself and The Proper Pinwheel. Remember these goals? They’re resonating with me now more than ever. I’m so grateful to you, dear-awesome-readers-whom-I-love-so-much, for hanging in there with me. I can’t thank you enough. This experience has definitely been an amazing one and it’s just the beginning. It’s been a whirlwind and there are some great things that will be happening as time moves forward. Stick around. You’ll be glad you did. :)

There have been a few things that have really pushed me to improve myself, and over the next week I am going to share some of them with you. There’s going to be a giveaway involved. (I know! Two within a week of each other! I must be crazy! Crazy for you!) For today, I would just LOVE it if you checked out the feature. It would mean the world to me. Thank you, Daily Candy! I don’t think my day can get any better!

Unless somebody gives me a corn dog…

Look At Those Stairs!

July 17, 2012

I’m really digging this studio in Stockholm. It’s so earthy and modern and clean. Everything is so carefully thought out.  Would you believe me if I told you that it was 495 square feet? Oh yeah. This space was designed by the modern magician himself, Jimmy Schonning, and it’s jam-packed with detail. Every nook and cranny was planned to be functional AND beautiful. Just wait until you see the concrete stairs. I die a little every time I look at them.

Is it a reading corner or a bed? Oh, it’s both. It’s both.

These concrete stairs are my favorite part. They lead up to the sleeping loft and are so beautifully white. I maybe want to marry them.

The kitchen would be my second favorite. White is amazing, isn’t it? And don’t you love the concrete floors? There isn’t a whole lot of counter space, but you wouldn’t know it because everything is so organized.

When can I move in?

photos: Per Magnus Persson via 1kindesign

We Have A Winner

July 16, 2012

What fun last week was, eh?!?! It was the first giveaway on this here blog and I am so happy with the response! After some consulting with, the winner of the $50 gift card to Shabby Apple is Leila Waddell – comment number 43!

Leila Waddell says:

Liked on facebook and liked them a lot! I want the BEACHCOMBER red dress!

Congratulations, Leila! You go get that Beachcomber dress! I’ll be sending you an email! :)

Don’t forget – we’re still doing a promotion for 10% off all orders with Shabby Apple until the end of the month. Just use the code THEPROPERPINWHEEL10OFF at checkout! Make sure you check back because something exciting is happening this week. Stay tuned!

photo: fruit from our farmer’s market