Four Popsicle Printables For Your Popsicle Party

May 16, 2013

Aside from just licking popsicles, I like to celebrate them. That’s why we are sharing a few printables to have some popsicle parties! Links to the downloads below!

Popsicle Printables

1. Kick the memory game up a notch with these popsicle printables from EAT DRINK CHIC!

Popsicle Printables

2. These will probably be my forever favorite popsicle party invitations. Oh, Martha.

Popsicle Printables

3. Do you like to camp but in a glamorous fashion? These glamping popsicle invites are so perfect. Download via HGTV!

Popsicle Printables

4. When I saw these popsicle totes, my cold and dead heart melted. Get it? Melted? Get the download from Creature Comforts right here!

Gotta bounce! I’m hosting several Alt For Everyone classes today and have to find time to eat!

2 thoughts on “Four Popsicle Printables For Your Popsicle Party

  1. Jayne

    These are very cute and great for all ages because who doesn’t love a refreshing popsicle treat?! Thanks for showcasing such great projects!


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