Fresh Find Friday

August 31, 2012

woven chain necklace

photo by HonestlyWTF

Hey guys. Today is an awesome day. Why? Because my family is in town. All of them except my cute and pregnant older sister – but she’s forgiven. :) I have lots planned for the day so I best be jetting off. I do plan to hit up a flea market in the morning so tune in to Instagram to follow along! I may need you to talk me out of some purchases.

I died a little inside when I saw the photo above. HonestlyWTF always has the best DIYs! They pull stuff out of their hat that makes me want to make jewelry out the wazoo. If I saw this chain necklace in a store, I would buy it. But here are the instructions to make it! Money saved. Everyone’s happy.

los finds:

i am just amazed at how lovely this wedding is.

i really just want to go to central park.

those curls. i die.

i still have a few more camping trips left this year.

tagg needs to have some of these.

the bolo tie has been taken to a whole new level.

spray paint is my best friend.

i need a job here. asap.

**happy weekend**

2 thoughts on “Fresh Find Friday

    1. Lexy Post author

      Camila, isn’t that necklace just amazing? I would seriousy pay a good chunk of $$$ for that! So glad we can make it. You should just come to my house and we’ll make a bunch! :)


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