Fresh Find Friday

September 21, 2012

mathstick arrows

photo by evie s.

Fall is here. Can you feel it? It’s still warm, but the mornings and evenings are getting more crisp. It’s a little chilly in the morning and I find myself staying in bed until the last. possible. second. Tempurpedic, what have you done to me?

Our anniversary is next week. We’re heading into our fifth (FIFTH!) year of marriage. We’re planning to celebrate big this year. We’ll still be heading to Dave & Buster’s. You know, it’s our ritual. I’m trying hard to come up with some kind of fun gift for the man, and all creativity is either lost or inappropriate! So please help me! Logan hardly ever never reads this unless I tell him to, so your secrets are safe here. :)

The photo above was spotted over on evie s. I swear, I love a cute and easy project and this one seems to fill today’s void. Matchstick arrows. They’re romantic. They’re practical. Genius. View the how-to here.

For the win:

Sucker for gold monograms.

Working with clay¬†doesn’t sound too bad.

A beginner’s guide to marbling.

The Smokey Eye. Always intimidating.

A pretty ombre cake.

The Great Showdown: Icing vs. Frosting vs. Glaze

Need a backsplash?

A literary picture holder. Beauty!

My new fave etsy shop.

Every dog deserves these. Truly.

**happy weekend, folks**

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