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DIY Sparkle Skewers

June 26, 2013

DIY Sparkle Skewers

I absolutely love Independence Day. The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that is all about fireworks, family, friends, and food. And we all know how I feel about food. Next week we get to have all sorts of parties celebrating this country (and watermelon!). If you’re in charge of bringing the dessert, look no further than right here. These DIY Sparkle Skewers are perfect for all sorts of treats! I’ve skewered up some donuts, but these also work well as cake toppers or drink stirrers!

DIY Sparkle Skewers


  • tinsel
  • mini bbq skewers
  • hot glue gun

DIY Sparkle Skewers

Place a small dollop of hot glue on the blunt end of the skewer. Cut a 1/2 inch piece of tinsel and press it into the glue. Boom. Done.

DIY Sparkle Skewers

Easy as pie. Cherry pie. Speaking of pie! Will you be having some next week? Do tell!!

Fresh Find Friday

June 21, 2013

popsicle backdrop by you are my fave

Happy First Day of Summer!!! It may have been feeling like summer for while where you are, but here in Denver? It’s official. No more snow. (Finger crossed!). And we’re in the 90’s, my friends. Whoop whoop! I absolutely love the summer time. We try to go on weekend adventures as much as possible in the summer.

This weekend’s adventure: Mt. Rushmore! We’ve got a route all mapped out and will be stopping at several other hot spots like the nation’s largest Cabela’s. Heck yeah. We’re gon’ have some fun there. :) What are you up to this weekend? Any travel plans? DIY projects?

The photo above is from Melanie of You Are My Fave. She’s having her sometimes-annual First Day of Summer party tonight here in Denver. I’m so sad we’ll be missing it because look how awesome this popsicle photo backdrop is! I have a feeling the party will be popsicle-themed and no-less-than-awesome. Check out how to make the backdrop here on You Are My Fave!

links for your weekend:

Beautiful flowers AND a printable.

A birthday box. With confetti!

Wall art and tips on buying it.

I would gladly wear a fresh flower party crown!

It’s time for pie. Blackberry Lime Pie.

A no-sew project. I’m on board.

A sweet and simple birthday party.

Color-dipped polaroids!

**happy weekend**

photo cred: You Are My Fave

The House: A Look At One Of The Only Rooms That Is Coming Together

June 20, 2013

house 1

Today, I thought I’d give ya a sneak peek into our new place. We moved several months ago, but this pregnancy has slowed me down quite a bit! It’s taken me a lot of time to furnish and it’s slowly coming together. At this point, I’m just unpacking boxes to unpack boxes. I’m sure I’ll be moving lots of stuff around. I’m sure I’ll eventually get stuff on the walls. All in good time, my friends.

First up, what to do with the curtains. I bought these babies from IKEA with plans to dye the bottoms. I’m thinking a orange-y/coral shade from the middle down in ombre fashion. What do you think? Any suggestions?

house 2

I was lucky enough to snag this chair off of Craigslist! $20, people. 20 bones. 20 dolluhs. I’m really proud of that purchase. The velvet really  needs a good cleaning. I don’t want to send it to a professional if I don’t have to, so if you have any tips on cleaning velvet upholstery, send ‘em my way!

house 3

I hate that we have built in cubbies (is that what they’re called?) in the walls. We have to be super careful about what fits in them. It’s a little ridiculous, but we’re managing. As you can see, the top shelf is filled with fluff. I just didn’t want it empty so I filled it will frames from IKEA that have yet to have a picture placed in them. That will probably happen in August. When I get around to it. ;)

house 4

house 3

Again with the cubby shelves. I’ve placed some of our books up top and have no idea what to do with the shelf below. Those boxes are currently filled with a few DVDs that are faves of ours. Still workin’ on what the end will look like!

house 5

My absolute favorite find was the rug. It’s the wonderful Kasbah rug from West Elm. We’ve never purchased a rug in our entire marriage and I gotta tell ya, I feel way more adulty now that we’re rug-owners. It’s so soft under my feet and works with the sofa perfectly!

Let’s also talk about my pillow obsession. These were curated from a number of stores like Z Gallerie, Society 6, Etsy, Anthropologie, and a shop I happened upon called Goods By Grinn. This girl makes the most adorable pillows! The blue and gold geometric pillows are from her shop and we love them. We sometimes fight over who gets to lay their head on the blue one. So comfy!

I know it’s not much to look at, but if you could have seen where we started, you would pat me on the back and buy me a Diet Coke.

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

Thoughts On Pregnancy & How It’s Affected My Brain

June 18, 2013

Pregnant Lexy

I know that since becoming pregnant, it may seem like I have fallen off the face of the internet. And I basically have. Aside from being so incredibly sick (actually puking, everyday), I have been ridiculously tired! A zombie even! Nobody really told me about that. It’s been so tricky trying to find a balance between work, baby, getting settled into our new place, and trying to be a good wife to Logan. I’ve pretty much failed on all fronts. It’s taken me weeks to figure out a system and I’m finally starting to feel like myself. Just now! I’m almost 6 months in and am just starting to bounce back!! What the?!?

I feel like I’ve experienced a major paradigm shift in the last few weeks. I have wanted to be pregnant for years. It was all consuming and because it didn’t happen, I buried myself in work. I was literally working 90 hours a week and trying to focus on my career and the growth of this blog. And then BAM! We got pregnant! Like some miracle out of left field, it just came so unexpectedly and I was forced to quickly adjust to my new life. Instead of a desk, I was in bed or in the bathroom! (Mostly in bed.) Things were definitely quiet around here and people didn’t know why. I was too tired to get anything done, and I wasn’t ready to tell anyone what was happening until I was sure it was pretty solid. These things can be taken away as quickly as they come, ya know?

Every one of you has been so supportive and sweet since finding out the news and have made me realize why I created this blog in the first place. I love coming to this lil’ internet space to connect and make friends. Sure, I want to create projects and content that you will appreciate and be inspired to make on your own. I want this to be a beautiful space! But, I also want this to be a real space. I’ve stepped back a bit because I’ve been focusing more on little girl and less on what I say and do here. I realized that I don’t have to do that! I want to be able to have discussions about all sorts of topics. I want to hear your thoughts. I most definitely need to hear your advice. I’ll still be sharing DIYs and other types of posts, but I’m also going to kick things up a notch and start talking about my life and what’s going on behind the scenes. Old friend or new friend, I hope you’ll stick around! I need ya!

I’m currently 24 weeks along with BG-dub (our affectionate nickname for Baby Girl Ward), and it’s been a crazy six months. If you have talked to me in person, I apologize for the flightiness. I just can’t help myself these days! Up until now, I’ve been ridiculously sick. Before she was kicking, it was the only reassurance I had that she was still in there packin’ on the pounds. Isn’t that crazy? Were you or do you know someone who thought that way? I absolutely hated the puking, but I was comforted after each time it happened. For the last two weeks, she has been a crazy kicker and it’s amazing to watch and feel. I try to get work done during the day, but each time she kicks, I sit down for 20 minutes and poke back to provoke her and play with her! Oh my. The first time it happened, I knew this was all worth it. Make me puke all you want, baby. I’ll take it.

I’m truly sorry for being so slow to come back here, but I’m ready to work. I’m ready to play. Thank you so much for being amazing and supportive and cool and understanding. I could just marry you guys if I wasn’t already hitched. ;)

DIY Clay Garden Markers for Curbly

June 6, 2013

Clay Garden Markers by The Proper Pinwheel

Aloha, mi amigos. See what I did there? I speak many languages. We are back from Hawaii and I am trying to recover. It was a wonderful trip that was mostly wonderful the whole time. Things that weren’t wonderful? Flights home when you’re almost 6 months prego. Two words: Fluid Retention. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I absolutely love to garden. Unfortunately, since we’ve moved, we don’t have access to one. I’ve been forced to create a mini-oasis on our little deck at our new place. Lots of pots. Lots of petals. I’m not a pro, and sometimes mix up the herbs. To keep me straight, I created these little garden markers made from clay and you can check out the whole tutorial over on Curbly!

I swear they are so easy to make. If you’ve ever made cut-out cookies, you can definitely make these. So head on over for the how-to!

A Spotted Picnic Blanket To Rule Them All

June 4, 2013

Today’s post comes from the lovely Elaine of The Art of Awkward. She and I met at the last EAT DRINK CREATE event and I’m so happy to have her here today! Take it away, Elaine!

DIY Picnic Blanket By The Art Of Awkward

I wanted to step up my picnic style beyond the ratty blanket I typically use so I set out to create my own picnic blanket. I loved the idea of using a painter’s drop canvas but unfortunately the selection in Boulder hardware stores was lacking. I really wanted a white background. I decided to use a tablecloth so it could do double duty assuming it didn’t get stained as a picnic blanket (spoiler: we spilled food on it during the first outing).

DIY Picnic Blanket By The Art Of Awkward

To make your own spotted picnic blanket you’ll need:

  • Tablecloth
  • Fabric Paint
  • Circle Foam Pouncers in various sizes

I decided to do a pattern around the edges and used a different color for each foam pouncer. I used the biggest pouncer to create a pattern but just filled in the white space with the other two pouncers.

If I could do it over again, I’d do a navy tablecloth with white, yellow and red polka dots instead so it would be more resistant to stains.

DIY Picnic Blanket By The Art Of Awkward

Melanie of You Are My Fave has a great roundup of DIY Picnic Blankets if you need other ideas!  As for mine, I just plan on putting it through the wash as often as necessary.

DIY Picnic Blanket By The Art Of Awkward

DIY Picnic Blanket By The Art Of Awkward

To see more from Elaine and her adventures in Colorado, visit her blog, The Art of Awkward!

Summer Gift Guide with a Geometric Twist

June 3, 2013

While I’m playing catch up from Hawaii and recovering from my sunburn (you burn when you’re prego, people!), I’ve asked Ali from J’Adorn Designs to fill in for me today!

Hi everyone! My name is Ali and I’m a jewelry designer and blogger over at J’Adorn Designs. I am thrilled to be here with you today! Lexy and I have both gone completely ga-ga for the geometric trend lately, so I’m here today to share some great summer gift ideas within that vein of design. Enjoy!

Geometric Roundup by J'adorn Designs

For the gardeners and home décor junkies in your life, these terrarium kits from Anthropologie are perfect. They’re so easy to fill with inexpensive succulents and air plants, stones, moss, or other natural elements, and terrariums (terraria?) bring so much life to any room. Can you tell I’m a fan?  Geometric Roundup by J'adorn Designs

If you’re into homemade gifts, I’d highly recommend checking out the tutorial for these geometric cake toppers over at Julep. They’d make a great gift for friends who love to bake or host parties! I especially love that the design isn’t geared toward a particular type of event, so they could be used for all kinds of parties – birthdays, weddings, graduations, Father’s Day…even just to spruce up your latest edible creation!  Geometric Roundup by J'adorn Designs

Of course, what girl doesn’t love a new piece of jewelry to add to her collection? I’ve got some lovely geometric-themed pieces in my shop to fit the bill. These Bloom Earrings from my shop are a great staple piece. They’re completely handmade, featuring a sunny yellow fabric print from Joy Laforme Design Studio wrapped around a sterling silver post. They’re also available in pink over in the J’Adorn Designs shop!

Also pictured above is my Bunting Flag Necklace, a colorful piece to add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Geometric Roundup by J'adorn Designs

I’m loving this geometric bunny art print from Scissors Paper Mouse on Etsy. It would make a great addition to a gallery wall or a baby girl’s nursery!

Geometric Roundup by J'adorn Designs

As a stunning statement necklace for the fashionista in your life, I recommend the Rochelle Necklace. It’s right on trend for this summer with coral glass beads, white glass flowers, and a chunky gold chain. It also jingles a little when you wear it, which I consider an added bonus!

Geometric Roundup by J'adorn Designs

These geometric plates from West Elm are gorgeous with their bright colors and bold shapes. They’re made of melamine, so they’re tough enough for an outdoor dinner party or picnic. I’d give a set of these to the chefs and entertainers in my life.

Happy partying to all of you this summer! Have a mojito in my honor!

To see more of Ali’s great jewelry and her picks for summer, visit here at J’Adorn Designs!