How I Bought Everything From The Curiosity Shoppe

September 12, 2012

Welp, do ya remember this post? The Curiosity Shoppe came to Target. Withing hours, the shelves were pretty empty and lonely . I stocked up on the most important things (almost everything!). I was seriously amazed at how unique and cute each item was. Carefully planned, with beautifully retro colors and graphics. I can’t decide what should be my favorite. I’m really diggin’ the oven mitts, but I don’t dare use them for fear of getting food on them. They need to be framed, people!

The stamps were one of the first things I grabbed. I gravitate towards stamps, we all know this. That was the #1 item on my list. And how ’bout that cake stand? We LOVE cake stands over here. :)

Did you make it to Target in time?? Tell me what you got! I’m curious…


4 thoughts on “How I Bought Everything From The Curiosity Shoppe

  1. Mary P.

    There wasn’t much left in the Curiosity Shoppe either when I swung through on Sunday, but I did manage to snag a leaf platter from the Patch NYC Shoppe! I’m using it to hold some candles on the windowsill in my bedroom. So cute!


    1. Lexy Post author

      I loved that leaf platter. Did you see the tiny fox dish? I wanted that too. But my bank account was flashing before my eyes… eek!

  2. Kelly @ Studio DIY

    I grabbed the stamps and the straws! Strongly considered the USA board but wasn’t big on the blue edging with my kitchen color scheme (Yes, I have problems!). Now you are making me regret not buying it! =)

    1. Lexy Post author

      You’re smart for thinking about your color scheme! I just saw and grabbed everything that caught my eye. :) The USA board will be perfect for olympic parties. I’ll just have to wait two more years…


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