5 Cake Toppers You Need Today

September 24, 2013

Every party has to have cake. It’s just a fact. If you don’t got cake, you don’t got nothin’. I’m planning to throw myself a secret send-off-into-motherhood-party where I’m the only one in attendance. There will be a cake, so naturally, we need a cake topper. Here are five that you absolutely need on the top tier!

cake toppers by The Paper Pony

Glitter hearts. A simple DIY that make even the most plain cake shine. View the how-to from The Paper Pony.

cake toppers by Lisa Leonard

These pinwheels are a no-brainer. Pick some up from Lisa Leonard.

cake toppers by Goose Grease

Peg dolls have made their way to the top. (pun intended). Learn how to paint your own at Goose Grease.

cake topper by Oh Lovely Day

We all know I’m a fan of anything easy. This DIY Ombre Cake Ribbon is simple, but stole my heart. View the how-to from Oh Lovely Day.

cake 5

Sparkler words. Get outta town. These would be so fun to photograph at night. Pick some up from TOPS Malibu.

What’s your pref? Do you like your cakes plain or dressed to the nines?

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