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Trade & Made Reveal: My Community DIY Project

July 31, 2013

Trade & Made - DIY

Last week, I shared a little bit about a top secret project involving myself and some other crazy awesome bloggers. It’s called Trade & Made and each blogger involved was sent the same box of surprise supplies. The challenge? We had to make something using some of the supplies from the box! There was a large selection from paint brushes to cardboard cones and we were instructed to create a project using at least four items from the box.

You know me. A slacker at heart, I chose to use only a handful of items provided. I’m all about stenciling and giving gifts. So why not combine those two passions and create some cute lil’ gift tags and gift bags?!? Read on for the full how-to.

Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made


Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made

Step 1: On a surface you don’t mind covering with paint, place the cross-stitch mesh with the gift tag underneath it.

Step 2: Hold the mesh firmly over the tag and start dabbling the paint through the little holes. Only place a small amount on your paint brush. Gobs of paint on the tags can be avoided…

Step 3: Slowly lift up the mesh and admire your little dotted treasure. Repeat on the muslin bags.

Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made

Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made

Some gobs work. Some don’t. I still love ‘em.

Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made

Fill your bags with treats. These bags weren’t for me or they would have been filled with candy. Obviously.

Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made

Use the embroidery thread to attach the gift tags to all sorts of presents and containers!

Stamped bags & tags - Trade & Made

What do you think? This was an interesting project that really tested our limits as creatives. I’m blown away by some of the other creations by the other bloggers involved. Visit the Trade & Made homepage to read more about the challenge and to see who made what!

Again, a huge thank you goes out to Erin & Laura for coming up with such a cool concept, and to Gloria of Little White Whale for creating such a beautiful site to showcase all of the bloggers!

And of course, thank you to the sponsors of the project who supplied all the goods in the first place: For The MakersMichaelsSpecialty Bottle Clear & Simple Stamps, andDecoArt!

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel, Trade & Made logo by Little White Whale Studio

Wooden Dip-Dyed Vases

July 30, 2013

wooden dip-dyed vases

It’s Tuesday. TUESDAY. Tuesday. Ah. I wish it was Friday. The weekends are just flying by. I’m sure it has something to do with the impending arrival of BG-dub. We’ve been spending all our spare time trying to prepare for her. But don’t you fret! I haven’t forgotten to share some good ol’ DIY projects! Today’s is one I made for Curbly and I’m stoked to finally share it!

wooden dip-dyed vases

A few months ago, Logan and I decided to build our own dining table. We couldn’t find one we loved, so we thought we’d try our hand at creating one specific to our tastes. And boy, did we he deliver. Logan built us a dream table that I can’t wait to share with y’all! We had a bunch of pine left over and I decided it needed to be used. Enter: fabric dye.

wooden dip-dyed vases

These wooden dip-dyed vases add instant color and awesomeness to any room. For more pics and the full how-to, hop on over to Curbly! And to see more DIYs, click here!

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow. I’m sharing my DIY post for the Trade & Made DIY Challenge! Woo woo!

Trade & Made: A Community DIY Challenge

July 24, 2013

teaser 1

Now that I’m starting to feel more like myself, I’m gettin’ back to my DIY roots. I’m excited to say that I’ve partnered with a bunch of other crazy cool DIYers for a group collaboration called Trade & Made!  What’s Trade & Made? Let me tell you.

A few months ago, Erin of House of Earnest & Laura of A Girl Who Makes schemed up an idea to have a bunch of DIY bloggers create different projects from the same supplies! Each blogger was sent a box of goodies from the sweet sponsors of this project. And we have to make something using the supplies we’ve been given. I decided to snap some shots of a few of the supplies that will be making an appearance in my project. I’ll be using some of the goods above. There’s some stuff that isn’t pictured here, but I gotta keep you on the edge of your seat, you know?!?

teaser 2

teaser 3

I’m pretty excited about the embroidery thread. I’m hooked on the stuff lately.

teaser 4

teaser 5

Any guesses as to what I’ll be making? Hop on over to the Trade & Made site to read all about the other bloggers involved (I love every single lady on there) and read more about what you can expect to see next week! Our projects will be unveiled on July 31st so ready yo’selves!

Shout out to Erin & Laura for coming up with such a cool concept, and to Gloria of Little White Whale for creating such a beautiful site to showcase each blogger involved! And of course, thank you to the sponsors of the project who supplied all the goods in the first place: For The Makers, Michaels, Specialty Bottle , Clear & Simple Stamps, and DecoArt!

In other news: now that William & Kate have had baby boy, we can all breathe again and get back to our normal routines. Did you see her roll outta the hospital after ONE DAY lookin’ all fab?!? Yeah. I saw it, too.

photo cred: Lexy Ward for The Proper Pinwheel

DIY Wooden Apple Garland

July 23, 2013

Wooden Apple Garland

So I’m a huge fan of the summer. I live to live in the sun and splash in the water. But I have a soft spot for the fall. I love the weather. I love the colors. And I love the apples. Ohhhhhhh do I love the apples!

At the end of summer, the kids go back to school. Sad day. Just kidding. An education is important. I’m educated. Can’t you tell? Help your kids or your friends that are teachers get back into the swing of things by making this little apple garland out of wood veneer!

wooden apple garland

apple garland 7

Wood veneer is one of my FAVORITE mediums to make with. I created this simple garland for One Charming Party and I feel like y’all should go and make your own! So head on over to One Charming Party for the full how-to and some more pictures!

{I’m really not trying to jump the gun and end summer. Because when summer ends, BG-dub gets here. Yikes!}

photo cred: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

I went to Idaho & had a Cronut

July 10, 2013

Idaho Holy moly! We’re back from Idaho and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Pregnancy really takes it out of ya. We had a blast hanging with our friends and fam in the good ol’ potato state, but it’s so great to be home. We are wrapping up the building of our dining room table and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

While we were away, we ate scones, and corndogs, and cheetos, and popsicles. Logan took me to a sandwich place we loved in college. I had been dreaming about this particular sandwich for the last 30 days or so. You better believe there was a tear when I bit into it. My brother-in-law made Cronuts! It was more like a cronut hack, but let me just say this: I’ve never had anything better! I haven’t had the real thing, but I know that I what I ate was absolutely phenom. If you live in NYC, and want to send me a baby gift, a Cronut will suffice. I’ll be sharing the recipe for our little version here on the blog next week, so come on back you Cronut scalpers!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Recipe: Fourth of July Fruit Pizza

July 4, 2013

A treat for your fourth!

fruit pizza by the proper pinwheel

I’m not sure if you have a treat planned out to bring to today’s BBQ. But if you don’t. And you want to make friends. This is the dessert to do it.


1 18 oz pkg refrigerated cookie dough (Pillsbury for the win!)

1 8 oz pkg cream cheese

1 8 oz pkg Cool Whip

2 c sliced strawberries

1 c blueberries

1/2 c sliced kiwi

1/2 c white sugar

1/8 tsp salt

1 Tbsp corn starch

1/2 c orange juice

2 Tbsp lemon juice

1/4 c water

Roll out your cookie dough into a thin pizza shape. Bake at 350 degrees F for about 10 minutes. Let cool completely. Mix cream cheese and cool whip until smooth and spread over cookie crust. Slice up fruit and place all over pizza.

To make the glaze, combine sugar, salt, corn starch, orange juice, lemon juice and water in a sauce pan. Cook and stir over medium heat. Bring to a boil, and cook for 1 or 2 minutes, until it has thickened. Remove from heat. Allow it to cool, but not set up. Spoon over fruit. Chill for at least two hours, then cut into wedges and serve.

I promise. The friends. They will flock to you after this.

photo cred: The Proper Pinwheel via Instagram


July 2, 2013

The time has come! Remember when I shared all of the details of the Spring EAT DRINK CREATE? Welp! It’s summer time and have Erin & I got a treat for you!?!?!?

EAT DRINK CREATE - An Event Series By The Proper Pinwheel & Art Social

If you are in or around the Denver area, or will be on July 18th, then you need to get your butt to this party! Ya hear me? We’ve been planning it for months and I’m so excited to share it with you. Think American picnic. Think red and white. Think gingham. Think cherries! Think PIE! This was, by far, one of the funnest events I’ve had the chance to plan and I can’t wait for it to get here!

What: EAT DRINK CREATE – a gathering of creative-minded folk where we snack, mingle, and make!

Who: Any blogger/maker/creative/foodie/craft junkie who lives in or is visiting Denver!

When: Thursday, July 18th. 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Wash Park at the corner of Virginia & Franklin

How: RSVP to with the subject title “EAT DRINK CREATE RSVP” to let us know you’ll be present!

We’ve partnered with the crazy awesome folks at Fancy Tiger Crafts & October Ink to bring a special little surprise to the first 50 to arrive to the partay. So don’t be late!

Some delicious and beautiful goodies from The Humble Pie Store & Minted will also be making an appearance!

Whimseybox just made the big move to Colorado and they’re excited to offer a few awesome prizes to be given away! Woo!

We had such a great time at the last EAT DRINK CREATE and we’re so excited to be having these parties a few times a year. Party all the time! To catch up on what went down at the last one, you can read all about it here! You can even watch this adorable short video by Evergreen Lane Productions all about EDC and what we do. And of course, you can always search the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate on Instagram or Twitter and catch up on the feed so you’ll have the 411!

See you there? See you there.