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EAT DRINK CREATE Holiday Bash at West Elm

November 7, 2014


I can’t really believe what I’m typing. We’re nearing the end of 2014. What the what the?!?! I feel like I was JUST recapping last year’s Eat Drink Create Holiday bash and here I am announcing the new one! (And get ready, because I’m soon sharing all the deets from last month’s pie workshop! It was amazing. I’m not just saying that.)  I don’t know where the time went?! But you know? I’m so excited about this one. I’m always excited about the holidays in general. I love getting presents! I mean giving them. I love to GIVE. And wrap. And okay, I like to accept… So sue me. ;)

I was on the fence about doing another EDC Holiday party. I’ve just been so burnt out with the baby thing and the diabetes thing that I really didn’t know if I was up for it. And I have received SOOOOOO many emails and messages requesting one because last year was, seriously, the most fun anyone’s ever had at a West Elm on a snowy night while SOBER! And thinking about it, I just decided to make it an annual thing.

EDC Holiday


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DIY // Mother’s Day Tablescape with MOM Floral Backdrop

May 8, 2014

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. I’m feeling especially lucky this year to join the ranks of Motherhood and can’t wait to just party up a storm. As the mothers do. If you’re planning a brunch or get together of some type, there are lots of ways to make it special! You don’t have to go crazy with the details. I’ve got a few easy projects for you below. They’re not that time-consuming, but they make a big statement!  Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

To make the MOM floral backdrop you’ll need:

  • 115-125 carnations
  • white lattice (found at Home Depot)
  • floral shears
  • velcro strips to attach to the wall

Mothers Day Brunch Tablescape

There are two ways to do this. A way that seems easy, but then becomes a little more difficult. Or the best way that you didn’t think of at first, but came up with after the first way proved to be more difficult than you’d like. Ya follow?

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Eat Drink Create – Holiday

January 14, 2014

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If it’s possible, the holiday installment of our EAT DRINK CREATE party series here in Denver was my absolute fave. I look forward to throwing these parties, but there is something so magically awesome about Christmas-time. You get to dress up. Drink hot chocolate. Eat caramels. Eat pie. Eat peppermint. And toffee. And all kinds of candy… Somebody stop me.

The latest version of EDC was a total hit and Erin and I were so blown away by the awesome brands we partnered with and the awesome party goers who came to have a good time! We teamed up with some exciting peeps to make sure this was the best EDC yet, and it totally was. Take a look!

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We partnered with West Elm to host the bash. We wanted a gorgeous space that could fit all of our guests and we knew that West Elm would be the perfect place to do so! I don’t mean to brag (except that I do), but the staff at the West Elm in Cherry Creek is so helpful and fun to work with! They gave us everything we needed and helped make sure every detail was in place before the guests arrived. They also gave away a gorgeous throw and gift card to two lucky party peeps. I was having a hard time letting go of the throw blanket because, well, I wanted it for myself.

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EAT – My favorite aspect of any party is always the food. Always. Always. If you live in Denver, or if you’ve ever visited me here, you know about Happy Cakes Bakeshop. These guys just do everything right with sugar. Their cupcakes are top notch. And so were the delish cookies they provided! I kept passing by the dessert table all night to pop a cupcake in my mouth. And to snag a cookie. If I spoke to you, I apologize for the mouth full…

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 5

DRINK – Who’s in love with the wreaths around these drinks? Me! Styling these parties is so fun and it’s even better when you have a gorgeous product to work with. I’m a picky drinker. I really only drink three things: Diet Coke, milk, and water. I decided to add Zevia to my list because they have a pretty tasty cream soda! The Zevia folks made our night absolutely awesome by not only helping us make this party a reality, but by helping us provide beverages to the masses. These cute bottles were a hit and so was the custom Merry Berry Mocktail (recipe here!) we were able to create together!

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CREATE – People need pretty drinks. I can’t have you drinking an ugly beverage at one of our events! We set up a station where guests could create jingle bell cocktail stirrers so they could jingle while they mingle! Want to see the full tutorial! You’ll need to pin it to remember for the next holiday season!

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What’s a party without some sha-wag? We were so happy to give our party peeps all kinds of little goodies.

Look at that adorable greeting card from Sugar & Type. She donated a variety of baller cuteness for our guests – I mean, check out this Llama Mistletoe card!

Louise of Design Stitch Go gave guests the cutest measuring tapes! I’m always carrying a tape measure in my purse, and it’s heavy and clunky and I wish it were cuter. Problem solved.

And then we threw in some tinsel and disco balls for the ultimate in party prep. It’s for charity.

Let’s talk about the cutie patootie bags and custom labels from Pinhole Press?! I love having my name on things. I’m super vain. P.S. Pinhole Press lets you customize all sorts of paper goods. Our holiday cards were from Pinhole Press this year and we loved dressing those up and sending them on their merry way!

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 3

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No winter party is complete without hot chocolate. That’s right. Ticket Chocolate from Ticket Kitchen should be with you wherever you go. We had a slew of flavors to give to guests including Belgian Milk, Salted Caramel (yum!), Peppermint, and Vanilla Mint!

Fact: I eat these like suckers. Not kidding.

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 2

Months before this party came together, I came across these stinkin’ great gable boxes from D & P Celebrations and knew that we had to have them for the holiday bash. Everything in their store is amazing but the designs for these boxes were just perfect! They were so fun to package up and send off with guests as they left! Thank you, thank you D & P for fulfilling my dreams!

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I believe the biggest hit of the night had to be our other DIY station from Whimseybox! What creative person doesn’t love a place filled with kraft paper, stamps, and all sorts of gift wrap goodness?!? People were going crazy creating custom gift wrap to decorate their presents for the holiday season! The Whimseybox folk always know how to have a good time. After all, they’re all about DIY!

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 4

Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 6

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Eat Drink Create Winter 13 - collage 1

Of course we had a photobooth with props. Guest could set up right in front of a cozy faux fireplace and snap away! We had all kinds of fun holiday-themed props including some paper goods from Minted! They always supply us with the best decor for these parties!

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We be grammin‘. Instagram has to be my favorite thing on the planet. After baby girl Vita, of course! Guests were grammin’ all the action and you can check out their tweets and photos with the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate!

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These parties are fun because of the people who attend them. I’ve said it before, but I always get nervous before an event. Like a high school girl throwing a party and fearing that only her parents will show! Thank you thank you to everyone who braved the blizzard to be with us!

I can’t rave about our rockstar photographer, Katie Hellinger, and videographer, Annabelle Mintz of Evergreen Lane Productions enough. These two are an absolute dream to work with and they capture the essence of partying so perfectly! Thanks, ladies! Check out all the photos from the party here!

And of course, my favorite afterparty of the party is always the video. If for some reason you can’t view it below, please click here to watch it on Vimeo! You can also check it out on Erin’s blog in her recap!

And thank you thank you to the amazing sponsors who help us make each party a hit! We couldn’t put together such a good time without you!

+ D & P Celebrations
+ Design Stitch Go
+ Happy Cakes
+ Minted
+ Pinhole Press
+ Sugar & Type
+ Ticket Chocolate
+ Whimseybox
+ Zevia

Special thank you to Yoked: Where bloggers & businesses meet. They had such a huge hand in making this party bigger than we imagined!

Photos by: Katie Hellinger Photography
Video by: Evergreen Lane Productions

*Interested in getting your business or brand involved with EAT DRINK CREATE? We have a ton of ways to collaborate! Email me –

Party With Me At The Holiday Eat Drink Create

November 7, 2013


It’s that time of year! The holidays are here! Christmas! Christmas. Our EAT DRINK CREATE party series has been such a fun one this year and each event gets better than the last. Erin & I have got so many fun things up our sleeves for the holiday edition. We’ve partnered with West Elm here in Denver to make this party a holiday heaven!

If you’re in the Denver area, join us on December 5th at the West Elm in Cherry Creek. There will be some delish treats from Happy Cakes! You know they make one of the best cupcakes in the city. I usually buy half a dozen for myself. Zevia will be there workin’ it with some holiday beverages!

As always, the first 50 people to arrive will receive something extra special! Including a sweet secret something from Sugar & Type! So get there on time, my friends. Get there on time.

The folks at Yoked have helped make this party a reality. We’re big fans of what they’ve got going on. As a blogger, it’s tricky to find partnerships with companies that fit your aesthetic. Yoked busts their butts to help connect businesses and bloggers and create fruitful relationships. It’s like E-Harmony! Read all about ‘em here.

The Minted people always guarantee a good time. We’ve loved having them involved and can’t wait to share them with you this holiday season. Are you a fan of Minted? I’m digging this holiday card this season. And this one. And this one.

We love to DIY and you better believe there will be a few different projects going on! We wanted to make sure this party would make your head explode. I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen. :)

Sound like a good time? You want to be there? RSVP to with the subject titled “EAT DRINK CREATE RSVP” to snag a spot! See you there!

To read more about past EAT DRINK CREATE events, click here! SPRING | SUMMER

A DIY Caramel Apple Bar

October 10, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out learning how to take care of her, I’ve asked some amaze bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Melissa of So Festive! This girl just had a baby (like two days ago) and managed to whip up a fantastic party at 9 months prego. She puts us all to shame. Or maybe just me. Take it away, Mel.

Hi! I’m Mel from So Festive! and I’m so excited to be here on The Proper Pinwheel today. I’m all about easy, yet FESTIVE ideas and today I’m going to share an idea that is a perfect way to bring in Fall…the best season of the year, if you ask me.

How to Have A Caramel Apple Bar for Fall

1. Make some delicious homemade caramel. Pick your favorite type of apple and slice it up real nice. Sure, whole caramel apples are pretty and all, but not very practical. So yes, slice it up. (But you may want to wait to slice it up once the party starts so they don’t brown.)


If you need a good, easy recipe, try this easy one:

Caramel Apple Dip:

Melt 28 unwrapped caramels in 2/3 cup of cream over medium heat. Stir constantly and then serve. To reheat, warm in microwave for 30-second increments.

2. Gather some of your favorite toppings. Some good ones are: nuts, cinnamon chips, chocolate chips, cinnamon and sugar, and toffee bits.


3. Put it all together. And what do you got? A yummy caramel apple bar! If you want to go all out, serve different types of apples and have everyone pick their favorite.

Apple Party


4. Then dip, top, and eat away. I promise you won’t be able to stop after one! And if you want to be really festive, play Apples to Apples while you are indulging in those delicious caramel apples.

If you liked this festive idea, be sure to head over to So Festive for even more simple and festive ideas for Fall! Keep up with Melissa on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

photography: all photos by Melissa Sunday

Partying Simply With Chinet

October 1, 2013

simple party with chinet

You know me. You know I love to party. And you also know that I will start planning a party and then blow it way out of proportion! A simple bash becomes over-the-top and before you know it, I’m super stressed and regretting the decision to ever have a little shindig in the first place.

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve learned to relax a little more. I still love to party, oh yes, but I do things a little differently now. I like to keep it simple. Simple foods. Simple decor. It’s more about having a good time and being able to enjoy your guests. Which is always a caveat for me. I’m usually so busy playing host that I don’t get to mingle as much as I want. That all changed when we decided to throw a small dessert party for some new friends. Here are a few tips on how I saved time and sanity!

simple party with chinet

As with any bash, I like to use white plates and white serveware. It’s easy to add color with different bits of decor, but you can really keep things cohesive if you choose one or two main colors for your dishes. To add dimension to your tablescape, place foods at different heights. I used these Chinet square dinner plates and hot glued them on top of these Chinet 9 oz. & 14 oz. cut crystal cups. You can stack them with smaller dessert plates or just leave it at one and call it a day!

simple party with chinet

We had a little dessert bar complete with brownies (both sugared and covered in fudge). We served different toppings like caramel, hot fudge, and marshmallow whip. All those toppings? Store bought. A year ago, you would have found me slaving away in the kitchen trying to make my own marshmallow whip. No more! I’ve changed, I guess.

simple party with chinet

Adding small bunches of fresh-cut flowers to your table is a great way to add a little flair and fill up space! Again, we kept it simple with some white hydrangeas. These beauties will be disappearing from the floral section soon so I had to get my fix!!!

simple party with chinet

My absolute fave part of the party? These Chinet cut crystal champagne flutes. They’re plastic, but they don’t look it! They added some class to our little bash. I decorated a few with bistro chalk markers. We also left the markers out so guests could decorate their own champagne flutes. The geometric design made an appearance, of course!

simple party with chinet

I added a little color to the cake stands as well. These fun little touches are a neat surprise and help to personalize the party. It also helps when there’s a lot of chocolate.

simple party with chinet

Because brownies can be a hit-or-miss, I bought a few and made a few. These sugared brownie bites were from our local grocery store, but they’re always a hit in my house! Add some caramel and marshmallow whip and you’ve got yourself a future diabetic.

chinet 15

I usually like to make the beverages I serve to our guest, but again, we’re sticking with a simple theme here. I snatched up some delish sodas from Cost Plus World Market. The Limoncello is my absolute favorite.

simple party with chinet

These fudge brownies didn’t last long. When I bake in the kitchen, I tend to leave a huge mess. I try to clean as I go, but the DISHES! Oy! I’ve laxed on the cooking/baking these last few months because I’m sick of doing dishes. To cut down on the clutter when I baked up a storm, I used Chinet Bakeware. It’s disposable and sturdy. Two things you need when baking a serious brownie. Confession: Most of the time, the batter never makes it to the oven. I will lick the bowl clean. I can really do it. This was just an exception since we were having friends over!

simple party with chinet

Even though the table was filled with sweets, I had to add some kettle corn to add a little salt to the mix. You can pop your own or buy it from the store. Nobody will know the difference and you’ll be able to relax. I packaged the popcorn in these small treat bags so that everyone could have their own little snack. If I’m being honest though, I’ll tell you that I ate most of the popcorn bags myself. And I had to keep refilling them only to go and eat more!

After I posted about the most recent baby shower for BG-dub, I received a lot of messages and emails saying that people “understood why I always went all-in when throwing a party”. I come from a family that likes to do things over-the-top. We’re a very in-your-face type of people. But you don’t have to go crazy to have a good time. Whether you ask your guests to contribute to the menu, or pick most of it up at the store, you can have a great (and stress-free!) time!

*Chinet sent me product and a stipend for the food and decor in this post. All opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the brands that help keep us alive!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

5 Cake Toppers You Need Today

September 24, 2013

Every party has to have cake. It’s just a fact. If you don’t got cake, you don’t got nothin’. I’m planning to throw myself a secret send-off-into-motherhood-party where I’m the only one in attendance. There will be a cake, so naturally, we need a cake topper. Here are five that you absolutely need on the top tier!

cake toppers by The Paper Pony

Glitter hearts. A simple DIY that make even the most plain cake shine. View the how-to from The Paper Pony.

cake toppers by Lisa Leonard

These pinwheels are a no-brainer. Pick some up from Lisa Leonard.

cake toppers by Goose Grease

Peg dolls have made their way to the top. (pun intended). Learn how to paint your own at Goose Grease.

cake topper by Oh Lovely Day

We all know I’m a fan of anything easy. This DIY Ombre Cake Ribbon is simple, but stole my heart. View the how-to from Oh Lovely Day.

cake 5

Sparkler words. Get outta town. These would be so fun to photograph at night. Pick some up from TOPS Malibu.

What’s your pref? Do you like your cakes plain or dressed to the nines?

The Baby Shower That Spoiled Us Both

August 27, 2013

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

I am back from Utah and am ready to have this baby! We’ve been told that she’ll most likely come early, so keep your fingers crossed that she stays in and cooks a little longer! Last Saturday, the women in my family put on a big ole’ bash for BG-dub. Our family is Italian and that means we don’t believe in portion control. We believe in food and lots of it. These ladies knocked it out of the park with the brunch and sweets and cake and beverages and fresh flowers. Check out a few of the photos!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

There were individual french toasts served with whipped cream, syrup, and all berries. I made sure to snag one of those before they were gone!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Keeping the decor simple, we placed small vases in brown lunch bags. We spray painted the bottoms of the bags gold to give ‘em a little flair.

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

My mom said to me, “it seems like paper straws are all the rage these days”. Bless her heart. These gorgeous lil’ straws are from Shop Sweet Lulu!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Parfaits. To be honest, I like them without fruit. I’ve just never been a fan of fruit chunks, but it’s all about the presentation, ya know?

My niece (who refers to me as Princess Lexy) sampled everything before we got started. That’s how I know she’s related to me.

And do you recognize those lemon sorbet bowls? They’re a pretty popular DIY that are perfect for a hot summer day!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

All of the fresh flowers were from Costco. We bought several bunches, took them apart, and rearranged them as we saw fit!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

So a professional cake was made. And I can’t even tell you how delicious it was. Professional cakes are always a hit or miss. This was a hit. A definite hit. Decorated to match the invitations (the watercolor invites were created by Rebecca Caridad and will be on the blog tomorrow!), this cake was beautiful and tasty! Red velvet for the win. If you live in or around Utah County, you need to only eat cakes from Hot Pink! Cake in Payson, Utah. The girl knows her way around the kitchen!

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

“Thanks for coming! Please pick a flower!”

Baby Shower | The Proper Pinwheel

Just take a look at that spread. You can always expect to be well-fed when attending a gathering put on by my family. A huge thank you to my mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, and grandmothers for contributing to the spoiling of Baby Girl Ward!

We’re just going to try and keep away from the gestational diabetes now.

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

When Bloggers Surprise You With A Virtual Baby Shower

August 15, 2013

I have amazing friends that I’ve met through blogland. And yesterday? They surprised me with a virtual baby shower.

A Virtual Baby Shower For The Proper Pinwheel

All of the sweet ladies I’m about to gush over are friends that I’ve made through blogging over the years. They’ve each become great, great friends and I have fun/crazy/inappropriate/outrageous memories with each of them. Yesterday, these ladies surprised me with a virtual baby shower. Baby Girl will be here very soon, but these gals live all over the US and the airlines hate bloggers. Just kidding. The airlines don’t hate bloggers. But it is hard to get everyone to Denver for a baby shower. So what do they do? They throw an online party that would make the folks at Martha Stewart jealous!

Each blogger created a baby shower-appropriate DIY that you will want to recreate. You will. I promise. Read on to see all of the projects!

DIY Donut Pinata by Studio DIY | A Virtual Baby Shower For The Proper Pinwheel

Okay. This amazing Donut Piñata was created by Kelly of Studio DIY. This girl is the piñata queen. It’s so fitting that she made a donut-shaped party staple. We all know I love donuts. To see more pics and the full how-to, visit Studio DIY!

DIY Paper Flower Sacks by Papernstitch | A Virtual Baby Shower For The Proper Pinwheel

And then Brittni from Papernstitch goes and makes this adorable paper flower sack. These are the perfect centerpiece/favor/gift. My family is throwing me a baby shower next week and I’m almost positive these will make an appearance! To see more pics and the full how-to, visit Papernstitch!

DIY Mini Cards by Lovely Indeed | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Chelsea of Lovely Indeed is a real treat in person. I mean it. I have significant dance memories of her popping her shoulders and it was the best pop I’ve seen in decades. She made these adorable mini cards that would be perfect thank you notes! For more pics and the full how-to, visit Lovely Indeed!

The Anatomy of a Baby Gift by You Are My Fave | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Melanie of You Are My Fave is a bloggy friend who actually lives out here in Denver. And I love her. And her sweet baby boy. She shares how to blow every other guest out of the water with the anatomy of a baby gift. Just look at the packaging! Bam! For more pics and the full how-to, visit You Are My Fave!

DIY Geometric Mobile by Sugar and Cloth | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

My girl, Ashley of Sugar & Cloth, created this adorable geometric wooden mobile for BG-dub. Yes. Pick your jaw up off the flo’. She is always killin’ it with the DIYs. And the jokes. For more pics and the full how-to, visit Sugar & Cloth!

Baked Donut Bites by The Faux Martha | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Melissa, the baking goddess behind The Faux Martha, and I are due with babies about one week apart! AND they’re both girls. AND she’ll (hopefully) be moving to Denver next year. AND she made me donut skewers with little pinwheels. Shut the front door. For more pics and the full how-to, visit The Faux Martha!

DIY Swaddled Bottles by ArtSocial | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Erin of ArtSocial has great fashion sense. And she’s the sweetest little whippersnapper. Speaking of whipping, she whipped out these adorable swaddled bottles. I died when I saw them. Now I need to go swaddle my cans of Diet Coke. Everything’s better swaddled, don’t ya think? For more pics and the full how-to, visit ArtSocial!

DIY Hanging Quote Sign By A Fabulous Fete | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

And then we’ve got amazing Lauren of A Fabulous Fete whose calligraphy would stop Martha in her tracks. This girl is perfect in every way. I mean it. What does she do? She goes and makes this crazy classy wooden sign that melted my cold, dead heart. For more pics and the full how-to, visit A Fabulous Fete!

DIY Paper Fan Backdrop by Hank and Hunt | A Virtual Baby Shower for The Proper Pinwheel

Jenny of Hank & Hunt. I’ve loved her for a long time. Even before she and I became friends, I stalked her. She created this sweet backdrop made from paper fans. An absolutely perfect environment to take crazy photos in front of! For more pics and the full how-to, visit Hank & Hunt!

To all my gals involved, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t say how overcome I was when I saw the first tweet. It led to an emotional meltdown in my bedroom. That’s how amazing this was.

As you can see, the baby shower inspiration is abundant these days. I hope you’ll check out each blog and recreate some or all of these projects for your next baby shower! There’s something in the water and people are going to get pregnant forever. :)

DIY No-Sew Fabric Bunting

August 6, 2013

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

I’ve always been a fan of the easy projects. I don’t mind sewing. However, I DO mind sharing my sewing projects. I can only sew a straight line. And that’s a questionable fact if I I’ve had one-too-many Diet Cokes. Yikes! Regardless of my sewing prowess, I love to incorporate fabric into party decor. It’s an easy way to add a little color and pattern to the partay. This no-sew fabric bunting falls in line with all my party-throwing beliefs. Hoo. Rah.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting


  • fabric (this poppy fabric was given to me by For The Makers)
  • twine
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)
  • scissors (not pictured)

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Cut your fabric into small 2.5 long rectangles. Do this with scissors or a rotary cutter if you have one.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Using your scissors, cut one end of each square into a small v-shape.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Place the twine on the back of the fabric near the top. Place it about 1/4″ down.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Using your hot glue gun, place a thin line of glue on top of the twine.

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

Fold the fabric over and press firmly with your fingers until the glue dries. Keep repeating until you’ve used as many fabric pieces as your little heart desires!

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

DIY no-sew fabric bunting

This fabric was given to me by the lovely folks at For The Makers. They used it for their sweet Field Poppy Pouch. The fabric is so saturated with color and I’ve been craving a salsa party since I saw it. So I threw one for myself whilst watching the finale of The Bachelorette. ;) For a bunch of fun DIY jewelry & style projects, check out For The Makers. They mail the stuff right to ya. RIGHT to ya.

For more DIY projects, click here!

*note*While the fabric for this project was given to me by For The Makers, my opinions of them and their product are my own. Tryin’ to keep it real!