A Watercolor Tablecloth For Your Summer Dinner Parties

May 30, 2013

While I’m out for the week, I’ve asked some awesome friends to drop by and share inspiration with y’all! Today’s post is from Christie of Summer Hen!

Watercolor Tablecloth by Summer Hen

Hi Proper Pinwheelers! My name is Christie and I blog over at Summer Hen where I share my general enthusiasm for DIYs, holidays, and summer time. The weather is finally taking a turn for the better (hooray!) and the 70+ temperatures are making me want a little reminder of outside everywhere I go.

I’ve accidentally fallen in love with a couple of verrry expensive watercolor tablecloths that carry that hint of summer on them. Funny enough, I’m nowhere close to being a billionaire, so I decided to do it myself.
Disclaimer- you don’t have to have any great painting skill to create this tablecloth. The best part about watercolor is that it’s imperfect!

Watercolor Tablecloth by Summer Hen
To make your own watercolor tablecloth you’ll need:

  • 1 Tablecloth made out of natural materials i.e. cotton (I found mine at Target)
  • 1 Spray Bottle filled with water
  • Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Plate
  • Inspiration

Wash your tablecloth to get rid of any store gunk and water repellant finishing solvents all new fabrics seem to have. Once out of the dryer, give it a quick swipe with your iron so you have a smooth work surface.

While your tablecloth is in the wash, find your inspiration. It can be anything! Here’s mine:

Watercolor Inspiration
Once your cloth is ready to go, spread it out on a tarp or something you don’t care about if paint gets on it. We’re painting on fabric so paint will leak through. I’m using the cement outside of my apartment. If you are doing something bold and graphic like I am, establish were you want the design to be. I’m guilty of starting something and realizing too late it was a size to big or small.

Watercolor Tablecloth by Summer Hen
Pick your first paint color and mix it with water on your paint plate. The more water you add, the lighter the color will be.

Watercolor Tablecloth by Summer Hen

Before painting an area, spray it using your water filled spray bottle. This will help the paint disperse more evenly and give you better coverage on the fabric. Paint away!

Watercolor Tablecloth by Summer Hen

Once you put the finishing touches on your cloth, let it dry for 24 hours. Your tablecloth will be machine washable because we used acrylic paints. Use it well and use it often! Mine has happily moved in to the kitchen for the summer and is bonding nicely with the aloe plant we recently adopted named Steve.

Watercolor Tablecloth by Summer Hen

To see more of Christie’s life as a blogger, visit Summer Hen! You can see more of her easy DIYs and awesome travels!

6 thoughts on “A Watercolor Tablecloth For Your Summer Dinner Parties

  1. Emily

    This is fantastic! I knew you could get a watercolor effect with acrylics, but I didn’t realize it would be permanent on fabric. There’s so many ways to use this technique!

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