Spotlight: In Love With Shelley Hesse

August 15, 2012

If I could die and come back as a super talented artist, I would want to come back as Shelley Hesse. The girl is skilled. You may recognize her work at Anthropologie and various other shops. I first fell in love with her work last year when a friend of mine used Shelley Hesse wallpaper in her little girl’s nursery. Her color choices are phenomenal. I mean, I was floored when I saw the Octopus above. It’s so beautiful. I am trying to figure out exactly how much plasma needs to be donated so that I can take that little gem home with me.

Just look at that beach art! Everybody needs a seaweed print. Everybody. Have you found any artists that you just know you could be one with?

See more of her artwork here.


13 thoughts on “Spotlight: In Love With Shelley Hesse

  1. Rachel

    These painting are beautiful, especially the turtle – thanks for sharing and helping me discover an amazing new artist!

    I really love your design and layout, by the way! x

    1. Lexy Post author

      Thanks, Rachel! And I’m so glad you like Shelley’s art, too. That turtle is just amazing. I love all of the sea art!


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