Fresh Find Friday

August 17, 2012

photo by shrimp salad circus

Another day. Another dollar. But I’m $50 in the hole so…

It feels like summer is ending over here. The days are getting cooler, and the sun is starting to go down a little earlier than usual. It’s bittersweet. Autumn is my favorite season, but I haven’t had the chance to enjoy the summer. We’ve only had a few outdoor adventures and our time is almost up. That’s why we’re heading to the mountains today. There will be streams. There will be hummingbirds. And there will be a hot tub. Win win win. I’ve also scouted out a few antique shops and flea markets on the way, so you can expect some crazy Instagram action. True story: yesterday my Instagram was down for the whole day. No joke. I was going through withdrawals and was super jittery all day. What’s happened to me?!?

The photo above is by the most perfect Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus. Her DIY incorporates two of my favorite trends right now: neon and ombre. Don’t you love the wood staining? It’s stunning AND weatherproof. Win win. I just love winning.  View the how-to here.

What I heart:

Rainbows and garlands. Excellent combo.

If you give a blog a makeover

More washi tape love.

I’ll always love pink and green.

Could you recycle your wedding? I’d have a hard time!

So excited for this fall line.

Summer ain’t over yet. Getting married soon?

Diggin’ these necklaces. A bunch clumped together is my fave.

Okay, nutella cupcakes. You’re coming with me.

**happy weekend**

12 thoughts on “Fresh Find Friday

  1. jess naylor

    nutella cupcakes? really? why must you tempt me with these delicious treats when i am on an evil evil diet? not nice. but you better bet your butt that i will be making them the second i’m off this diet. holy yum…

    1. Lexy Post author

      what the why are you dieting? Get off it and we’ll make these cupcakes. or just eat a big ole container of nutella.

    1. Lexy Post author

      Your blog is magnificent, so I don’t know what you’re smokin’.

      I saw that their wedding was totally green! And it was still beautiful. I want to hear how they did it all. If it was expensive, etc…

  2. Meagan Briggs

    GIRL I just laughed out loud when you said the days are getting cooler. I JUST DIED! I swear, in Florida, we get hotter and hotter before we even get an ounce of cooler weather. August is a killer month. And Sept MAY have a few drops into the mid 80′s, but the thing Tallahassee doesn’t have, is the cool ocean breeze. AH! So it is swampy and humid and HOT.

    I’m dying for some Fall weather. I never pull out sweaters until January. Talk about depressing. And I wore my knee high riding boots ONCE last winter because they were just TOO HOT to wear.

    Going to cry right now just thinking about it!

    1. Lexy Post author

      No sweaters ’til January?!? That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. You should just move here right now. You would absolutely love the fall here. I’ve always wanted to do a fall tour of the east coast. Maybe we should plan a trip! We already know that we travel well together. :)

    1. Lexy Post author

      Lindsay! I was going to email you and tell you, but then I just got slammed at work! Thanks for sharing the donut holes! We must be twinners at heart. :)


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