Party: A Real Pony Bash With A REAL Pony

September 20, 2012

Hey there. Do you remember this spotlight post? With Alison of The Alison Show? Well, folks, she did it. She won “Mom of The Year”. Her daughter, Gigi, just turned 2. And they celebrated with a bang. Every child needs an animal-themed bash. And every child should have animals at said bash. (I remember watching Mrs. Doubtfire when I was a kid and wanting the entire animal staff from Hogle Zoo to come and celebrate my day of birth. I’m still waiting for it to happen…)

Alison went with a pony theme. And guess what — there was a frickin’ real-life pony at the party! This is the stuff dreams are made of. See a sneak below:

Complete with tropical cupcakes for tropical ponies, this party will rock your cowboy boots off. Alison shared all of the details for this sweet shindig here. There’s even a downloadable template for pony party hats. Get out of town.

Have you ever gone crazy with a party theme? Was there a live animal at your birthday party? Leave a comment and mope with me. :)

4 thoughts on “Party: A Real Pony Bash With A REAL Pony

  1. Kristin

    Hogle Zoo?! Lexy, are you from Salt Lake? I loved that zoo when I was a kid, especially the area which was more like a playground with fake bird’s nests and the “gopher holes” that you could climb around in. I ALWAYS wanted to see a wolf in the wolf enclosure and never got to. I heard they just opened a new section with Polar Bears that people are saying is really great. :)

    1. Lexy Post author

      Haha, Kristin, YES! I grew up in Provo/Spanish Fork and we LOVED going to Hogle Zoo. I used to throw gum to the wolves. And then it would get stuck in the dirt and they wouldn’t be able to pick it up. So I would throw another stick. And another. So sad! I haven’t heard anything about the new polar bear section but I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in UT! :)


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