Fresh Find Friday

April 26, 2013

Dustjacket Attic via The Proper Pinwheel

Woo! It’s Friday! April 26th!!! I’ve been waiting weeks for today because today is the day that we find out if B-dub (Baby Ward’s nickname) is he or a she! I’d love a he. I’d love a she! I’m nervous! Yikes! So I’m going to make this quick because I just can’t focus on anything else right now. :)

the goods:

Fresh flowers. On top of a cake!

The cutest little circus play school.

My favorite piñata.

Even if I wasn’t going to be a mama, I’d want this snack box.

Since I AM going to be a mama, I’ll take any one of these.

A 1920′s-themed wedding. Someone invite me.

**Happy Weekend**

photo cred: Sam McAdam via Dustjacket Attic

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