DIY Sparkle Skewers

June 26, 2013

DIY Sparkle Skewers

I absolutely love Independence Day. The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that is all about fireworks, family, friends, and food. And we all know how I feel about food. Next week we get to have all sorts of parties celebrating this country (and watermelon!). If you’re in charge of bringing the dessert, look no further than right here. These DIY Sparkle Skewers are perfect for all sorts of treats! I’ve skewered up some donuts, but these also work well as cake toppers or drink stirrers!

DIY Sparkle Skewers


  • tinsel
  • mini bbq skewers
  • hot glue gun

DIY Sparkle Skewers

Place a small dollop of hot glue on the blunt end of the skewer. Cut a 1/2 inch piece of tinsel and press it into the glue. Boom. Done.

DIY Sparkle Skewers

Easy as pie. Cherry pie. Speaking of pie! Will you be having some next week? Do tell!!

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