January 17, 2014


I just love it when Friday rolls around. It’s so nice to take the weekend off. Even though I don’t really take it “off”. I just love Saturdays because they usually involve a crepe-marathon put on by Mr. Crepe-Master-Flex himself (husband, Logan) . The man lives to make me crepes. And who am I to stop him?!

Things were really quiet at the beginning of the new year as I wrapped up a blog design (hello, clean & bright! Huge thanks to the Blogzilla gals for hooking a sister up. Can’t say enough nice things about them!). I’ve been working on lots of projects behind the scenes and am ready to share everything with you starting next week! Along with the redesign, I’ve also redesigned my ideas for this here blog. Before, I was just sharing a few DIYs here and there and they were mostly related to some form of entertaining. I want the content I post here to be real. I’ll still share lots of projects, oh yes, but I’ll also be sharing all sorts of other things that are home-party-clothing-style-personal related. It’ll just be a juggernaut of pretty info, mmmkay? If you know me, you know I love to talk. I’ve got lots to say and lots to share! And, of course, there will be lots of Vita-goodness. That girl just kills me. If you haven’t, check her out on instagram with the hashtag #vitagram. She’s just so entertaining.

what you should be reading this weekend:

14 FREE printable calendars. They’re pretty, too.

Turn party basics into party awesomes.

These wooden polaroids just melt my heart. And blow my mind.

I love Britt’s workspace. And I love her, too.

My new favorite illustrator!

Are you keeping up with my Curbly posts?

My new favorite online mag!

Felt heart page markers. It’s too much for my heart!

**happy weekend**

photo cred: sneak peek of Vita’s nursery photoshoot. Details coming very soon! images by sallymae

3 thoughts on “WEEKEND // HAPPY

  1. Sarah Ann Noel

    New blog design! I just realized! Looks beautiful.
    I’m interested in seeing Mr. Crepe-Master-Flex in action. Shall we do breakfast for dinner soon? Trev is THE waffle genius. They could have a cook-off and we can sip hot chocolate while discussing the beauty of husbands who do the cooking.

  2. Audrey - This Little Street

    yay for the new blog – I love it! And can’t wait to see how your blog turns out this year – personally, I’ve always been a fan of how you dress -I think I told you that already ;)- and I’d love to see some style posts from you! xxx


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