Hi! I’m Lexy Ward and I’m the gal behind The Proper Pinwheel, a blog that encompasses all things happy, pretty, and entertaining. From recipes to projects to parties, inspiration is abundant! This is a place where I collect and post anything I’m passionate about. And if it’s something I can make or eat, you had me at, “Hello”.

I live in Denver with my husb, Logan, and dog, Tagg. We just had our first baby girl, Vittoria, last October! We call her Vita and she’s an instagram hog!  I absolutely LOVE Diet Coke. I eat candy for breakfast. And every friend is a best friend. I don’t have cable, but I love television. And I love making anything and anyone feel special.

I’m an old soul that should have gone to high school in the 80’s. I love to laugh and make people laugh in return. I don’t care if it’s a pity laugh. I’ll still feel victorious. And I like to party.

But you already knew that…

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