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January 14, 2014

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If it’s possible, the holiday installment of our EAT DRINK CREATE party series here in Denver was my absolute fave. I look forward to throwing these parties, but there is something so magically awesome about Christmas-time. You get to dress up. Drink hot chocolate. Eat caramels. Eat pie. Eat peppermint. And toffee. And all kinds of candy… Somebody stop me.

The latest version of EDC was a total hit and Erin and I were so blown away by the awesome brands we partnered with and the awesome party goers who came to have a good time! We teamed up with some exciting peeps to make sure this was the best EDC yet, and it totally was. Take a look!

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We partnered with West Elm to host the bash. We wanted a gorgeous space that could fit all of our guests and we knew that West Elm would be the perfect place to do so! I don’t mean to brag (except that I do), but the staff at the West Elm in Cherry Creek is so helpful and fun to work with! They gave us everything we needed and helped make sure every detail was in place before the guests arrived. They also gave away a gorgeous throw and gift card to two lucky party peeps. I was having a hard time letting go of the throw blanket because, well, I wanted it for myself.

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EAT – My favorite aspect of any party is always the food. Always. Always. If you live in Denver, or if you’ve ever visited me here, you know about Happy Cakes Bakeshop. These guys just do everything right with sugar. Their cupcakes are top notch. And so were the delish cookies they provided! I kept passing by the dessert table all night to pop a cupcake in my mouth. And to snag a cookie. If I spoke to you, I apologize for the mouth full…

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 5

DRINK – Who’s in love with the wreaths around these drinks? Me! Styling these parties is so fun and it’s even better when you have a gorgeous product to work with. I’m a picky drinker. I really only drink three things: Diet Coke, milk, and water. I decided to add Zevia to my list because they have a pretty tasty cream soda! The Zevia folks made our night absolutely awesome by not only helping us make this party a reality, but by helping us provide beverages to the masses. These cute bottles were a hit and so was the custom Merry Berry Mocktail (recipe here!) we were able to create together!

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CREATE – People need pretty drinks. I can’t have you drinking an ugly beverage at one of our events! We set up a station where guests could create jingle bell cocktail stirrers so they could jingle while they mingle! Want to see the full tutorial! You’ll need to pin it to remember for the next holiday season!

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What’s a party without some sha-wag? We were so happy to give our party peeps all kinds of little goodies.

Look at that adorable greeting card from Sugar & Type. She donated a variety of baller cuteness for our guests – I mean, check out this Llama Mistletoe card!

Louise of Design Stitch Go gave guests the cutest measuring tapes! I’m always carrying a tape measure in my purse, and it’s heavy and clunky and I wish it were cuter. Problem solved.

And then we threw in some tinsel and disco balls for the ultimate in party prep. It’s for charity.

Let’s talk about the cutie patootie bags and custom labels from Pinhole Press?! I love having my name on things. I’m super vain. P.S. Pinhole Press lets you customize all sorts of paper goods. Our holiday cards were from Pinhole Press this year and we loved dressing those up and sending them on their merry way!

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 3

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No winter party is complete without hot chocolate. That’s right. Ticket Chocolate from Ticket Kitchen should be with you wherever you go. We had a slew of flavors to give to guests including Belgian Milk, Salted Caramel (yum!), Peppermint, and Vanilla Mint!

Fact: I eat these like suckers. Not kidding.

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 2

Months before this party came together, I came across these stinkin’ great gable boxes from D & P Celebrations and knew that we had to have them for the holiday bash. Everything in their store is amazing but the designs for these boxes were just perfect! They were so fun to package up and send off with guests as they left! Thank you, thank you D & P for fulfilling my dreams!

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I believe the biggest hit of the night had to be our other DIY station from Whimseybox! What creative person doesn’t love a place filled with kraft paper, stamps, and all sorts of gift wrap goodness?!? People were going crazy creating custom gift wrap to decorate their presents for the holiday season! The Whimseybox folk always know how to have a good time. After all, they’re all about DIY!

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 4

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 6

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Of course we had a photobooth with props. Guest could set up right in front of a cozy faux fireplace and snap away! We had all kinds of fun holiday-themed props including some paper goods from Minted! They always supply us with the best decor for these parties!

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We be grammin‘. Instagram has to be my favorite thing on the planet. After baby girl Vita, of course! Guests were grammin’ all the action and you can check out their tweets and photos with the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate!

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These parties are fun because of the people who attend them. I’ve said it before, but I always get nervous before an event. Like a high school girl throwing a party and fearing that only her parents will show! Thank you thank you to everyone who braved the blizzard to be with us!

I can’t rave about our rockstar photographer, Katie Hellinger, and videographer, Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions enough. These two are an absolute dream to work with and they capture the essence of partying so perfectly! Thanks, ladies! Check out all the photos from the party here!

And of course, my favorite afterparty of the party is always the video. If for some reason you can’t view it below, please click here to watch it on Vimeo! You can also check it out on Erin’s blog in her recap!

And thank you thank you to the amazing sponsors who help us make each party a hit! We couldn’t put together such a good time without you!

+ D & P Celebrations
+ Design Stitch Go
+ Happy Cakes
+ Minted
+ Pinhole Press
+ Sugar & Type
+ Ticket Chocolate
+ Whimseybox
+ Zevia

Special thank you to Yoked: Where bloggers & businesses meet. They had such a huge hand in making this party bigger than we imagined!

Photos by: Katie Hellinger Photography
Video by: Evergreen Lane Productions

*Interested in getting your business or brand involved with EAT DRINK CREATE? We have a ton of ways to collaborate! Email me –

10 thoughts on “Eat Drink Create – Holiday

  1. Kerrie

    It was such a great time! I loved my hand-stamped wrapping paper so much I couldn’t bear to actually wrap anything with it! And….being new to Denver, I can’t thank you enough (or maybe hate you enough?) for introducing me to Happy Cakes. Oh yum.

  2. Chelsea Foy

    I love all this, Lex! And I especially agree that West Elm is a dream to work with. And finally, thank you for admitting that you eat the hot chocolate sticks like suckers, because I’ve been wanting to do the same with some in my pantry. Phewph.

  3. Lieke

    This sounds nice ! I like the concept, with especially the DIY’s. It looks so nice together ! It’s far away from my place, but if it wasn’t……


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