Tinsel vs. Pipe Cleaner: The Age-old Question

September 27, 2012

I’m trying to be one step ahead lately. I’m getting all of the holiday stuff ready for you guys NOW. So that when December hits, this blog will be filled with pretty-pretty pictures and DIYs for you. As I’m starting to pull everything together, I also started planning my holiday decorations. The last three months of the year are just the best. Why? Because I get to have garlands hanging around and lots of cinnamon aromas filling the home. It’s honestly the most perfect time. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah – holi-decor.

I’m trying to figure out what you like better: tinsel or pipe cleaner. Now, I LOVE both. They’re sparkly. They’re soft. They come in all sorts of colors and instantly dress up a package. And I love packaging. Just check out my gift wrap pinterest board.

But I want to know what YOU like. What do you prefer? Do you like how you can tie the tinsel in a bow and anything becomes instantly festive? Do you prefer the moldability of the pipe cleaner? Are you like me and love both equally? I need your feedback. This will ultimately make or break MISSION: MERRY 2012. (What is MISSION: MERRY 2012? Only the coolest holiday series coming to these cyber pages this December. You know I love a good series.) The success of this future series is hanging in the balance. Time is of the essence. Only YOU can prevent forest fires…

Will you help? What do you like to do with each crafty accessory?

8 thoughts on “Tinsel vs. Pipe Cleaner: The Age-old Question

  1. Katie

    Lexy My Love, I agree with you. Anything that has to do with the holidays, i am totally down for. It just brings all those warm and fuzzy feelings out and makes ya’ just want to cuddle!!! Ya’ Know?

    Anyways, in my opinion, there is nothing like something that is old. Isn’t old the new, new? Anyways, tinsel all the way baby! I love anything with a vintage vibe!

    1. Lexy Post author

      Tinsel forever! This particular tinsel is from a cute little boutique here in Denver. I go in all the time. They know my name. It’s sad. You should come for a visit. You would LOVE this shop!

    1. Lexy Post author

      Tinsel for sure! I’m so glad you’re on my side. I love both, but tinsel is just better for the holidays. :)


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