The Instagram Jam

August 23, 2012

I’ve been busy. Busy eating. Busy smelling soaps and bath bombs at a cool store called Lush Cosmetics. Those last few pics? Oh yeah, they’re from there. I was walking by like some innocent person and was sucked in because the packaging was UH-mazing. Bottom left pic: le bath bomb. Bottom right pic: what it does in the water! Explode my heart.

These are just a few shots from my trip to Utah and my trip to the mountains. I don’t normally post a lot of pics of myself, but we hadn’t left and it was 7 AT NIGHT and I was feeling emotional and needed to vent. Shortly after I took those, Logan came home and threw me (it was playful) in the car and we headed West.

Have you ever been to Lush? We’re you as obsessed as I was? I spent a good 30 minutes testing out 70% of their products.

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6 thoughts on “The Instagram Jam

  1. Rachel A

    I love Lush! I used to work at one, and it was hands down the best retail job I ever had. Not just because of the product, but because of the company itself and how it treated employees. Nothin but love for Lush.


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