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DIY // Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

April 24, 2014

DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

I am such a sucker for flowers. I love them when paired with bright and graphic fabrics. Or whenever they’re paired with sugar. Instead of flowers and chocolates, give me flowers and gummy bears. Then we’ll be friends for life. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I have an excuse to fill my life with an abundance of flowers. And that means, we’re gonna start with a few simple DIYs like these DIY floral glass vial place cards. They double as gifts so you’ll be everyone’s favorite when the day is over. DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards
DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

To make your own you’ll need:

  • glass vials
  • assorted flowers and branches (ranunculas for the win!)
  • kraft paper
  • fabric
  • twist-ties

DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

Trim your flower and branch stems and place them in the vial at various heights. Write your guest’s name on a piece of kraft paper and trim around the name. Cut a piece of fabric that is just bigger than the paper. Poke a hole through both the paper and fabric and thread the twist-tie through.

DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

Tie the name to the glass vial and you’re set! These particular namet ags were labels created by Ticket Kitchen for their hot chocolate. I’m all about saving craft supplies so I revamped these beauts into name tags!
DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

Place these gems on your Mother’s Day brunch table (because you gotta have a Mother’s Day brunch, right?). Go crazy with the flowers and place a few petals beneath clear plates. DIY Floral Glass Vial Place Cards

dun dun dun dun dun dun. After the meal is over, let your pals take these home as favors. Fill ‘em up with water and the blooms will last longer!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel


Taste // Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

April 22, 2014

Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

I love donuts. I love sugar. I love you. I also love to decorate desserts and make ‘em prettier than when I found them. And then I devour them. I decorate and then devour. In that order. Am I rambling? It’s only because I love sugar. I get this way when I start talking about donuts treats.

One of my most favorite treats would be old fashioned donuts. There’s just something about the way the dough crumbles. And then there’s the glaze. ommmmmmnommmmm. So let’s just cut the crap and get to how we make some color-blocked old fashioned donuts, mmmkay?
Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

You’re gonna need some donuts. You can make them – (delish recipe here!) or you can buy them. Target has the most delicious version in their bakery. There are 8 in a box. How do I know that? Because I’ve eaten about 32 of them. You’ll also need some food coloring, milk, and powdered sugar. Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

Mix up the milk and powdered sugar until you get a nice glaze-y consistency.  Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

Separate the glaze into two bowls and color each a different color. I chose yellow and coral because I’m just really into sunsets these days. Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

And then dip. Whatever color you dip first, allow it time to set before dipping again into the second color.
Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts Color-blocked Old Fashioned Donuts

Let ‘em dry. And then swallow ‘em whole. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

I must confess that I’ve been wanting to share this project for weeks now, but every time I made or bought the donuts, I ended up eating them before photographing them. what the what?!?!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

DIY // State Silhouette Easter Eggs

April 18, 2014

DIY State Silhouette Easter Eggs

Okay, okay, okay. I need to be stopped. I’m snowballing, but with eggs. Egg-balling? That’s a thing, right? I’ve got one more quick little Easter DIY for you and that would be these easy peasy DIY state silhouette Easter eggs. If you thought yesterday’s was easy, well then this is your cup o’ tea.

DIY State Silhouette Easter Eggs

Take a pencil. Take an egg. Take a sharpie. Draw your state. Or all of the states! Fill in with a sharpie marker and wait a minute to guarantee the ink is dry and smudge-proof.  DIY State Silhouette Easter Eggs DIY State Silhouette Easter Eggs DIY State Silhouette Easter Eggs I actually attempted all 50 states, but there just wasn’t enough naptime over here. So I’m going to just start all 50 now and will share ‘em again next year. I should hopefully be done with them by then.

DIY United States Easter Eggs

While you work on these little beauties, check out a few other Easter projects that you can make before Sunday!

Ice cream cone eggs. Yup.

Lovin’ these origami egg holders for the table.

Paper tulips. A basket of ‘em!

I’ve been obsessing over these carrot cupcake toppers.

Carrot cake! A whole new meaning.

**hoppy weekend**

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel


DIY // His & Hers Easter Eggs

April 17, 2014

DIY His & Hers Easter Eggs Guys. Friends. Pals. It doesn’t get much easier than this. If you’re not big into dyeing, or painting, or mod-podge-ing your Easter eggs, then these little eggy gems are for you. Make these His & Hers Easter Eggs for your Easter morning brunch. Place them at the table. Give them to your friends. They’re gender-specific, but I want the mustache!
DIY His & Hers Easter Eggs In a nutshell (eggshell???), grab a pencil and draw mustaches and lips on each one. Fill in the tracings with colored markers, pop ‘em in some sweet crepe paper mini baskets, and give ‘em to all your Easter-bunny-lovin’-friends.
DIY His & Hers Easter Eggs

DIY His & Hers Easter Eggs

If you really want to keep the amount of finger-lifting to a minimum, get fake white eggs from Walmart. Nobody will cry over spilled yolk. I’m full of these little puns today! No messes with kids. Everybody wins.

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

DIY // Pastel Ornament Cake Toppers

April 16, 2014

Paint-filled Ornament Cake Toppers Once again, I’m in love with cake. Some would call it a sickness, but Imma go ahead and call it a strength. Next to eating cakes, I love decorating them. (cough, cough – ombre mosaic cake, anyone?) These pastel ornament cake toppers are just one of those projects that are simple and lovely and fun and pretty and colorful and easy. That’s right. All those qualities rolled up into one tiny little thing. I’m over at gorgeous-gorgeous Inspired By This today sharing how to make these. So you best head over there to, if nothing else, drool while you imagine devouring the cake.
Paint-filled Ornament Cake Toppers Note to self: sharing can be a good thing. Must remember next time a cake is presented to me.

Visit Inspired By This for the full how-to.

photography: All photos by Sally Mae Photography

DIY // Ombre Mosaic Cake

April 15, 2014

DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

Cake is just one of those things that I’m good at. Good at eating, that is. I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like and I’m pretty sure that if that hasn’t happened by now, it never will. This DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake is colorful and 100% edible, friends. Let’s eat, shall we? DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

To make your own you’ll need:

  • Wilton Sugar Sheet
  • paintbrush
  • food coloring
  • dish or bowl filled with rubbing alcohol
  • cutting mat & rotary cutter (not pictured)
    DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

Mix a little food coloring into the dish. I wanted a blue-green hue, so I used a 2:1 ratio.

DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

Dip the paintbrush in the food coloring and then into the rubbing alcohol to dilute it. Paint the sugar sheet as you see fit.
DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

Start at the top of the sheet by coloring the lightest color at the top and darkening the hue as you reach the bottom. Wait for the sheet to dry to a slightly damp state. It’s quick. The alcohol will evaporate and you won’t smell or taste it! DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

Once the sheet is slightly damp, use your rotary cutter and mat to cut little tiles.  DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

Frost a cake. Peel the protective backing away from each tile and stick ‘em right where the sun don’t shine into that frosting with the lightest ones at the top.
DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake

It’s almost too pretty to eat. I’ve never said the words, “it’s too pretty to eat”. There’s always an “almost” in there. And for good reason.

Now go and cake it up. And celebrate the fact that tax season is behind us.

DIY \\ Nest Placecards

April 14, 2014

Today’s post is from one of my blogging bestest friends, Ashley of  Sugar & Cloth. That girl and I have shared a few hotel beds and, therefore, have shared everything. She’s queen of beautifully styled and shot DIY projects and today’s is a real winner.
DIY Nest Placecards #easter
Even though Easter is a week away, there are still a few quick and easy projects to make for a personalized Sunday get together, like these DIY nest placecards.
They only take a few steps to make and the supplies are budget friendly, which leaves plenty of wiggle room for more candy supplies and cupcake making, am I right?
Paint brush
Craft paint
Splash of water in a small bowl for each color
Gold leafing pen
Mini bird’s nests (you can buy them a t a local craft store, mine are from Hobby Lobby)
DIY Nest Placecards #easter
Add a squirt of craft paint to a small bowl with a splash of water and stir to create your watercolors. The more paint you add the more vibrant the color will be so start adding the color slowly.
Begin brushing the paint onto the eggs starting at the bottom and brushing up, letting the color fade. Once they dry, place them in the little nests.
DIY Nest Placecards #easter
Now use the liquid gold leaf pen to draw monograms on the eggs for each of your guests, and let it dry to the touch.
DIY Nest Placecards #easter DIY Nest Placecards #easter DIY Nest Placecards #easter
Not only are they a cute way to style the table, but guests can also take them home as favors!
To see more of Ashley’s sick talent, visit her blog Sugar & Cloth!
photography: all photos by Sugar & Cloth

DIY \\ Textured Frame

April 9, 2014

DIY Textured Frame

I’m on a frame kick. As evidenced by this post here. I got lots o’ prints in the house and am needing some cute frames to display them in. Thing is, I’m a little picky about the look. And the cost. I don’t want to drop a ton of $$$ on something unless I love it and would throw a Diet Coke in front of a bus for it. That’s love, my man.

I like unique frames that are pretty and textured and colorful and pretty. Sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for, so I make my own.

DIY Textured Frame

To make your own textured frames you’ll need:

  • cheap frame (IKEA, anyone?)
  • old necklace with unique beads
  • hot glue & gun
  • spray paint

DIY Textured Frame DIY Textured Frame

Hot glue the necklace/beads right on to the frame. Once all the beads are glued in place, cut the cord or string that was holding the necklace together and pull it gently through each strand until it’s completely out. Spray paint the frame a color you like and try to fight the urge to sniff the paint while you wait for it to dry. And that’s it!

DIY Textured Frame DIY Textured Frame

Amiright? I’m thinking this is going to get a little out of hand now that I’ve scoured my jewelry box and found a whole slew of necklaces that can be recycled. Look out, frames. And look out, world.

photography: The Proper Pinwheel

DIY // Woodburned Easter Eggs

April 8, 2014

DIY Woodburned Eggs

Easter Easter Easter Easter. Eggs everywhere. Chocolate everywhere. Bunnies everywhere. It’s like a regular day. I love this holiday for the crafty ways folks decorate their eggs. And as you can see, I’ve recently taken up woodburning. DIY Woodburned Eggs DIY Woodburned Eggs

If there is a piece of advice that I had to give before dying, it would be to pick up a woodburner. Today.

To make your own, snag a woodburner and burn whatever designs or words your little heart desires right into the wooden eggs. (Both eggs and woodburner found at Joann’s Crafts,) The best part? These don’t spoil so you can keep them around long after Easter should you feel the need to be egg-cited around the clock.

Couldn’t resist.

photography: The Proper Pinwheel

The House \\ The Making Of A Gallery Wall

March 27, 2014

Gallery Wall with BING Rewards

I’ve always loved the look of a gallery wall. Bunches of random frames all pieced together in a magical way. I’m just on the outside looking in as I wasn’t gifted with the decorator gene. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to making a house look good. Poor Logan…

We just moved a few weeks ago, but before we left, I scoured our storage boxes for old frames that I wanted to hang on to. One quick coat of gold paint and I was one step closer to my gallery dream.
Gallery Wall with BING Rewards

I recently hung the frames on our new wall (that makes it sounds like I live in a place with one wall. But don’t you fret, we have two.) in our new place. Never you mind that there aren’t prints or pictures in a few of them. I was just too impatient and wanted to get them up on the wall! I needed to see the look! And I’m not gonna lie, I actually like the look of the empty frames. I might empty out the rest of them if I can convince Logan that the paint on our wall is “art”.

Gallery Wall with BING Rewards

I’m not vain. That was a frame from our wedding ages ago and I just haven’t taken the pic out yet. I will once I decide what I want this frame to display. Don’t want our guests to have to sit and stare at me in my wedding dress!

Gallery Wall with BING Rewards

I wasn’t sure of the best way to start the wall so I just looked up a few different ones online. Best way for me? Lay out all the frames on the floor and take pictures of each setup until you find your fave. After I decided my layout, the rest was a piece of cake by just following my photo. I attached a few of the Velcro wall stickers (these frames are super light when they’re print-less!) and used a level to help assist in straightening each frame.

Gallery Wall with BING Rewards

I’ve been trying to “Bing it” more since returning from Meet Make Do. I’ve found that Bing’s image search is much friendlier regarding sources and the content I’ve searched for. PLUS I’ve been earning points for gift cards and other goods from all my searching with Bing Rewards. Literally. Points for every search. And I search A LOT. I changed the search engine on my phone and computer to Bing to ensure no search is left behind. #nosearchleftbehind. Sooooo Logan and I will be heading out for a night on the town this weekend to redeem all the points I’ve been rackin’ up. Diet Cokes for everyone! If you want to see some more of the awesome that can come from searching it up with Bing, search for the #bingrewards hashtag on Instagram & Twitter! There are LOTS of ways to use Bing for good.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? Any tips for me? I also need your vote: full frames or empty frames?

This post was created in partnership with Bing.

all photos by The Proper Pinwheel