Giveaway: My Beso Necessities For The Perfect Bash

March 26, 2013

The Proper Pinwheel Party Collection for Beso People of Argentiinnnaaa!!! (Please tell me you’ve seen Evita.) I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the last several days and have been channeling my inner Eva Peron. Such a great movie!!! And musical. I’m cultured.

To make up for the silence that has been going on around here for the last little bit, I wanted to bring you guys a lil’ treat! Except it’s a really awesome and big treat! I’ve partnered with Beso and created a collection of my fave party necessities. If you’re unfamiliar with Beso, it’s a super easy site that allows you to create collection boards of your fave anythings. It also provides you with links to buy those things (sometimes at discounted prices! Eek!). One of the best parts is that you can create collections based on anything your heart desires. Search for anything and add that picture to your collection! A link and other info will be included for purchase info! Shopping in an easier fashion. I’m all about shortcuts. Click here to view the collections page!

I’ve created a collection and one of you lucky people will get to win something in my collection or your very own up to $200! Easter is right around the corner and I’ve chosen anything and everything that screams SPRING in my collection! I’m sharing a few of my favorite paper and party goods that I know make any party a success! You’ll notice that there is a lot of Rifle Paper Co. in there! Of course! Click here to view The Proper Pinwheel’s collection!

Okay, the deets:


To enter the giveaway: Create your own collection of fave party goods and share the link here in the comments section! Creating a collection is as easy a pinning a photo. It takes two minutes. Seriously!

The winnings: Anything in my collection or your collection up to $200!

It all ends: Sunday, March 31st at 11pm pacific. Winner will be announced the following week!

Good night & good luck!


Congratulations to the winner, Katy DeBardelaben of All Sorts of Pretty! I’ll be emailing you to get you the hook up! :)

View Katy’s collection here!

*This post is sponsored by Beso, but all opinions belong to yours truly. We are grateful to those sponsors that help us bring you quality goodness. :)


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