Tut Tuesday: DIY Gilded Cake Stand

September 11, 2012

What up, what up, what up? To keep up with the old school crafts I’ve been bringing your way, let’s talk gold-leafing. It’s a lost art. But it’s makin’ a comeback. Isn’t that the best? All these cool old trends are now cool and new again? I have a few friends over 65 and they’ve been showing me how to do this. It’s actually super easy. In fact, I tweaked it a little so that you really don’t have to do anything. So let’s get started shall we? Read the how-to after the jump. ;)

To make your own gilded cake stand you’ll need:

  • cake stand (I used a plate and candle stick holder glued together)
  • white spray paint
  • gold-leafing kit ($9 from Michael’s)

Spray paint your cake stand. Remember to use short and light bursts to avoid drips. Let the paint dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

While the paint is drying, cut a sheet of the leafing into irregular geometric shapes. The leafing has a small film over it so make sure you keep that in tact. You’ll want to leave a little tab of that hanging over the edge of the actual leafing. You’ll hold on to that piece each time you place the gold on the plate.

Take the little cut pieces and press them onto the plate. The paint is still a little sticky so the leafing will just stick right on. Peel the transparent film away and that’s it! Repeat these steps placing the gold anywhere you please.

Pretty? I think so. Now, remember that this isn’t dishwasher safe. You’ll need to wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it clean. I didn’t spray the top of the plate so that I could still put food on it. Because food is the most important thing there is in this world.

That’s it. You can make pretty little designs with the glue, but I was too impatient for that. Stick it to the paint, my peeps. Oh and p.s. – that red velvet cake on top? I ate the whole thing. By myself. I feel like I can tell you these things because this is a safe place.

Have you ever tried gold-leafing? Are you a pro and have just been holding out on us?

8 thoughts on “Tut Tuesday: DIY Gilded Cake Stand

  1. Julia @ Chris Loves Julia

    You know what my favorite line of this whole post is? “In fact, I tweaked it a little so that you really don’t have to do anything.” Hahahaha! Lexy. I love this. And even though you make these projects sound so easy to recreate, I can tell you put so much into them. Your attention to detail is incredible. I have NEVER tried gold-leafing. Last year, for neighbor Christmas gifts, I wrote their addresses with gold ink and framed them, but looking back–gold leaf would have been so much better. I gotta give it a go!

    1. Lexy Post author

      Thank you for noticing! I do put a lot of work into my projects, but I want them to be easily created for everyone else. It takes a lot of time to plan!

      I loved your neighbor gifts last year. Try the gold leaf this year. The gold leaf pen is awesome. Less work. I’m always a fan of LESS WORK. :)

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    1. Lexy Post author

      Girlfriend, we are twinners! Loved your post about cake stands. I need to see your gold leaf project. It’s kind of an addicting method, no?


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