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DIY Christmas Clothespins

December 20, 2013

This post is part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry.

DIY Christmas Clothespins

Happy Friday, folks! This is the last weekend before Christmas and we have SO MUCH to get done! From packing for vacation to the neighbor gifts to wrapping presents, my hours are scheduled! What about you? Are you surviving this December? Today’s DIY project is a really really RIDICULOUSLY EASY one. I mean, I’m almost ashamed to call myself a blogger. I’m pretty sure I’d be fired… These Christmas Clothespins are soooo sweet and super mini so they’re perfect for all your clothespin needs!

DIY Christmas Clothespins


  • clothespins
  • foam stickers in Christmas shapes (Found at Michael’s, and Christmas is currently 50-70% off!

DIY Christmas Clothespins

Basically, remove the back of each sticker and place it gently on the clothespin! And that’s it!

DIY Christmas Clothespins

Aren’t these guys the cutest? I can think of a million things to hang with a clothespin right now. Can you?

DIY Christmas Clothespins

So simple and Christmasy-cute! Use these to display your friend’s holiday cards. Just snip a few feet of red and white baker’s twine and get to hangin’!

**happy weekend**

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photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

December 12, 2013

This post is part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry.

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

Ho Ho Ho! I’m back with another lil’ project for ya. Another quick-can-be-done-during-naptime project for ya! I’m all about the easy projects this year. These DIY Jingle Bell Straws are perfect for your holiday beverages this Christmas season. Inspired by last year’s Jingle Bell Cocktail Stirrers, we revamped the idea! I just feel the need to jingle as I drink, ya know?

DIY Jingle Bell Straws


  • straws
  • jingle bells in various sizes
  • plastic snowflakes
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

The steps are pretty self-explanatory. Glue the bells to the straw.


DIY Jingle Bell Straws

So pretty, right?

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

DIY Jingle Bell Straws


Easy peasy Christmas breezy. These were made in five minutes. You could whip them out while your guests walk from the car to the door! Have fun!


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photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

A DIY Baby Scarf For The Littles

December 5, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Jamie of A Pair of Pears!! She’s one half of a talented design duo and you will fall in love with her! I promise! 
Hi everyone I’m Jamie from A Pair of Pears! My husband and I run a design and lifestyle blog as well as a custom design studio and print shop. I’m so excited to be blogging for Lexy while she loves on her new baby girl. I met Lexy at ALT last January and she is one of the sweetest people I know. I just love her!
Since Lexy loves a good DIY (and who doesn’t) I thought It would be fitting to post a little DIY of my own. And what better than something that will help BG-dub follow along in her mama’s stylish footsteps.
To make a baby infinity scarf you will need:


A 9″ x 43″ piece of fabric (I used a soft flannel. You could also use jersey if you want something with some stretch to it) For bigger babies or toddlers you can just add a few inches to the length.
fabric marker
measuring tape
sewing machine


 Step 1: Fold the width of your fabric in half (right sides together). You can pin it if you need to. The fleece fabric stuck together so I didn’t need any pins for this part. Now you’re going to mark where you want your seems to be. For one of the short ends measure 1/4 inch for the seam. For the long end measure 4 inches since you want the final scarf to be 4 inches wide. Your seam will be around 1/2 inch on this side.


Step 2: Start by sewing one of the short ends closed.


Step 3: Next sew the entire length of the scarf. Make sure to leave the other end open.


Step 4: Turn your scarf right side out. If your corners aren’t square you can take your scissors and poke them out.


Step 5: Take the open side of the scarf and turn the rough edges of the fabric inside.


Step 6: Now take the other end of the scarf and place it inside the open end. Be careful not to twist the scarf. Hold it together with a few pins.


Step 7: Sew it shut and you’re done!
I have a handful of friends that are all pregnant right now so these have been a super easy and fun gift to give them. They’re perfect for the cooler weather coming!
See more of Jamie’s talented talents on her blog, A Pair of Pears.

DIY Christmas Light Garland

December 4, 2013

light 22

Happy Holidays, folks! As I type, it’s a blizzard outside. I just ate pancakes. And Baby V is chattin’ up a storm. Life is good. And do you know what makes it even better? This Christmas Light Garland. Made from paper and glitzier than Jack Frost (he’s glitzy?), it really lights up your mantle! It’s a recent DIY project I created for Curbly and you can head over there for step-by-step instructions with pics!

light 18

light 17

DIY Christmas Light Garland

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photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

Make A Stylish Tee For Yourself Or A Toddler

November 27, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Lindsey Marlor of Pillow Thought! She’s one of those amazingly stylish mamas that seems like they’ve got their shiz together. You go, Lindsey!
Hi, I’m Lindsey Marlor from Pillow Thought! I am so excited to be over on Lexy’s space today, while she soaks up her precious newborn! I have a blog over at, where I share our life and our take on mommy & me fashion! I want to share with all of you a cute little tutorial that anyone can make!

Sometimes when you buy store bought plain tees they are a bit bulky in the sleeves and collar.. But, I will show you simple steps on how to make a stylish top out of a basic tee!

If you would love to use this BONjour print I designed, click here for the download! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love for you to drop by and say hi!

DIY Geometric Table Runner

November 26, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Laurel Stavros of A Bubbly Life! This lady has got it together. She is one of my fave DIYers on the internet! Take it, Laurel.

After making a geometric tablecloth that I fell in love with, I wanted to do something a bit easier… and I found the solution in a table runner!  I love playing around with the geometric trend and this DIY is simple and fast- I chose black and white for mine, but any color works!


  • Runner (I purchased fabric at Joann’s for mine)
  • Craft or Fabric Paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Foam Brush
  • Measuring Tape

Creating your triangles with painter’s tape is easy:

Each triangle on the side measures 2 inches (I did not hand measure them all, some I eyeballed ;)
After setting up your design with painter’s tape (press firmly down), fill in the area with paint and carefully lift painter’s tape up.
I lift the tape while paint is still wet, therefore, I did my designs in three sets- each long side individually, then the middle:

Each middle triangle measures approximately 4 inches.

The table runner only takes 30 minutes or less!  Simple DIYS are my favorite.

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photography: Laurel Stavros

Make Cards Using Your Child’s Artwork

November 14, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from Lauren Blekicki of! This woman is as sweet as they come, and today she’s sharing how to share your child’s artwork with the world!
Are you busting at the seams with artwork that your children create? The beautiful doodles, the happy colors, the handprints and brushstrokes that are so spontaneous and so precious are coming my way at a rapid pace.
I got to thinking about things that I can do with them besides shove them in a Tupperware bin and promise to revisit them when Henry and Georgia are grown. Enter, the need for thank you notes for the gazillion gifts they receive {regularly} for absolutely no reason. This tutorial is the easiest thing. Ever. You need only a few supplies, and you can turn extra artwork into something that is useful.
Choose a few pieces that you don’t mind parting with.
Grab some plain envelopes {mine are 4.3″ x 5.75″ which works well with 8.5 x 11 artwork}, a ruler, a pencil, some scissors.
Fold the artwork in half lengthwise like this. 4
Fold in half again like this. 5
On the folded side of the card, measure in so that the finished card will fit inside the envelope. I usually just eyeball this. Nothing too crazy, mamas.  6
Trim. Be sure you’re trimming on the fold to save yourself some cutting.  7
The cards are ready for a message! A thank you, an I love you, a note to say hi. You pick.  8
Insert the card into an envelope, with the happiest sneak peek of the card showing through.
Now, you’re ready to mail a special, personal, inexpensive card that your little artist created.
Lauren Blekicki is a mom, a wife, a designer, a blogger. She blogs about a little bit of beauty {and sanity} she can find in everyday life, mostly from a farm in Virginia. Find her online at
photography: all photos by Lauren Bleckicki

DIY Bow Treat Bags

November 12, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out trying to raise her proper, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from one of my best bloggy friends,  Kelly from Studio DIY! There aren’t enough words to tell you how much I love this girl. She’s crazy fun and just got engaged last week! Hooray for her! Now look what she made for y’all!
DIY Bow Treat Bags3
Hello Proper Pinwheel-ers!! Kelly of Studio DIY here. I’ve been so darn excited about this new little babe’s arrival, and I’m also pretty excited to be guest posting here while Lexy spends some quality time with her new family of three! (Eeee!!) Now, if I lived near Lexy, I would have headed right over with a bag of sweet treats to congratulate her, but since I don’t, I’m sending them to her virtually with this DIY… bow treat bags! I have a thing for bows, and Lexy has a thing for sweets (Ok, so do I.), so it’s a pretty good combo if you ask me. Perfect for little gifts, party favors or just because you like someone an extra lot one day. Here we go!
DIY Bow Treat Bags Supplies
  • Treat Bags
  • Crepe Paper
  • Glue Dots
  • Scissors
  • Treats (Macarons were my sweet of choice here.)
DIY Bow Treat Bags Step 1
DIY Bow Treat Bags Step 2
To Make:
Cut a small rectangle out of your crepe paper. Pinch the center of your rectangle together (you could do an accordion fold too, if you find that easier!) to form a bow shape. 
DIY Bow Treat Bags Step 3
DIY Bow Treat Bags3
DIY Bow Treat Bags Step 4
Take a small strip of crepe and wrap it around the center where you pinched, securing it with a glue dot. Then fill up your bags with treats, and use another glue dot to adhere the bow to the bag, and close it up! Tada! Alternatively, you can roll down the tops of your treat bags and put the bow on the fold, great for passing out party snacks! 
DIY Bow Treat Bags

DIY Bow Treat Bags1 DIY Bow Treat Bags2
DIY Bow Treat Bags4

 That’s really it. Simple is where it’s at, folks. Now if I only I could find a way to make Los Angeles and Denver closer together so I could bring some of these to the Wards!
Congratulations Lexy, hoping you’re eating up every moment of this new chapter in your life!!
See more of Kelly’s SERIOUSLY INCREDIBLE & FUN DIYS over on her blog, Studio DIY!
photography: all photos by Studio DIY

DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks

November 6, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out learning how to raise this tiny human, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from one of my fave creatives, Jessica from The Confetti Bar! It’s a party wherever she goes!

DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks

Hey everyone! So excited to be here sharing an easy little party craft with you, so let’s get to celebrating!
DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks
  • acrylic paints in color(s) of your choice
  • lollipop sticks
  • gold paint & small paintbrush
  • small sequin pins
  • miniature disco balls (I found mine at Michael’s craft store

DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks

Start by dipping one end of your lollipop stick into the paint tube. I went about 1/4 of the way down the stick, then “rolled” the stick on a piece of paper towel to spread the paint out and also give it a little texture.  Once that dries, use a small paintbrush and gold paint to accent the top of the stick and then let that dry, too.
DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks
Using the small sequin pins, attach a small disco ball to the top of each stick.
DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks
DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks
DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks
Voila! The easiest little party sticks you could ever imagine!  You can use them in a vase as a type of centerpiece/decor item, add them to flower arrangements, or even use then as drink stirrers! (The lollipop sticks are food safe, so just be sure the paint doesn’t touch your drink!)
DIY Neon Disco Party Sticks
You really can’t go wrong with anything that had a itty bitty disco ball on it, so you know you need these in your life pronto!
Enjoy and party on!

You can see more confetti goodness over on Jessica’s blog, Love Colorful. Make sure you stop by her amazing shop, The Confetti Bar!

photography: The Confetti Bar

DIY Ombre Glitter Cake Server

November 5, 2013

Baby Girl Ward was born recently (view pics of the cutie here!), so while I’m out learning how to raise this tiny human, I’ve asked some amazeballs bloggers to visit! Today’s post comes from a Stephanie from the inspiring and delicious blog, Oh So Delicioso. This lady has put me into a food coma with pictures of this delish cake and glitzy server! Take it away, Steph. 

Glittered Cake Server

It’s fall, and in the (more-than-I’d-care-to-admit) instance that I’m not eating food of actual substance, I’m eating chocolate, cinnamon, or salted caramel. Who’s with me?! I’m Stephanie, one of the bloggers from the food lifestyle blog, Oh So Delicioso. We’re all mommas who blog about food, holidays, kitchen tips, and sometimes a kid or two pops up in there….

One thing that makes me really happy is pretty kitchen gadgets and accessories. Making a pie crust is soooo much more enjoyable with a pretty floral rolling pin. Setting the table for your dinner party is way more exciting when you know you can pull out those colorful plates or some hand-stitched heart napkins. How about a glitzy ombre cake server?

Glittered Cake Server

I’ve seen those paint-dipped wooden spoons and silver spoons, and think they’re absolutely adorable. I’ve wanted to make them for a while, but haven’t been able to yet. Instead, I was thinking about cake (naturally), and how sometimes it’s tricky to balance the piece of cake on the knife as you bring it to the plate. I can’t tell you how many times that beautiful slice of cake has turned into a pile of cake crumbles because it tumbles over. I found these beautiful, unique handcrafted servers from Red Road Woodworks and fell in love with just about everything in their shop. I ordered the server, glittered it, and am now obsessed with it. Make your own so you can feel fancy while you’re getting your Betty Crocker on (P.S. Red Road Woodworks is giving a 10% discount on anything you order from their shop right now, just use the code ILOVECAKE13).


  • wooden server
  • non-toxic decoupage glue and sealer
  • non-toxic glitter
  • sponge brush

Glittered Cake Server

1. Spread a thin coat of glue on the area of the server you want covered. My glue came with a brush, so I used it for this layer.

Glittered Cake Server

2. Sprinkle glitter on the bottom of the server heavily, then gradually lessen the amount of glitter you sprinkle as you go up the handle. I’d suggest using the top of your glitter that has several little holes instead of the wide-open option. If yours doesn’t have this option, pour some into your hand and sprinkle it with your fingers so you don’t risk too much glitter, thus destroying the ombre look.

3. Let completely dry at least 3 hours, being sure to flip over halfway so you don’t get a drip-spot.

4. Use sponge brush (so you don’t get glitter in your glue) to coat with a thin layer of the same glue/sealer. This time it’s acting as a sealer to seal all the glitter in. My server’s handle was at an angle from the server, so if I laid the server part flat and flush with my table and weighted it down with a book, the sticky handle was up in the air and not resting on anything so it could dry properly. If this isn’t the case with yours, tip it at an angle by laying a pencil or something underneath it so the handle rests in the air to dry completely. Let dry overnight. I repeated another sealant layer the next morning to make it a little more smooth.

Glittered Cake Server

Glittered Cake Server

Glittered Cake Server

Make this now so it’s ready for all of the upcoming holiday parties! It’s perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, all of the above.

Glittered Cake Server

Aaaaaand so is this cake. Moist cinnamon chocolate cake with a rich cinnamon salted caramel filling and a sweet chocolate frosting. Yes, I’m serious.

View more tasty tasty recipes by Stephanie and some other amazingly talented mamas on their blog, Oh So Delicioso!

photography: all photos by Oh So Delicioso