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Fresh Find Friday

March 29, 2013

10 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas via Curbly

Easter weekend is probably one of my most favorite weekends in the year. Why? Because of Easter Brunch, I tell you. We all know that I’m a sucker for delicious food. It may not always be the healthiest food, but it is always the most delicious. My friends and I are getting together tomorrow morning for a little brunch. I’m bringing the Crème brûlée  French Toast! It’s a fave family recipe that I think I am going to have to share here next week. Y’all will just go crazy.

Have you entered the Beso giveaway yet? Guys – take two minute to create a collection of anything you need to party on Beso. It really takes two minutes. Share the link in the comments on this post and you’ll be entered to win up to $200 worth of whatever is in your collection!

This photo is from an article I wrote for Curbly! I’m a new contributor over there and will be posting more home design related stuff over there. Easter is this weekend, but there are some pretty dang easy DIYs to be made in this roundup. My faves? The calligraphy eggs or the sharpie eggs. Black and white is classy. So is The Easter Bunny.

the finds:

Honeycomb Easter Eggs. Shoot me now. These are too cute.

For your Easter brunch: Color Blocked Egg Place Cards.

Graffiti Easter Eggs!

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these Fruity French Easter Eggs.

Mr. & Mrs. Eggs. Cute on the mantle or on the top of a cake!

I’m going to follow these instructions and make a watercolor tablecloth!

i was elsewhere this week:

Upcycled Trash Can for Whimseybox

Honeycomb Ice Cream Containers for Shop Sweet Lulu

A Drab Dresser Gets A Classy Makeover

DIY Glass Mirror Made From You’ll Never Guess What

**Happy Easter Weekend**

photo cred: Alisa Burke

DIY Tissue Ball Ice Cream Pints

March 27, 2013

DIY Tissue Ball Ice Cream Pints

We all know that I love sweets. I love to eat them. I love to lick them. I love to hold them. I love to buy them. I also love to make them! I’m super excited to say that I just joined the Shop Sweet Lulu design team and will be sharing DIYs over there every now and again! My first one went up today and it’s so easy it hurts. It hurts in a good way.

Ice cream pints! Covered with tissue balls! They’re so cute and SO easy!



For the full how-to, make sure you hop on over to Shop Sweet Lulu and check it out! Hop. For Easter. I’m going to run that joke ’til it’s dead. So just be prepared for that.

In other news: Did you enter yesterday’s giveaway? You could be the lucky duck who wins $200 worth of party goods from Beso! So do it!!!


Giveaway: My Beso Necessities For The Perfect Bash

March 26, 2013

The Proper Pinwheel Party Collection for Beso People of Argentiinnnaaa!!! (Please tell me you’ve seen Evita.) I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the last several days and have been channeling my inner Eva Peron. Such a great movie!!! And musical. I’m cultured.

To make up for the silence that has been going on around here for the last little bit, I wanted to bring you guys a lil’ treat! Except it’s a really awesome and big treat! I’ve partnered with Beso and created a collection of my fave party necessities. If you’re unfamiliar with Beso, it’s a super easy site that allows you to create collection boards of your fave anythings. It also provides you with links to buy those things (sometimes at discounted prices! Eek!). One of the best parts is that you can create collections based on anything your heart desires. Search for anything and add that picture to your collection! A link and other info will be included for purchase info! Shopping in an easier fashion. I’m all about shortcuts. Click here to view the collections page!

I’ve created a collection and one of you lucky people will get to win something in my collection or your very own up to $200! Easter is right around the corner and I’ve chosen anything and everything that screams SPRING in my collection! I’m sharing a few of my favorite paper and party goods that I know make any party a success! You’ll notice that there is a lot of Rifle Paper Co. in there! Of course! Click here to view The Proper Pinwheel’s collection!

Okay, the deets:


To enter the giveaway: Create your own collection of fave party goods and share the link here in the comments section! Creating a collection is as easy a pinning a photo. It takes two minutes. Seriously!

The winnings: Anything in my collection or your collection up to $200!

It all ends: Sunday, March 31st at 11pm pacific. Winner will be announced the following week!

Good night & good luck!


Congratulations to the winner, Katy DeBardelaben of All Sorts of Pretty! I’ll be emailing you to get you the hook up! :)

View Katy’s collection here!

*This post is sponsored by Beso, but all opinions belong to yours truly. We are grateful to those sponsors that help us bring you quality goodness. :)


DIY Sequin Easter Egg Cake Toppers

March 19, 2013

Sequin Eggs by The Proper Pinwheel


DIY Sequin Eggs by The Proper Pinwheel

Now that St. Patty’s Day is over, I won’t waste any time with the Easter DIYs. Easter was one of my fave holidays growing up. Who doesn’t love running around the yard finding plastic eggs filled with candy and cash?!? I’m itching to find a hunt out here in Denver that lets adults do the searching. I mean, I’m totally fine letting the kids do it, but I kind of want in on the action.

Childhood Confession: When I was little, I went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt for the first time. I crushed it, you guys. I filled my basket with about fifty eggs. I ran up to my mom and was filled with pride as I showed her my loot. She gasped with embarrassment. I guess I was only allowed to pick three. THREE?!?! Three. I had fifty eggs and you tell ten-year-old me that I can only keep three? You might as well have told me the dog was dead or that The Easter Bunny didn’t exist.

What do we learn from this story? That I’m an over-egg-chiever.

This is getting wordy. All I wanted to tell you was that I’ve shared a little Easter DIY with the folks over at One Charming Party. I’ll be contributing over there occasionally so head on over to learn how to glamify your eggs. The Easter kind. Wink wink.

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

Four Leaf Clover Cake

March 12, 2013

Two things:

First, we are currently in the middle of a move. Along with that move, came a super huge paint job. Like 1700 square feet of painting that I’m almost certain I’ll die before I finish. Things have been quiet ’round these parts because I am a slave to the paint. I asked for your opinion on Instagram and will be sharing updates of how the painting is coming along. Let me tell you – it’s a total transformation from what it was before!!!

Second, because of the move, below’s post is a DIY for St. Patty’s from last year. That’s right. I’m regurgitating posts. Broken record. That’s me. But maybe you’re new to these cyber pages. Or maybe you have are like my sister who keeps track of everything I make and/or eat. I bet you’re the former.

**This post is from 2012. It’s good. It’s easy. It’s for you.**

These clover cakes are the the cream of the crop. They’re the treasured dessert. The colossus of clout. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever you want to call them, they’re super cute and super easy. Let’s get down to biz-ness.

To make these lucky desserts you will need:

  • mini angel food cakes
  • green icing
  • green sprinkles
  • knife

Cut the angel food cakes into  pieces that have two scallops each. Drizzle green icing and lightly sprinkle. Pipe a small green stem on the plate and you’re done!

Thanks for sticking around! I promise to have lots of pictures and news when I officially return!

DIY Wax Seal

March 7, 2013

Happy Thursday, err’body! The week is almost to a close and I have a quick and easy lil’ DIY to share with you over at Whimseybox today! I’m a regular DIY contributor over there. Did you see my last post (DIY Paperclay Jewelry Bust)? Today’s DIY is a quick one that takes your letters from boring to awesome in 60 seconds. A DIY Wax Seal!

DIY Wax Seal by The Proper Pinwheel


I had so much fun cranking these little guys out! They’re super easy and I love sending mail even more now. Confession: I really love sending mail. Like. A lot.

Head on over to Whimseybox to see the full tutorial!

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

Spotlight: In Love With IN MY BACKYARD

March 6, 2013

Because we are moving, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for lovely new artwork. The other day, I happened upon this lovely lil’ shop on Etsy called In My Backyard. And I’m smitten, people.

In My Backyard Etsy Shop via The Proper Pinwheel summer 2 summer 3


Katie of New Zealand started this lovely shop and her talent blows my mind. The use of mixed media in her prints has me staring constantly. Her aesthetic is lovely and dreamy and watercolor-y and I love it. Also? The yellow. I’m so sick of winter and these prints instantly brighten my day.

I plan to order a few prints for our new pad. If you would like to sponsor my art addiction, please email me. We could be great together.

photo cred: all photos by In My Backyard

Fresh Find Friday

March 1, 2013

Paper Wreath by Mer Mag via The Proper Pinwheel

The weeks are just flying by now. It’s March today. What the crap?!? It was just January! Alt Summit JUST happened! I’m on a plane to Utah this morning. I’m heading home for a funeral. The circumstances stink, but it will be SOOOOOOOO great to see the fam damily. I also plan to eat. A lot. That’s usually what my plans revolve around. Scones. Breadsticks. Corn dogs. It will be magnificent.

Because it’s March, you need to take the weekend and make this so so sweet green wreath by Mer Mag. It’s perfect for your front door and will keep you in the leprechauns’ good graces for the entire month. Click here for the how-to!

le finds:

This could be your green on St. Patty’s Day!

I would love to have a garden mailed to me!

The happiest of parties.

Geometric Easter eggs. Holy crap.

Leather button coasters!

A metallic take on the Easter egg.

I love this idea.

A new site to suck all my time.

The Family Von Trapp! I’m still dying.


photo cred: Mer Mag