Four Leaf Clover Cake

March 12, 2013

Two things:

First, we are currently in the middle of a move. Along with that move, came a super huge paint job. Like 1700 square feet of painting that I’m almost certain I’ll die before I finish. Things have been quiet ’round these parts because I am a slave to the paint. I asked for your opinion on Instagram and will be sharing updates of how the painting is coming along. Let me tell you – it’s a total transformation from what it was before!!!

Second, because of the move, below’s post is a DIY for St. Patty’s from last year. That’s right. I’m regurgitating posts. Broken record. That’s me. But maybe you’re new to these cyber pages. Or maybe you have are like my sister who keeps track of everything I make and/or eat. I bet you’re the former.

**This post is from 2012. It’s good. It’s easy. It’s for you.**

These clover cakes are the the cream of the crop. They’re the treasured dessert. The colossus of clout. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever you want to call them, they’re super cute and super easy. Let’s get down to biz-ness.

To make these lucky desserts you will need:

  • mini angel food cakes
  • green icing
  • green sprinkles
  • knife

Cut the angel food cakes into  pieces that have two scallops each. Drizzle green icing and lightly sprinkle. Pipe a small green stem on the plate and you’re done!

Thanks for sticking around! I promise to have lots of pictures and news when I officially return!

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