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A Family Memory Game with Pinhole Press

November 24, 2014

Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press We’ve lived in Denver for several years now, and we try to see family as much as we can, but not always as much as we want. Especially now that we have Vita. I want her to be familiar with her cousins so that whenever we do see them, she can recognize them and be ready to party. We’re a party family. I was excited an inappropriate amount when I saw that Pinhole Press came out with a fun memory card game. What better way to help Vita learn the faces of her cousins than with a memory game?!
Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press

It’s the cutest thing to watch her match up the pictures. She gets so excited every time she lifts a card! And let’s talk about her curly hair. It’s everything I ever wanted in a daughter’s hair.  Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press

They’re printed on some quality ultrathick paper that stands up to her teething on it. She loves to eat paper. Like a gerbil. I’m glad these cards don’t give out so easily!
Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press
Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press

Vita has about 20 cousins, so we are going to need another set of cards over here! Each game is capped at 12 photos, so that should be the right amount for you normal folk. ;)
Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press

Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press Memory Card Game with Pinhole Press

We also ordered a few holiday cards from Pinhole as well. We order every year (check out year’s past here and here). I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but can’t help it. When I got these back, I honestly cried. I think I’m still emotional one year post-partum. Ain’t no thang.

Psss! Pinhole Press is currently offering 30% off all holiday card orders through Cyber Monday  when you enter the code: PROPERPINWHEEL! So what are you waiting for?! Send me one, mmmmkay? I’m not kidding.

This post is in partnership with Pinhole Press, a baller paper company that believes in printing quality cards & other paper products. Thank you for supporting the brands that help The Proper Pinwheel keep creating!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

Printed \\ Giftwrap Printables & Download (+ A Giveaway!)

November 17, 2014


In my spare time (which is rare!), I’ve been trying to teach myself different skills. I’ve been focusing on calligraphy, photography, and as of late, illustrator! I’ve really been trying to spend a focused amount of time bettering myself. That usually means spending a focused amount of time trying to NOT down 4 Diet Cokes in a day, but whatever. I’m actually really excited about this one! I’ve been dabbling with drawings and turning them into lil’ prints and just thought I’d share this with y’all! I’d like to introduce you to the first of hopefully many free giftwrap printables and desktop downloads!


I know it’s a little bit beginner and I know that all you pros are gonna be like, “c’mon! That is so amateur.” But just let me live!!!!! If you decide that you want to download it (and you should!), just click the links below! It’s really really REALLY fun printed. It’s also pretty large so it could act as some giftwrap if you want to make all your friends love you.  DSC_0457

gifties desktopdownload

Click here to download the  \\ Gifties Desktop Download \\

Click here to download the \\ Gifties Printable \\

I’m going to be working on these here and there and trying to improve my skillz, and hope you’ll find something you like! Also. Tips. I need tips. So if you’ve got ‘em, I’d love ‘em.

And in true holiday fashion, get started on your presents early! Head on over to enter the Giftry giveaway to win $1000 of your Giftry items! For free! Ho Ho Ho, indeed! Want to see what you should give the baker, paper lover, and the other loved ones in your life? Visit here! 

I’m still in good ol’ California celebrating #meetthemindells, but I’ll be back tomorrow! Have you seen all the goods that Palm Springs had to offer?! Check it all out on Insta, my friends. Check it all out on insta.

DIY Christmas Clothespins

December 20, 2013

This post is part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry.

DIY Christmas Clothespins

Happy Friday, folks! This is the last weekend before Christmas and we have SO MUCH to get done! From packing for vacation to the neighbor gifts to wrapping presents, my hours are scheduled! What about you? Are you surviving this December? Today’s DIY project is a really really RIDICULOUSLY EASY one. I mean, I’m almost ashamed to call myself a blogger. I’m pretty sure I’d be fired… These Christmas Clothespins are soooo sweet and super mini so they’re perfect for all your clothespin needs!

DIY Christmas Clothespins


  • clothespins
  • foam stickers in Christmas shapes (Found at Michael’s, and Christmas is currently 50-70% off!

DIY Christmas Clothespins

Basically, remove the back of each sticker and place it gently on the clothespin! And that’s it!

DIY Christmas Clothespins

Aren’t these guys the cutest? I can think of a million things to hang with a clothespin right now. Can you?

DIY Christmas Clothespins

So simple and Christmasy-cute! Use these to display your friend’s holiday cards. Just snip a few feet of red and white baker’s twine and get to hangin’!

**happy weekend**

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24 Merry Days Update: Head on over to Design Crush for a chance to win $500 worth of Mud Australia Dishware! Ack! And it was our turn to host yesterday’s giveaway with some goodies from Amelia. Have you entered yet?!

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Christmas Cards with Pinhole Press and A 60-second DIY

December 18, 2013

This is a sponsored post by Pinhole Press and is part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry.

Customized Holiday Cards

I LOVE sending Christmas cards. There. I Said it. I look forward to the holiday season every year so that we can plaster our faces on the front of some beautifully printed card and send it your way. Things were a little different this year as we had to announce the arrival of sweet baby Vita! That girl…

I wanted to send a birth announcement of sorts. I also wanted to send a Christmas card. But I didn’t want to pay postage twice! I’m cheap. Do you see my dilemma here? Answer to my solution: a folded card from Pinhole Press. The folks at Pinhole Press were kind enough to provide our Christmas cards to us this year. I was able to find a clean and simple card that seemed to fit our holiday theme this year. Having a baby is a definite cause for simplicity!

I’m also a sucker for white envelopes. I decided to customize our envelopes a bit this year by adding some cute holly berry paper from Paper Source! If you haven’t sent your cards out this year, check out how to add a little shizazz (it’s a word…) to your envelopes!

Customized Holiday Cards


  • envelope
  • decorative paper
  • pen
  • scissors
  • glue dots

Customized Holiday Cards

Using the pen, trace your envelope onto the decorative paper. Cut 1/4″-1/2″ inside the line to make the paper just a tad smaller than your envelope.

Customized Holiday Cards

Stuff it inside your envelope and press a few glue dots on the back so that it adheres to the envelope and that’s it!

Customized Holiday Cards

So simple and now the card is even MORE decorative and celebrational and full of shizazz (it’s a word…)! Let’s just talk about that sweet picture of baby girl!

If you haven’t ordered your cards yet, there is still time! I was a total slacker this year when it came to the ordering. I placed the order, and the cards were on my doorstep three days later. That’s fast, my friends. And I didn’t even choose expedited shipping! Head on over to Pinhole Press to pick out a card right now! You can send cards well into the new year and you can even save 20% off your holiday order with the code: CARDS20! Everyone loves pretty mail.

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**24 Merry Days Update – Head on over to Little White Whale for a chance to win $150 to Oh, Hello Friend!


**This is a sponsored post by Pinhole Press. Thank you for being supportive of the companies that keep these cyber pages bright and beautiful!

photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tins

December 17, 2013

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

Keeping up with the love-of-gift-giving, today I’m sharing a quick and lovely way to package the prezzies. These DIY Nutcracker Gift Tins take seconds to make and they’re so fun to give away!

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

To make your own you’ll need:

  • metal tin
  • wooden nutcrackers (found at Hobby Lobby)
  • Metallic gold spray paint
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

In a well-ventilated area, spray the nutcrackers with the gold spray paint. Allow to dry. Once they’re dry to the touch, hot glue them to the top of the tin and you’re all set! Fill the tin with tissue paper and your gift of choice (cash…) and give to a friend (me)!

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

DIY Nutcracker Gift Tin

Don’t you just love the holidays? I/ve always been obsessed with nutcrackers. Remember these nutcracker jar toppers from last year?

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**24 Merry Days Update – Head on over to This Little Street for a chance to win a pair of Swedish Hasbeens!!!

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DIY Jingle Bell Straws

December 12, 2013

This post is part of The Proper Pinwheel’s holiday series, Mission: Merry.

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

Ho Ho Ho! I’m back with another lil’ project for ya. Another quick-can-be-done-during-naptime project for ya! I’m all about the easy projects this year. These DIY Jingle Bell Straws are perfect for your holiday beverages this Christmas season. Inspired by last year’s Jingle Bell Cocktail Stirrers, we revamped the idea! I just feel the need to jingle as I drink, ya know?

DIY Jingle Bell Straws


  • straws
  • jingle bells in various sizes
  • plastic snowflakes
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

The steps are pretty self-explanatory. Glue the bells to the straw.


DIY Jingle Bell Straws

So pretty, right?

DIY Jingle Bell Straws

DIY Jingle Bell Straws


Easy peasy Christmas breezy. These were made in five minutes. You could whip them out while your guests walk from the car to the door! Have fun!


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photography: all photos by The Proper Pinwheel

Merry Christmas To You

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Snowman, Yard Lights, Mission Merry 2012, The Proper Pinwheel

Merry Christmas, my friends!!! As I type this, it’s a blizzard outside here in Idaho! I was so worried that we wouldn’t have any snow today. It’s a Christmas miracle! I hope you have a wonderful time with your families and friends and that every blessing comes your way! I’m taking tomorrow off, but will be back here on Thursday to share a new project for Mission: Merry 2012! It’s a New Year’s Eve DIY that you will just have to make!



PS – Take a minute and enter the giveaway for $100 worth of stamps from Oh, Hello Friend!

photo cred: The Proper Pinwheel

Tut Tuesday: DIY Gift Wrap

November 29, 2011

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than gift wrapping. I mean it. I could sit and wrap for hours. And talk to myself. I don’t even need to talk to a real person. I’m happily content just talking to myself and wrapping some gifts. (Can you see how badly I need friends?)

I am so picky when it comes to wrapping paper. Some are too loud, boring, ugg, etc. So I prefer to make my own. The wrapping above is so easy it hurts. You just use some paper, some ink, some stamps, and some bows. That’s it! Directions below:

Supplies: assorted wrapping paper (i lurve kraft paper for wrapping), ink/paint in varying colors, stamps, cotton muslin drawstring bags, and round sponge paint brushes

*Excellent news – the stamps I used are from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s Arts & Crafts and they are currently 40% off at both stores. Get your bums over to one of these locations and stock up!


Cover your stamp in ink and stamp in any pattern you like.

I was thinking of carving a tree stamp, but then the easier option presented itself…. 

This elk is the bomb. I can’t stop staring.

Take the large circle sponge and dip it in paint. Dab in random places on your paper. 

Use the medium sponge and connect the dots.

And then add the finishing touch with the littlest guy.

These cotton muslin drawstring bags are perfect for gift cards, jewelry, money… You name it! And they are super easy to stamp.

Add some tags…

And some bows…


And a silver tinsel tree and you’re in business. These are all gifts to me! Just kidding. I have a few friends in my life that these lovelies will be going to. Luckily. :)