Fresh Find Friday

July 13, 2012

photo by Fellow Fellow

It’s Friday the 13th! When I was little I used to get so creeped out anytime this date rolled around. I’m super superstitious. Watch for black cats today, y’all.  If you feel like learning, read more about this unlucky (?) day here. A few days ago, I was at work and happened to catch a whiff of some fall-ish/pumpkin-y scent and I gotta tell ya, I think I’m ready for fall. I plan to read a lot of October Martha Stewart mags from the past. I’ll be busy!

The photo above is by Claire of Fellow Fellow. She did this sweet little DIY for Liz over at Say Yes To Hoboken. Click here to see how to make your own concrete votives. These would be great outdoors!

Oh and hey! There’s still time to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway for the $50 gift card. It ends tonight at Midnight so hop to it! Enter here.


Retro Rainbow? I’m on board.

I’m just really crazy about ice cream art.

Rachel of Mignon makes garlic naan! The girl is so well-rounded.

An interview with Miss SF Girl by Bay.

I’ll probably make this cake sometime this weekend.

Obsessed with font & branding at the moment. Great example.

These are perfect for the kitchen.

Make your office supplies prettier with this printable.

**You have a yourselves a nice weekend**

2 thoughts on “Fresh Find Friday

  1. Meagan Briggs

    Fall=baby time.

    I am not ready for Fall!!!!!!

    Even though it is my favorite time of year, our “fall” doesn’t really commence until November because it basically stays hot until Nov 1st. August and Sept are our hottest months of the year and I am NOT looking forward to that! We rarely have moments of “sweater” weather here and it makes me sad! I would love to live a biiit more north to get more of the 4 seasons.

    Love these votives!! You are so creative!!

    1. Lexy Post author

      I’m not the creative one, Claire from Fellow Fellow is! Gah! I’m so ready for you to have your baby! I’m sure you’re just freakin’ out but I am excited to see pics of a newborn hangin’ around! That stinks that it stays so hot there. It’s hot here, but Fall is the most perfect and gorgeous season. It’s the main reason I love Colorado. So gorge! :)


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