DIY // Pastel Ornament Cake Toppers

April 16, 2014

Paint-filled Ornament Cake Toppers Once again, I’m in love with cake. Some would call it a sickness, but Imma go ahead and call it a strength. Next to eating cakes, I love decorating them. (cough, cough – ombre mosaic cake, anyone?) These pastel ornament cake toppers are just one of those projects that are simple and lovely and fun and pretty and colorful and easy. That’s right. All those qualities rolled up into one tiny little thing. I’m over at gorgeous-gorgeous¬†Inspired By This today sharing how to make these. So you best head over there to, if nothing else, drool while you imagine devouring the cake.
Paint-filled Ornament Cake Toppers Note to self: sharing can be a good thing. Must remember next time a cake is presented to me.

Visit Inspired By This for the full how-to.

photography: All photos by Sally Mae Photography

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