Spotlight: In Love With IN MY BACKYARD

March 6, 2013

Because we are moving, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for lovely new artwork. The other day, I happened upon this lovely lil’ shop on Etsy called In My Backyard. And I’m smitten, people.

In My Backyard Etsy Shop via The Proper Pinwheel summer 2 summer 3


Katie of New Zealand started this lovely shop and her talent blows my mind. The use of mixed media in her prints has me staring constantly. Her aesthetic is lovely and dreamy and watercolor-y and I love it. Also? The yellow. I’m so sick of winter and these prints instantly brighten my day.

I plan to order a few prints for our new pad. If you would like to sponsor my art addiction, please email me. We could be great together.

photo cred: all photos by In My Backyard

3 thoughts on “Spotlight: In Love With IN MY BACKYARD

  1. kirstin @ kojo

    Just catching up and saw that you guys found a house! Love that (and LOVE these beauties that you found!). :)
    I saw your call for furniture help a few posts back- Mile High Thrift is my favorite place to get furniture in Denver. It’s cheap and often not picked over (I think their crowd is looking for something different than I am because I always find great stuff marked down to half off because no one’s snapped them up yet).
    Good luck with the move- how exciting! :)


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