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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

The Proper Pinwheel, Halloween Costumes, Raggedy Anne, Raggedy Andy

Hey peeps! Happy Halloween to ya! My apologies for the sudden silence around here. Things are a bit crazy and I’m wrapping up a few projects for the holidays. It will be worth the wait. Trust me.

In the meantime, I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween! Are you trick-or-treating? Dressing up? What are your plans? We’re heading to a Harry Potter Murder Mystery tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve even made golden snitch cake pops for the occasion. Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy will be taking the night off to transform into Rita Skeeter and Rubeus Hagrid. It’s going to be a magical evenging. I truly wish I wasn’t a muggle. Follow me on instagram (@properpinwheel) to see all of the tricks and treats that are happening tonight!

Happy Halloween!

Fresh Find Friday

October 26, 2012

Fresh Find Friday, The Proper Pinwheel, Design Love Fest, Ombre pendant lights  This has been a crazy week. Logan is traveling a lot lately and that leaves me to fend for myself. I really don’t mind, but I have been working so much that I feel like we are more acquaintances rather than spouses at the moment. He has been gone for a week and gets home today, so I am going to make this short and sweet.

The photo above is by my favorite ladies over at Design Love Fest. They always blow my mind with their incredibly easy DIYs and the photography just floors me. To see how to make your own DIY Glass Pendant Lights, click here.

los links:

some spooky decals.

did you sign up for the Adobe Illustrator Crash Course?

DIY heart tights. i’ll be making in every color.

kelly and jeff’s costumes. so great!

a headboard i can make?

the cutest tea towels on the block.

minted party decor?!? i’m in.

color on paper vs. color on screen.


photo cred: Kimberly Genevieve for Design Love Fest

60 Second DIY: Washi Tape Halloween Candle

October 24, 2012

DIY Halloween Candle, Washi Tape Candle, Halloween Decor, The Proper Pinwheel Tutorial


DIY Halloween Candle, Washi Tape Candle, Halloween Decor, The Proper Pinwheel Tutorial

DIY Halloween Candle, Washi Tape Candle, Halloween Decor, The Proper Pinwheel Tutorial

DIY Halloween Candle, Washi Tape Candle, Halloween Decor, The Proper Pinwheel Tutorial

Washi tape is my best friend. I have a large collection in a few kitchen drawers and I am constantly finding new uses for it. I was browsing through Walmart the other day and happened upon this black polka dot washi tape, and I thought to myself, “Washi, you must come home with me”. I also saw these orange candles and had to sneak them in my coat cart. What do you get when you combine the two? Some baller Washi Tape Halloween Candles, that’s what.

I’m almost embarrassed to call this a DIY tutorial because my dog could tape these up and probably do a better job. He’s a really talented yorkie, that one. I’ve just really become a fan of washi tape over the last year or so. I’m thinking this will be my next project. It will probably have to wait until we move into our own place with white walls. But it’s on my list!

What projects have you made with washi tape? Are you a fanatic like me? Please talk me through this obsession…

PS – did you hear about the crash course in Adobe Illustrator? Head on over here to read up and register! This is a class you won’t want to miss. :)

DIY Favor: Printable Chocolate Wrapper

October 23, 2012

A few weeks ago, I received a message in my inbox introducing me to a new fave wedding site. Have you heard of Wedding Friends?! You guys, you most definitely need to check it out. Aside from a cute layout, this site is filled with tons of inspiration for weddings and parties. I’ve spent too many hours perusing the site. I won’t get those hours back and I’m not even sad about it.

The folks over at Wedding Friends sent over this sweet printable to attach to your wedding favors (download at the bottom of this post). They are designed in several different colors, so I think you’ll find they fit a variety of color palettes. PLUS – they’re soooo pretty. I could just print them out and frame them.

Wedding Friends, Chocolate Printable, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

Weddings Friends, Chocolate Wrappers Wedding Favors, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

Wedding Friends, Chocolate Wrapper Wedding Favor Printable, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

Wedding Friends, Chocolate Wrapper Wedding Favor Printable, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

From the design-savvy folks at Wedding Friends:

“For some people, chocolate makes the world go ’round, and we have something sweet for all your special wedding guests. Danielle from Rabbit Hole Design′s printable chocolate label can not only serve as a chocolate wrapper, but can also serve as a wrapping for many other gifts. For those of you who can′t decide on the perfect wedding favor, this will be a great gift idea for any vintage, farm style, or folk wedding! This cute printable DIY by Rabbit Hole is simple and easy to do, and adds a personal touch to your reception stationery. Just download the printable PDF and follow all the easy instructions provided. To cater to those who don′t like chocolate, wrap something that will suit their needs. Rabbit Hole provides 6 different designs to choose from which ensures that you will find the perfect wrapping! To all the chocolate lovers, that′s a wrap!”

Download The Free Printable Wrapper Here

design and photo cred: Rabbit Hole

source: Wedding Friends

Adobe Illustrator Crash Course & A Halloween Printable Invitation

October 22, 2012

Illustrator For Bloggers, Crash Course, Online Workshop, Adobe Illustrator

Hey friendlies, hope your weekend was lovely! Ours was a little gruesome thanks to the Denver Organ Trail & Zombie Crawl. If you followed along on Instagram, then I’m sure you were a little unsure if you wanted to be my friend. I’m a pretty freaky zombie.

I’ve been keeping a secret for a few weeks now and I’m so excited to finally reveal! Brittany of Canvas & Slate and I have been working together these last few weeks and I’m happy to announce that you will be able to take a crash course in Adobe Illustrator. This class will give you the knowledge and tools to help you grow your blog, your business, or your interests. The sky is the limit! I’m a novice. A ridiculously new newbie. But not anymore! Thanks to Brittany, we all have the chance to learn the ins and outs of AI and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! Brittany has been so wonderful and she’s also created a downloadable invitation printable for all of your October parties. Read all of the deets below. :)


Illustrator for Bloggers is a two-week (10-day) online course that includes video lessons, written lectures, tutorials, design activities and a comprehensive class workbook that will be delivered to your inbox after the class site closes. Class instruction will be conducted on a private blog and will remain open for two weeks following the last day of class. After that, students are expected to refer to their class workbooks for instruction in conjuction with the class video tutorials that will remain available indefinitely.

Week 1 will focus on familiarizing you with the Illustrator interface, setting up workspace parameters, designing with color, tools, palettes, and software tips and tricks.

Week 2 will delve deeper into more advanced topics as well as how to create specific graphics for your blog (including blog banners and custom social media buttons).

This is an online crash course in Illustrator. You will be introduced to the software’s most-used tools and techniques as well as basic design concepts. This class was designed for bloggers, but anyone looking for an intro course in Illustrator is welcome to join. Read how to register after the jump!

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Fresh Find Friday

October 19, 2012

Halloween Tablescape, Macabre, Black, Decadent

We’re now in the final weeks before Halloween. There’s so much to get done! I’m so glad it’s the weekend because we are doing something that I have never done before. You’ve heard of The Oregon Trail. You know, the one with the pioneers? But have you ever heard of The ORGAN Trail? That’s right. It’s a race/scavenger hunt for zombies and yours truly is participating this year. My team, The Flesh Lovers, is going to kill it. We’ll be tweeting and instagramming the whole thing. So follow along, would ya?! It’s going to be a wonderfully creepy event.

The photo above was taken by the lovely Julie Harmsen for Coco + Kelley. Cassandra Lavalle, the creative behind C+K, pulled together an amazing Halloween tablescape. Inspired by the oversized mansion in Great Expectations, this table has everything an eerie and beautiful table should. From the masquerade masks to the wishbone placesettings to the smoking taper candles, you are pulled in to a macabre dream that is so beautifully put together. Click here for more photos and fight hard not too drool.

let’s talk about these:

i want to live here.

the perfect theme for a halloween party.

love these antiqued pumpkins.

can someone send me to this workshop? please?

me. as a child. on halloween. over at Studio DIY.

an apple mosaic tart with salted caramel. no other words needed.

fall footwear: the essentials.

a new fave blog.

**happy weekend**

photo cred: Julie Harmsen 

Spotlight: In Love With Target Halloween

October 18, 2012

Target Party, Halloween Party Decor, Target Halloween, The Proper Pinwheel Holiday

Everyone knows I love Halloween. And Everyone knows I love Target. So when Target came out with this fun and fantastic line for a Halloween bash, I felt like it was specifically for me. Maybe the Target Gods wanted to show me how grateful they are for my single-handedly funding their Colorado stores. They’re so thoughtful.

Everything above is literally all you need to throw the Halloween party of the century. I’m not sure what my favorite item is. Could it be the crazy and creepy skeleton salad servers? How about the poison flask for all your beverage needs? Or maybe it’s the s&p shakers or the skull candle? I just can’t be sure. I just know it’s all awesome.

Have you picked up any or all of this party awesomeness?

In other news: We have a winner of the Sweet Potato Cupcake giveaway!

Haley Wilson said:

Tastiest cupcake I’ve ever had has to be the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy. So rich and so delicious. Worth every single calorie. If I win I promise to instagram the results even though I’m pretty certain they won’t be as pretty as yours :)

Congrats, Haley!!! Glad you aren’t counting the calories and I can’t wait to see what you think of them! I’ll be emailing you to get your mailing info! :)

DIY Skull Candle

October 17, 2012

Skull candle, DIY, Halloween Tutorials, Glitter Skull, Glitter Pumpkin

Skull candle, DIY, Halloween Tutorials, Glitter Skull, Glitter Pumpkin

Skull candle, DIY, Halloween Tutorials, Glitter Skull, Glitter Pumpkin

Honestly. Halloween is the best. I love this holiday far too much. It gives me a reason to wear blood on my clothes and people can’t judge. It’s great! ;) One of the best parts of this holiday is the selection of craft projects just waiting to be created. Like this skull! One minute, it’s just hanging out on the shelf being a regular glittered skull, and the next? BAM! DIY Skull Candle.

To make your own Skull Candle you’ll need:

  • glittered styrofoam skull (mine is from Cost Plus)
  • sharp knife
  • black taper candle

Carve out a hole the width of the base of the candle in the top of the skull. Hollow out the styrofoam in that hole, and stick the candle in. That’s it! Now you have a wicked awesome skull that looks beautifully creepy anywhere you place it.

Do you have a favorite halloween project? Fave costume? Do tell.

Editing Photos When You Can’t Afford Photoshop

October 16, 2012

Affordable Editing, Alt Summit, The Proper Pinwheel

I’ve learned so much about photography these last ten months. From the minute I set my camera to Manual, it’s been an experience. I’ve taken thousands of photos since then and some are quality, and some are not. You guys have been super supportive and encouraging, and your compliments give me the drive to learn more and create prettier content. I wanted to share what I’ve learned and am happy to say that I’ve been writing over on the Altitude Design Summit blog. I’m writing a small series about affordable photo editing and the first article went up a few days ago. I don’t have photoshop. I’m not a professional photographer. And I didn’t want to fork over the dough until I knew what I was doing. Photoshop is the cream of the crop, but you’re not at a dead-end if you don’t have it. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS, PEOPLE! My second article is about editing photos with Photoshop Elements and it was published this morning. So click on over here to learn a few life-saving tips!

Have you seen Alt’s blog lately?!? It’s jam-packed with amazing content and I’m thrilled to be contributing. There is an article for everyone and, if you haven’t already, you need to click your buns over there and read up. :)

Oh and p.s. – have you nominated anyone for #BingItToLife?

Fresh Find Friday

October 12, 2012

Fall party, Harvest party, Autumn Dinner, Table

We’re already in the middle of October. What the? Why is time moving so fast? I’m trying to enjoy Autumn as much as I possibly can. Plans include: apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, apple cider muffins, and other apple cider treats. And maybe some chocolate. And Apple Cider popcorn (gotta wait for the recipe, peeps!).

The pic above was spotted over at Style Me Pretty’s new At Home section. Ever since the launch, I die every morning when I check it to see what new and beautiful things are in store. I’ve always wanted to have an outdoor dinner party in the fall. How rustic and beautiful is this one? Every detail was carefully planned by Jennifer Carroll. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite. Perhaps it’s the place cards. Or the s’mores. I can’t be sure.

The goods:

A fun cardboard DIY.

Tell me you’ve seen this movie.

These paper stars are the bee’s knees.

I don’t love real mushrooms, but I love these.

The truth behind all this.

A fabulous leather DIY.

**Happy weekend**

photo cred: Jen Fariello Photography