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February 7, 2014

tinge floral | photo by Ciara Richardson

Heya, valentines! I’m so glad you’re alive. And I’m so glad it’s Friday. And I’m so glad that this weekend involves doughnuts. Homemade. Store-bought. Whatever we want. It’s happening. I don’t want to brag, but it’s my birthday on Sunday and I’m celebrating with a slew of fried and baked dough. So maybe watch out on Instagram because I will most likely be gramming those carbs like there’s no tomorrow.

The flowers above were designed by my new crush, Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral. She designed all the flower arrangements from the Cricut event I attended a few weeks ago. I have been stalking her ever since. Check out her Instagram to really have your mind blown. She’ll be running a pop up shop in Salt Lake City and she’s sharing all the details on her blog. If you’re in Utah, run RUN and click click click to get to her site. And now you can have all the pretty flowers. Photo taken by the lovely Ciara Richardson. Those ladies are just a dream team.

With V-day around the corner, you should be spending all your free time working on gifts and treats and paper goods for your loved ones! So here are a few projects to help you get inspired!

Print these and you’ll be loved forever.

Everyone needs to know how to fold a paper box!

Donut valentines. You know I love these.

These treat bags stole my heart with the mylar addition!

Here’s what you do with those heart sunglasses.

A jeweled heart sweatshirt for the win!

Hang this cardboard heart garland today!

These mini vase magnets are perfect for your valentines.

Anything with rock candy is going to change lives.

An oversized paper heart chain is amazing.

**happy eating/crafting/reading/sleeping/weekend**

photography: Ciara Richardson for Tinge Floral

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