Holiday Cards Part 1: In Love With Pinhole Press

November 21, 2012

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One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is the cards. I love collecting cards. If you’ve ever sent me a holiday card, you should know that I still have it. I don’t throw them away. They’re too pretty! People spend a lot of time designing them. You plan what you’ll wear. You plan where you’ll be. You plan what it will say. Ummmm, it’s so great.

Pinhole Press and I got together and collaborated on some holiday cards for Logan and myself. They just arrived and are heading out in the mail this week. There were a lot to choose from and it was tricky. We settled on these and I’m pretty excited about them. I honestly had a hard time not putting everything in my cart. They’ve go paper calendars. They’ve got gift tags. It’s a paper-palooza and it’s dangerous for people like me. I’m a paper-holic. In past years, I’ve purchased holiday cards that have been too pretty to send. I get afraid to send them to those that don’t appreciate the beauty! Is that bad? Am I a card hoarder?

I want to know your stance on cards. Do you spend a month choosing the layout and design? Do you carefully plan the font and color? Or do you just grab some from Anthro, slap your name on them, and call it a day? There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. And there’s no wrong way to do the holiday card…

7 thoughts on “Holiday Cards Part 1: In Love With Pinhole Press

  1. Julia @ Chris Loves Julia

    Lexy! I loved the photo when I saw it but placed on a Christmas card, especially the one you chose, wow! It looks even better. Well done. Well done. Our cards have been in the works for a month and we hope to wrap things up next week. EEEEeeeehehehe. I think you have met your card match. I LOVE Christmas cards and planning them and this year, we are doing something totally different. :)

    1. Lexy Post author

      Thanks, Julia! We’re pretty proud of the cards. I love them! It’s funny how much time goes into planning our holiday cards. I can’t wait to see yours! They’re going to be amazing and stylish. I’m sure of it. :)

  2. Kaitie


    Your cards are beautiful!!! I am also so in love with Christmas cards, everything about them makes me happy.

    I have been designing mine for about a month and I just finished them last night! I can’t wait for them to be printed.

  3. alix

    What! So cute….I wish I had heard about Pinhole Press because I would have married them instead of Clint…Just kidding! But really, my cards will come from them next year. sold!


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