Anthropologie-inspired Golden Logs

December 20, 2012

This project is a part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry 2012.

The Proper Pinwheel, Anthropologie, Golden Log Candles, Golden Logs, Anthro-inspired DIY, DIY Anthro, Mission Merry 2012, Holiday Crafts, Mantle Decor

The Proper Pinwheel, Anthropologie, Golden Log Candles, Golden Logs, Anthro-inspired DIY, DIY Anthro, Mission Merry 2012, Holiday Crafts, Mantle Decor

This is one of my favorite holiday projects so far. I was perusing through Anthro one lunch hour (like I usually do!), and happened upon the most beautiful log candles that were gold. The entire thing was wax, but it had a bark-like texture and was stunning. If I bought those candles, I would never light them because they’re too beautiful! Ack!

These logs are a homage to those lovely Anthropologie candles that I can never have. All you need are some wooden logs (search Bing for the closest lumberyard near you) and some gold spray paint! It’s also handy if you have a chainsaw, but most lumberyards will cut the wood down for you.

Cut the logs to desired size and spray paint gold. That’s it! If you want to be really over the top, you can use a drill press to create small holes in the tops of each log. Stick a tea light in there and you may as well call yourself Anthropologie! So easy. These projects just keep getting easier and easier, don’t they?

Make sure you check back tomorrow because I am sharing a few fun and unique ways to wrap some gifts. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t even done my Christmas shopping yet. I’m the worst wife/daughter/sister/friend/DIYer anyone has ever met….

Keep up with 24 Merry Days! Have any of you one anything yet? I’d love to hear! My giveaway is Saturday and it involves Oh,Hello Friend. Get ready!

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

18 thoughts on “Anthropologie-inspired Golden Logs

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  2. Hannah

    LOVE it! Before I even got to the bottom of the post I was like, ‘put a tea light in there with a drill press and it will be even better than the Anthro version!’ , but you’d already thought of that, of course! If only we had a mantle, I would SO do this. But our table space in this apartment is really really limited :(

    1. Lexy Post author

      Maybe you can use them as a centerpiece if you don’t have a mantle. We’re getting ready to move and I don’t know if our next apartment will have a fireplace. Eeek!!! Happy New Year!

  3. Joy | Frock Files

    What a fantastic idea! I’d like to incorporate some organic things into my new home office and was thinking of using tree stumps for side tables — but how much more fabulous would they be painted gold?! Thank you for the inspiration. These are gorgeous (and so smart).

    1. Lexy Post author

      Gold tree stumps. They’re the new home decor staple for sure! So glad you love them, Joy! :) Take a pic and send it my way if you end up making them!

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