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Spotlight: In Love With Rebecca Caridad

August 28, 2013

Watercolor invite for The Proper Pinwheel by Rebecca Caridad

Rebecca Caridad of Manzanita is a Jack-of-all-trades type of gal. She paintsShe photographs. She’s also a skilled calligrapher. The woman does it all. I was lucky enough to meet her a few months back. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, which is about 30 minutes away from me! So, naturally, I stalk her.

I follow her on Instagram (you absolutely should too! @rebeccacaridad) and she’s always sharing snippets of her current projects. She was kind enough to share her talents and collab on an invitation for my baby shower last weekend put on by my fam. See all the details and pics of that shower here!

Watercolor invite for The Proper Pinwheel by Rebecca Caridad

I absolutely love the look of watercolor. And I’m jealous envious of anyone who can work magic with a paint brush. I told her the color palette I loved and shared a few inspiration photos (all from her work!), and she just went to town. She sent me the digital file when she was done and I was floored. Just look!

Watercolor invite for The Proper Pinwheel by Rebecca Caridad

Rebecca was so easy to work with and I can’t wait to collaborate on more projects in the future! If you are in need of some gorgeous watercolor art, or some calligraphy for invites for your next party, she’s your gal!

I’m thinkin’ I might just have to cut those flowers out and save ‘em for a rainy day. Isn’t she amazing? I’m going to leave you now. And you’re going to go about your day. And I want you to go and stalk Rebecca. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

The Baby Shower That Spoiled Us Both

August 27, 2013

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

I am back from Utah and am ready to have this baby! We’ve been told that she’ll most likely come early, so keep your fingers crossed that she stays in and cooks a little longer! Last Saturday, the women in my family put on a big ole’ bash for BG-dub. Our family is Italian and that means we don’t believe in portion control. We believe in food and lots of it. These ladies knocked it out of the park with the brunch and sweets and cake and beverages and fresh flowers. Check out a few of the photos!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

There were individual french toasts served with whipped cream, syrup, and all berries. I made sure to snag one of those before they were gone!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Keeping the decor simple, we placed small vases in brown lunch bags. We spray painted the bottoms of the bags gold to give ‘em a little flair.

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

My mom said to me, “it seems like paper straws are all the rage these days”. Bless her heart. These gorgeous lil’ straws are from Shop Sweet Lulu!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Parfaits. To be honest, I like them without fruit. I’ve just never been a fan of fruit chunks, but it’s all about the presentation, ya know?

My niece (who refers to me as Princess Lexy) sampled everything before we got started. That’s how I know she’s related to me.

And do you recognize those lemon sorbet bowls? They’re a pretty popular DIY that are perfect for a hot summer day!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

All of the fresh flowers were from Costco. We bought several bunches, took them apart, and rearranged them as we saw fit!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

So a professional cake was made. And I can’t even tell you how delicious it was. Professional cakes are always a hit or miss. This was a hit. A definite hit. Decorated to match the invitations (the watercolor invites were created by Rebecca Caridad and will be on the blog tomorrow!), this cake was beautiful and tasty! Red velvet for the win. If you live in or around Utah County, you need to only eat cakes from Hot Pink! Cake in Payson, Utah. The girl knows her way around the kitchen!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

“Thanks for coming! Please pick a flower!”

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Just take a look at that spread. You can always expect to be well-fed when attending a gathering put on by my family. A huge thank you to my mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, and grandmothers for contributing to the spoiling of Baby Girl Ward!

We’re just going to try and keep away from the gestational diabetes now.

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

See You Next Week!

August 21, 2013

baby Hey amigos! I’m currently on a plane heading to Utah for a baby shower for BG-dub. This girl is so spoiled! We are right on the cusp of the no-travel-in-the-weeks-before-birth rule so we thought we had better take advantage and take this bump on a plane. Wish us luck!

I’ll be back next week sharing a few watercolor DIYs and some great photos of the shower. Until then, take a gander at the lovely little girl above. This photo was taken yesterday and we’re so glad she finally cooperated! Ultrasounds are the best, but baby girl is super stubborn and hardly ever shows her face. She gave us a little peek yesterday and we can’t wait to see those luscious lips in person!

See you next week!

Fresh Find Friday

August 16, 2013

ice bucket by FabricPaperGlue

What a week this has been! From the bump shots to the surprise virtual baby shower, I’ve been super spoiled. It’s been a week all about BG-dub over here. We’re slowly getting ready for her. And when I say “we”, I mean “Logan”. He’s been a real sport. I plan to start tackling some projects for baby girl’s room, so if you want the inside scoop, check things out on Instagram! I’m @properpinwheel and we should be friends. You’ll get lots of Diet Coke spam. I kid. I kid. ;)

The amazing chic ice bucket above was created by my girl, Mandy, of Fabric Paper Glue. This girl has such an eye for the DIY. She also takes amazing photos. You should probably have an end-of-summer-misery-party. And if you’re going to have a party, you’re going to need an ice bucket. And if you’re going to need an ice bucket, you should probably make this one. Head on over to Fabric Paper Glue for the full tutorial!


Rainbow soap foam. I’m not even kidding.

Apply fabric dye directly for a watercolor effect. You got it.

Clay letter cake toppers for the win.

An ombre swaddle blanket is perfectly perfect.

I’ll be making this pillow for baby girl. I should, right?

Recycled lights made into a chandelier. FROM CARDBOARD!!!

Eat this: a patchwork strawberry and apple pie!

**happy weekend**

photo cred: Fabric Paper Glue

When Bloggers Surprise You With A Virtual Baby Shower

August 15, 2013

I have amazing friends that I’ve met through blogland. And yesterday? They surprised me with a virtual baby shower.

A Virtual Baby Shower For The Proper Pinwheel

All of the sweet ladies I’m about to gush over are friends that I’ve made through blogging over the years. They’ve each become great, great friends and I have fun/crazy/inappropriate/outrageous memories with each of them. Yesterday, these ladies surprised me with a virtual baby shower. Baby Girl will be here very soon, but these gals live all over the US and the airlines hate bloggers. Just kidding. The airlines don’t hate bloggers. But it is hard to get everyone to Denver for a baby shower. So what do they do? They throw an online party that would make the folks at Martha Stewart jealous!

Each blogger created a baby shower-appropriate DIY that you will want to recreate. You will. I promise. Read on to see all of the projects!

DIY Donut Pinata by Studio DIY | A Virtual Baby Shower For The Proper Pinwheel

Okay. This amazing Donut Piñata was created by Kelly of Studio DIY. This girl is the piñata queen. It’s so fitting that she made a donut-shaped party staple. We all know I love donuts. To see more pics and the full how-to, visit Studio DIY!

DIY Paper Flower Sacks by Papernstitch | A Virtual Baby Shower For The Proper Pinwheel

And then Brittni from Papernstitch goes and makes this adorable paper flower sack. These are the perfect centerpiece/favor/gift. My family is throwing me a baby shower next week and I’m almost positive these will make an appearance! To see more pics and the full how-to, visit Papernstitch!

DIY Mini Cards by Lovely Indeed | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Chelsea of Lovely Indeed is a real treat in person. I mean it. I have significant dance memories of her popping her shoulders and it was the best pop I’ve seen in decades. She made these adorable mini cards that would be perfect thank you notes! For more pics and the full how-to, visit Lovely Indeed!

The Anatomy of a Baby Gift by You Are My Fave | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Melanie of You Are My Fave is a bloggy friend who actually lives out here in Denver. And I love her. And her sweet baby boy. She shares how to blow every other guest out of the water with the anatomy of a baby gift. Just look at the packaging! Bam! For more pics and the full how-to, visit You Are My Fave!

DIY Geometric Mobile by Sugar and Cloth | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

My girl, Ashley of Sugar & Cloth, created this adorable geometric wooden mobile for BG-dub. Yes. Pick your jaw up off the flo’. She is always killin’ it with the DIYs. And the jokes. For more pics and the full how-to, visit Sugar & Cloth!

Baked Donut Bites by The Faux Martha | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Melissa, the baking goddess behind The Faux Martha, and I are due with babies about one week apart! AND they’re both girls. AND she’ll (hopefully) be moving to Denver next year. AND she made me donut skewers with little pinwheels. Shut the front door. For more pics and the full how-to, visit The Faux Martha!

DIY Swaddled Bottles by ArtSocial | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Erin of ArtSocial has great fashion sense. And she’s the sweetest little whippersnapper. Speaking of whipping, she whipped out these adorable swaddled bottles. I died when I saw them. Now I need to go swaddle my cans of Diet Coke. Everything’s better swaddled, don’t ya think? For more pics and the full how-to, visit ArtSocial!

DIY Hanging Quote Sign By A Fabulous Fete | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

And then we’ve got amazing Lauren of A Fabulous Fete whose calligraphy would stop Martha in her tracks. This girl is perfect in every way. I mean it. What does she do? She goes and makes this crazy classy wooden sign that melted my cold, dead heart. For more pics and the full how-to, visit A Fabulous Fete!

DIY Paper Fan Backdrop by Hank and Hunt | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Jenny of Hank & Hunt. I’ve loved her for a long time. Even before she and I became friends, I stalked her. She created this sweet backdrop made from paper fans. An absolutely perfect environment to take crazy photos in front of! For more pics and the full how-to, visit Hank & Hunt!

To all my gals involved, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t say how overcome I was when I saw the first tweet. It led to an emotional meltdown in my bedroom. That’s how amazing this was.

As you can see, the baby shower inspiration is abundant these days. I hope you’ll check out each blog and recreate some or all of these projects for your next baby shower! There’s something in the water and people are going to get pregnant forever. :)

Spotlight: In Love With You Look Lovely Photography

August 14, 2013

I’m about to seem really vain…

Maternity by Adeline Ramos

Okay. So if you have ever tried to take a serious photo of me, you know that it is an almost impossible task. I say inappropriate things. I start to sweat. My face starts to twitch. Seriously. I’m a hot mess when the camera is on me and only me. I am so happy to be pregnant, but I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTIONS of having any maternity photos taken. I’ve snapped a few pics on my iPhone to remember these painful/painfully wonderful moments, but I don’t really share those with the human race. But I want to share these. Not because I’m in them. But because Adeline Ramos of You Look Lovely Photography is THAT GOOD. Maternity by Adeline Ramos

A few weeks ago at the Eat Drink Create event, I was lucky enough to meet Adeline. She and her funny funny soul mate, Erik, were visiting Colorado from New York and stopped by to check out the party. I love when you meet new people by chance and they quickly become great friends. The girl is amaze. Just amaze. Before she and Erik headed back to New York, she asked if she could take a few photos of me with her snazzy film camera. I was a little uneasy, but I thought it would be a good time. If she didn’t get any good shots, at least she would get a good laugh. Maternity by Adeline Ramos

You might think that I have weird posture. You might be right. These days, I walk around sticking out my pelvis and rolling my shoulders back. It’s a natural feeling. Maternity by Adeline Ramos

To be completely honest, I was seriously sick about how the photos would turn out. You can delete with digital! But with film? You only get one shot! I was afraid that I wasted all of Adeline’s film, but she was so encouraging and made me feel as calm as one could make this Diet Coke fiend.

I’m so happy with the photos. These are just a few of my faves. I didn’t want to go overboard and have you thinking I was REALLY self-obsessed. Even though. You know. I am. Adeline captured things perfectly and I’m so grateful that I’ll have these photos to remember my last months before meeting Baby Girl Ward (BG-dub). It’s a special thing. And now I might cry. I better go. But before I do, I will go to the grave promoting Adeline and her amazing talent. If you are in New York, check her out. Even if you’re not in NYC, still stalk her. She travels a lot and she could be coming straight to you. Visit her blog! We love her.

Just a note – I know it looks like my hands are all low and inappropriately-placed. But I have the world’s longest torso okay? My hands are in the right spot. ;)

photography: all photos by You Look Lovely Photography

Fresh Find Friday

August 9, 2013

llama diy by Mer Mag

FRIDAY. Yessssssssss. I’m just so happy it’s the weekend. I’m trying to convince Logan to take me camping tonight. This is the last weekend I have open until BG-dub arrives. What the what?!?! I’m pretty sure you can camp and hike while 32 weeks pregnant. It’s actually a rule.

This cute llama was created by one of my fave makers, Merrilee of Mermag. How fun would it be to create a bunch of these for a Llama party?!?! Head on over to Mermag for the full how-to!

the goods:

A stenciled cake dome is the perfect party touch.

A flashy passport holder that everyone should have.

You need to get this DIY votive kit!

I love these elegant DIY party blowers.

A few of these fabrics will have a place in BG-dub’s nursery.

A s’mores table runner. You have to see the cuteness.

Donuts & a shared love of Dave & Buster’s.

A root-beer float party. For kids. Adults, too.

Make a gift box from wood veneer!

**happy weekend**

photo cred: Mermag

How To Make A Wood Veneer Gift Box

August 8, 2013

Wood Veneer Gift Box

We all love gifts. I love to give them. Love to get them. One thing I love more than the actual gift is how it’s wrapped. I love the millions of ways you can customize the packaging of presents. I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to gift wrap!

Wood Veneer Gift Box

I’m sharing an easy lil’ project over on Curbly today. Learn how to make your own wood veneer gift boxes!

Wood Veneer Gift Box

I’d honestly be happy to just receive one of these little wooden fellas. They’re fun to wrap up! Go visit Curbly for the full how-to with more pictures!

And for more DIYs, click here!

DIY No-Sew Fabric Bunting

August 6, 2013

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

I’ve always been a fan of the easy projects. I don’t mind sewing. However, I DO mind sharing my sewing projects. I can only sew a straight line. And that’s a questionable fact if I I’ve had one-too-many Diet Cokes. Yikes! Regardless of my sewing prowess, I love to incorporate fabric into party decor. It’s an easy way to add a little color and pattern to the partay. This no-sew fabric bunting falls in line with all my party-throwing beliefs. Hoo. Rah.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting


  • fabric (this poppy fabric was given to me by For The Makers)
  • twine
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)
  • scissors (not pictured)

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Cut your fabric into small 2.5 long rectangles. Do this with scissors or a rotary cutter if you have one.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Using your scissors, cut one end of each square into a small v-shape.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Place the twine on the back of the fabric near the top. Place it about 1/4″ down.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Using your hot glue gun, place a thin line of glue on top of the twine.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Fold the fabric over and press firmly with your fingers until the glue dries. Keep repeating until you’ve used as many fabric pieces as your little heart desires!

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

This fabric was given to me by the lovely folks at For The Makers. They used it for their sweet Field Poppy Pouch. The fabric is so saturated with color and I’ve been craving a salsa party since I saw it. So I threw one for myself whilst watching the finale of The Bachelorette. ;) For a bunch of fun DIY jewelry & style projects, check out For The Makers. They mail the stuff right to ya. RIGHT to ya.

For more DIY projects, click here!

*note*While the fabric for this project was given to me by For The Makers, my opinions of them and their product are my own. Tryin’ to keep it real! 

Fresh Find Friday

August 2, 2013

The Pet Project: The Proper Pinwheel

What’s that you said? I haven’t posted a Fresh Find Friday roundup in a long while? Oh that’s correct. But let’s not dwell on the past, mmmkay? Even though I work from home, I cherish the weekends. I look forward to them ALLLLLLL week long. We’ve got nothing-but-baby-projects on the docket this weekend. First up: the painting of the nursery. Stay tuned for how that goes down. We’ve got to cover some dark brown walls with some super light paint. And when I say “we”, I actually mean “Logan”. He’s such a trooper and he doesn’t even know it.

The photo above is an illustration of our beloved Taggers created by my pal, Joy Laforme. She’s created a fun series called The Pet Project where she illustrates other bloggers’ pets! I’m so honored to have Tagg included. Doesn’t he look so classy and regal in those wellies? Yup.

Painted beach balls. Ya need ‘em.

A sweet, sequined pillow.

I’m all about the picnics these days.

Summer camp in a box. I love her.

A GIANT lawn matching game!

A cotton candy garland. How sweet. Literally.

The recap of our EAT DRINK CREATE SUMMER event!

What I made with the Trade & Made Challenge!

 **happy weekend**

photo cred: Illustration by Joy Laforme