Holiday Cards Part 2: In Love With Minted

November 30, 2012

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The holidays are all about the cards. The weight. The thickness. The color. These are all important factors when choosing a card. Now that December is finally upon is, it’s time to get your cards, address them, and send them on their merry way. When Minted sent me the holiday cards above, I danced around my living room. Heck yes! They’re so pretty and you KNOW you are holding a classy card when you hold one in your hand. I love Minted. (PS – have you seen their newest blog, Julep?) For years, I always try to order a few cards from Minted. There are so many designs to choose from and their designers are churning out new products constantly.

If you haven’t ordered your cards yet, click on over here and take a look at what they have to offer. Minted is currently offering one of the best deals I’ve seen from them: 15% off all holiday cards PLUS free 3-day shipping. What the? That means you can order your cards today and ship them off to friends and family next week. You should do it. (I’m not trying to pressure you, but you should know that I was a bully in school…)


4 thoughts on “Holiday Cards Part 2: In Love With Minted

  1. Meagan Briggs

    I am so ADD when it comes to Christmas cards. Once I commit, I second guess my decision 5 million times because I keep seeing better and better and cuter cards out there!!! I LOVE the big Joy card. Classy.

    1. Lexy Post author

      I take way too lohg to choose them. I will browse every card and every option until I’m sure. I’m so happy with the ones we chose this year! Can’t wait to see yours!!!

  2. maribeth

    girlfriend. speaking of Christmas cards, we’d love to send you one! will you email me your address?

    maribeth [dot ]youngberg at gmail

    you’re the bomb.


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