The House: A Look At One Of The Only Rooms That Is Coming Together

June 20, 2013

house 1

Today, I thought I’d give ya a sneak peek into our new place. We moved several months ago, but this pregnancy has slowed me down quite a bit! It’s taken me a lot of time to furnish and it’s slowly coming together. At this point, I’m just unpacking boxes to unpack boxes. I’m sure I’ll be moving lots of stuff around. I’m sure I’ll eventually get stuff on the walls. All in good time, my friends.

First up, what to do with the curtains. I bought these babies from IKEA with plans to dye the bottoms. I’m thinking a orange-y/coral shade from the middle down in ombre fashion. What do you think? Any suggestions?

house 2

I was lucky enough to snag this chair off of Craigslist! $20, people. 20 bones. 20 dolluhs. I’m really proud of that purchase. The velvet really ¬†needs a good cleaning. I don’t want to send it to a professional if I don’t have to, so if you have any tips on cleaning velvet upholstery, send ‘em my way!

house 3

I hate that we have built in cubbies (is that what they’re called?) in the walls. We have to be super careful about what fits in them. It’s a little ridiculous, but we’re managing. As you can see, the top shelf is filled with fluff. I just didn’t want it empty so I filled it will frames from IKEA that have yet to have a picture placed in them. That will probably happen in August. When I get around to it. ;)

house 4

house 3

Again with the cubby shelves. I’ve placed some of our books up top and have no idea what to do with the shelf below. Those boxes are currently filled with a few DVDs that are faves of ours. Still workin’ on what the end will look like!

house 5

My absolute favorite find was the rug. It’s the wonderful Kasbah rug from West Elm. We’ve never purchased a rug in our entire marriage and I gotta tell ya, I feel way more adulty now that we’re rug-owners. It’s so soft under my feet and works with the sofa perfectly!

Let’s also talk about my pillow obsession. These were curated from a number of stores like Z Gallerie, Society 6, Etsy, Anthropologie, and a shop I happened upon called Goods By Grinn. This girl makes the most adorable pillows! The blue and gold geometric pillows are from her shop and we love them. We sometimes fight over who gets to lay their head on the blue one. So comfy!

I know it’s not much to look at, but if you could have seen where we started, you would pat me on the back and buy me a Diet Coke.

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

7 thoughts on “The House: A Look At One Of The Only Rooms That Is Coming Together

  1. Maribeth

    Girlfriend. I would DIE for cubby shelves in my walls. DIE. Storage space of any kind of life changing.

    Yes, I realize that sounds dramatic.

    You’re cute and so is your room, embrace and love those cubby shelves.

  2. hailey

    1. Congrats on the baby. Pregnancy is a wild wild beast. Unsolicited advice: force yourself to do all the decorating projects you can before baby comes. You’re going to spend a LOT of time sitting there feeding the baby and looking at how finished or unfinished the room is.

    2. My favourite part of your cubby wall so far is the shelf of books. Maybe try filling the whole thing with books? Or collections of things? It would be something big and bold to draw the eye.

    3. Feedback on the rug? I have my eye on that west elm beauty and have heard dramatic tales of shedding.

  3. Lindy

    I just discovered your blog, and will now continue to check back often. You have great ideas and definitely inspire me. If you have a second, would you mind checking out my blog?


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