Mission: Merry 2013 & 24 Merry Bloggers!

December 2, 2013


Happy post-Thanksgiving, my friends! Did ya have enough turkey? Did ya have enough pie? I ate several large bags of homemade rolls. All by myself. I’m so proud of that. I’m happy to tell you that MISSION: MERRY is back for 2013! Do you remember last year? Lots of holiday projects filled these cyber pages the entire month of December! We (me and Vita) decided to bring it back this year so ready yo’selves for some holiday happiness! You’ll want to check back daily to see what’s hip and happenin’ for Christmas!


Also, if it’s possible, I’m even more excited to tell you that I’m participating in 24 Merry Days again this year. You may remember last year’s first run of 24 Merry Days. Audrey of This Little Street is the amazing brain behind this giveaway juggernaut.24 days. 24 blogs. 24 giveaways. Holla! There were some AMAZING prizes being given away. I was jealous of every winner. The prizes are even better this year! Public Bikes is even giving away a bike! Say whaaaaaattttt? I‘ll take this one. I’m up to share some darling goodness from Amelia on December 19th. So make sure you check back here that day so you can enter! Also – head on over to Lovely Indeed to enter today’s giveaway for 24 Merry Days!

To read more about 24 Merry Days and to see who’s givin’ away what, click here!

2 thoughts on “Mission: Merry 2013 & 24 Merry Bloggers!

  1. charlotte

    hello! Love your blog well done :) how did you design the image above ? ( the proper pinwheel presents mission merry 2013 ) Is this done with an app? txsss

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