A DIY Caramel Apple Bar

October 10, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out learning how to take care of her, I’ve asked some amaze bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Melissa of So Festive! This girl just had a baby (like two days ago) and managed to whip up a fantastic party at 9 months prego. She puts us all to shame. Or maybe just me. Take it away, Mel.

Hi! I’m Mel from So Festive! and I’m so excited to be here on The Proper Pinwheel today. I’m all about easy, yet FESTIVE ideas and today I’m going to share an idea that is a perfect way to bring in Fall…the best season of the year, if you ask me.

How to Have A Caramel Apple Bar for Fall

1. Make some delicious homemade caramel. Pick your favorite type of apple and slice it up real nice. Sure, whole caramel apples are pretty and all, but not very practical. So yes, slice it up. (But you may want to wait to slice it up once the party starts so they don’t brown.)


If you need a good, easy recipe, try this easy one:

Caramel Apple Dip:

Melt 28 unwrapped caramels in 2/3 cup of cream over medium heat. Stir constantly and then serve. To reheat, warm in microwave for 30-second increments.

2. Gather some of your favorite toppings. Some good ones are: nuts, cinnamon chips, chocolate chips, cinnamon and sugar, and toffee bits.


3. Put it all together. And what do you got? A yummy caramel apple bar! If you want to go all out, serve different types of apples and have everyone pick their favorite.

Apple Party


4. Then dip, top, and eat away. I promise you won’t be able to stop after one! And if you want to be really festive, play Apples to Apples while you are indulging in those delicious caramel apples.

If you liked this festive idea, be sure to head over to So Festive for even more simple and festive ideas for Fall! Keep up with Melissa on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

photography: all photos by Melissa Sunday

3 thoughts on “A DIY Caramel Apple Bar

  1. Mo

    We have a Halloween party coming up at the end of this month…this is definitely on the list of festivities now! Thanks for sharing, Melissa!


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