See You Next Year: 2013 Recap

December 31, 2013

Welp! That was fast! 2013 came and went and I don’t really remember most of it. If you had told December 2012 Lexy that December 2013 Lexy would have a baby girl, December 2012 Lexy wouldn’t believe you and would have laughed in your face. And here I am, December 2013 Lexy, with a baby girl sleeping next to me as I type this. Still can’t believe it.

I’m going to take a few days to spend with the family (I know, I know…. Haven’t I already taken enough time?!?!), and when I get back, this blog is going to have a few new surprises. New look. New content. New jokes that are actually old jokes that have been recycled for all the new readers…

Before I head out, I decided to share a few of my favorite posts from the last year. It’s crazy how so much changed in just 365 days. My resolution for 2013 was to make it the best year yet. And you know what? It honestly was. It went by in a blink. I was crazy and uncomfortable for most of it. And I would relive the year all over again if I could.

Last January, I went to Alt Summit and came home rejuvenated and excited for the growth of this blog. And then I realized I was prego and became really excited for the growth of my belly. Things have definitely been a little quieter around these parts this year. When you have a baby, time just stops. Or at least you wish it stopped! This was the year of many things. You could call it “The Year I Learned How To Make Circle Photos in Photoshop”. So sue me.


1. Alt Summit Recap

2. My biz cards. Pimpin’ those out all year.

3. Confetti you can eat.

4. HELLO. The announcement of my pregnancy.

5. Me and Anthropologie during the Mother’s Day Campaign.

6. A new party series here in Denver!

7. That time the bloggers surprised me with a virtual baby shower.

8. That time I had maternity photos taken. I’m so vain!

9. A DIY Wood Veneer Gift Box. 

10. Paper Christmas Wreath! You know I love a good door hanging.


Thanks for stickin’ it out while I learn about motherhood! Now, let’s get back to bloggin ‘ next year, shall we? See y’all in 2014.


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