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DIY Favor: Printable Chocolate Wrapper

October 23, 2012

A few weeks ago, I received a message in my inbox introducing me to a new fave wedding site. Have you heard of Wedding Friends?! You guys, you most definitely need to check it out. Aside from a cute layout, this site is filled with tons of inspiration for weddings and parties. I’ve spent too many hours perusing the site. I won’t get those hours back and I’m not even sad about it.

The folks over at Wedding Friends sent over this sweet printable to attach to your wedding favors (download at the bottom of this post). They are designed in several different colors, so I think you’ll find they fit a variety of color palettes. PLUS – they’re soooo pretty. I could just print them out and frame them.

Wedding Friends, Chocolate Printable, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

Weddings Friends, Chocolate Wrappers Wedding Favors, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

Wedding Friends, Chocolate Wrapper Wedding Favor Printable, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

Wedding Friends, Chocolate Wrapper Wedding Favor Printable, The Proper Pinwheel, Rabbit Hole Designs

From the design-savvy folks at Wedding Friends:

“For some people, chocolate makes the world go ’round, and we have something sweet for all your special wedding guests. Danielle from Rabbit Hole Design′s printable chocolate label can not only serve as a chocolate wrapper, but can also serve as a wrapping for many other gifts. For those of you who can′t decide on the perfect wedding favor, this will be a great gift idea for any vintage, farm style, or folk wedding! This cute printable DIY by Rabbit Hole is simple and easy to do, and adds a personal touch to your reception stationery. Just download the printable PDF and follow all the easy instructions provided. To cater to those who don′t like chocolate, wrap something that will suit their needs. Rabbit Hole provides 6 different designs to choose from which ensures that you will find the perfect wrapping! To all the chocolate lovers, that′s a wrap!”

Download The Free Printable Wrapper Here

design and photo cred: Rabbit Hole

source: Wedding Friends

Inspiration: Rainbow Wedding

September 19, 2012

Okay. Okay. It’s been a while since I’ve shared some wedding inspiration. So here ya go. Holy moly, can you believe the cake above? I’ve always had a rainbow wedding in the back of my mind. I’m married, but I’d do it all over again. I’d change a few things and a rainbow theme sounds like just the ticket. PLUS – it pulls any color scheme. Seriously. That cake is amazeballs.

Oh hey, that’s some pretty yarn goin’ on up in there. You can find a plethura of colors at your local fabric store. But if you can’t find the exact color you are looking for, DIY it. Just buy yarn, dye, and start dippin’. It’s that easy. And it’s affordable. Win win.

To make these bow-ties, just head to your local fabric store and buy a bunch of cheap fabric quarters. That orange bow tie up top was made with the same fabric I used for this DIY Cake Bunting. Don’t know how to sew? NBD. (That means “no big deal”, but my brother will tell you that it means “never back down”. Both are excellent interpretations!) Click here for a no-sew bow tie tutorial!

The photography is so eye-catching. I just wish I was cool enough to attend this wedding. Maybe some day. All photos above by Nine Photography. Wedding spotted on Wedding Chicks. Click here to see the whole gallery!

The photo above is by a different bride, but showcases an excellent way to add a hint of color, or a LOT of color, to your dress. Just stitch in a little tulle underneath! Spotted on Rock n Roll Bride. Photo by I Love That Glove.

Did you have a rainbow theme for your wedding? Would you ever do something this bold and beautiful? Do tell!

A fantastically French wedding

June 13, 2012

There’s something to be said about small and intimate weddings. The beautiful thing about planning your big day is that it is YOUR big day. No one else’s. You can make it as big or as small as you want and every little detail is customized to your liking.  Today’s featured wedding took place in the south of France and starred two adorable Frenchies. I freakin’ love the French because they have such exquisite taste. I just used the words “freakin'” and “exquisite” in the same sentence. You’re welcome for that.

Look how beautiful these wooden benches are! They’re dressed up with some greenery and rustic blooms and they set the stage for the ceremony.

Oh, hello, cute couple.

Can I have a sign pointing to Paris at my next wedding? Same husband, different details.

What a gorgeous venue!

Birds on a wire? Or are they place cards? Genius.

This cute pup was floating around as the bride was getting ready. So sweet!

I love these vintage spoons. And I also love how happy the bride & groom look.

The French really are fantastic. These photos are absolutely stunning and you can view more here. Do you love the watermark as much as I do?

All photos by Ela & The Poppies Photography

Wedding: M loves M

March 21, 2012

Let’s talk about one of my new favorite bloggers, Mara of M Loves M. Mara and her husband, Matt, were married last year. Their wedding was outside and is too gorgeous for words. Mara is the most adorable person who, with help of friends and family, made almost every detail of her wedding her own.

Isn’t the cake just lovely? Buntings are perfect because they are homemade but they still look unbelievably chic on top of a wedding cake. And this cake is so sleek with just a few touches here and there. Oh. I love it.

Speaking of cute bunting…

Mara had a milk and cookie bar!!!! (I just love sugar.) She hand-stamped little treat bags with a stamp designed for her by her brother. I mean, this family is so talented.

Left: Simple table numbers made with tree stumps and a square of linen. So classy. So classy.

Right: The menu board made by, you guessed it, Mara.

A woodburned box containing the programs for the ceremony. I may have to jump on the woodburning bandwagon.

Mara and Matt. Aren’t they just so in love?

Check out all of the DIY details from her wedding here.

All photos by Bret Cole Photography

Inspiration: Wedding Cakes

February 16, 2012

I’ve been browsing through old and new photos and if there is one thing I never tire of, it’s a wedding cake. Tall. Short. Fancy. Homemade. Yellow. Chocolate. Bundt. The possibilities are endless. 






1. Cake Ball Cake by Brew Ha Ha. Photography by Ashleigh Jayne via The Wedding Shoebox.

2. Ombre Line Cake via Stand In Event Planning

3. Ombre Petal Cake by who else?

4. Blue & Pink by Sweet Apolita

5. M&M cake by (again, of course) Martha

6. Bundt Cakes by Brittany via 100 Layer Cake

7. Scollwork by Martha Stewart Weddings

8. My cake. Inspired by numba 7. :)

**Happy Thursday**

DIY wedding tips and tricks from a master.

October 26, 2011

I want to share a blurb from one of my new favorite blogs, Martha Stalwart. Sheesh! This girl is so crafty it hurts! She was recently married and put on the whole shindig with the help of her friends and family. Read below for lots of tips and tricks to throwing the perfect DIY wedding. 

upstate New York picnic wedding

The bride & groom decided to have a picnic themed wedding outdoors. They had tables and blankets and used picnic baskets as their centerpieces! They had cute foods that were made by her loving mother and they even made their own wedding cake!

upstate New York picnic wedding

upstate New York picnic wedding

All photos above by Channing Johnson via Ruffled

All photos below by Delia Hauser of Martha Stalwart 

Above: the bride workin’ on her bouquets. So pretty!

Below: the groomy workin’ on their picnic basket centerpieces!

The aftermath. The bride suggests that you hire a cleanup crew because, as you can tell, you don’t want to clean this up the night after your wedding!

Tip #1: Prep absolutely EVERYTHING you can before the week leading up to your wedding.  We spread out our projects over about 7 months to save headaches and most importantly, money!  If you are only spending 50 bucks here and there to tackle gift bags or favors or your cake decorations, the final cost of your wedding won’t sting so much.

Tip #2:  Have a notebook with a plan.  A REAL plan.  I typed out every project I could think of for the week and then divided it between the days.  I had layout charts for the tables, the food and the decorations.  When the last minute details are coming together, you’ll be getting ready, so your notebook should be a solid replacement for yourself.

Tip #3: Things will go wrong, no matter what, so be ready to laugh about it or to just let it go.  We had rain all week, humidity that felt like a jungle, a sagging cake, no phone or wifi, and mosquito bites all over our bodies and faces…just to name a few!

Click here to read the full post complete with photos and more tips on creating your perfect day! I’d say it was a success!

So we threw this shower…

July 25, 2011


The bride’s colors were yellow, black, and white. I know. I know. Bumble bee, yes? No. Everything tied together so beautifully and nobody even noticed that these colors were also on the backs of our little honey-loving friends. Of course I made cake balls and my new fave, paper flowers!

It truly is wedding season, and, thank goodness, shower season!